Nov. 6, 2012 U.S. Senate

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Meet John MacGovern
Raised on a New England dairy farm, John MacGovern has had a distinguished career in both the prívate and public sectors.

Soon after graduating from Dartmouth College in 1980, John was elected to four consecutive terms in the Massachusetts Legislature. Following 8 years of public service he started his own company to help US businesses grow and prosper, before settling in Vermont in the 1990's.

John lives in Windsor with his wife of 16 years, Fiona Blunden, who is a Vermont artisan with a studio in Bridgewater, Vermont.

A Community Leader
Working to Solve Problems

John has always been active in the community. A member of Windsor's Town Budget Committee, he helped lead the effort to create a balanced and responsible budget, which when ultimately adopted, preved to be a rare achievement: serving the citizens' needs without raising taxes. John's public service in Windsor also includes 3 years on the Town's Development Review Board.

John currently serves as President of the Hanover lnstitute, an organization formed to help protect the voice of Dartmouth alumni after the administration sought to diminish the alumni's role through an expansion of their governing board.


Health Care Reform
That Actually Makes Things Better
The primary problem in the U.S. Health Care system is cost. We need to enact free-market principles with a proven record of lowering cost through competition that provides more choices for Americans.
•  Allow people to buy insurance across state lines
•  Allow wider variety of insurance plan options
•  Allow individuals to take tax deductions on personally-held insurance policies
•  Crack down on Medicare fraud

Balancing the Budget

Most Vermonters bring their checkbooks back into balance by cutting their spending; Washington needs to start doing the same. Even if we taxed those making $1 Million at 100%, it would not generate enough revenue to cover this year's federal budget deficit. In Vermont we value environmental sustainability; it is just as important to mind financial sustainability. I would work in the Senate to make sure that we do not make spending promises we can not keep.

The National Debt
lf we don't get a handle on the debt now, and interest rates rose to merely 5% on our $15 trillion debt, we would be paying $750 billion a year in interest alone! That means a quarter of all 2013 revenue would go to pay the debt befare we spent a single dime on Social Security or Medicare payments - let alone other Federal expenditures. lf we don't take care of the debt now, we won't be able to take care of the millions of Americans who need help the most. Every president and every Congress have done their part to make the debt problem worse - I am committed to doing my part in making it better.

Defeat the Status Quo
We can't keep electing the same people and doing the same things, while expecting different results.
  • We need tax reform that encourages economic growth
  • We need a common sense approach, not us vs. them battles for political advantage
  • We need John MacGovern in the U.S. Senate
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