Nov. 6, 2012 U.S. Senate

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Scott Howell has the type of experience and perspective that both Utah and Washington so desperately need; he knows what it takes to increase efficiencies and find solutions for the best possible outcomes. The people of Utah deserve a leader with a common-sense approach that places the people and the issues before partisan politics.

We need a level-headed legislator to promote economic growth, im­prove public education, and address the nation's future energy needs.
We need Scott Howell–representation with a fresh perspective­ in the U.S. Senate.

Utah State Senator, 1990 - 2000, and Senate Minority Leader, 1992 - 2000

IBM Public Sector Executive and Policy Director, 1978 - 2012

Member of Executive Appropriations Committee in Utah

Harvard Policy Group at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government

Board Member of The Democratic Leadership Council

Board Member of The United States Internet Council

Member of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Oversight Committee

Member of Intermountain Health Care Regional Board of Directors

Board of Directors for Sutter Health Sierra Region in California

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Why Scott Howell?
In the public and private sector, Scott  has shown that relationships are the way to end the gridlock and get things accomplished. Like most of us, he's grown tired of the political-standoff in Washington, and knows that as a nation, we deserve more. As a state senator, Scott consistently reached across the aisle, and as our voice in Washington, that's what he'll do. Today's 'leadership' is too polarized to make the type of change we need. It's time to put aside partisan politics and focus on the issues because we define Utah, we end the gridlock and we need Scott Howell.
end the gridlock


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About Scott

Born in Provo, and raised in Salt Lake City by a school principal and a kindergarten teacher, Scott Howell spent summers on his grandpa's farm in Castle Dale where he learned the values of hard work and service.

A graduate of Skyline High and the University of Utah, Scott also attended Dixie College on a scholarship.

In the private sector, Scott spent 34 years with IBM Corporation ­managing world-wide teams of employees.

Scott was elected to the Utah Senate in 1990 with 60% of the vote. He served eight of the ten years as the Senate Minority Leader.

Scott served on many boards and committees, including the Salt Lake 0lympic 0rganizing Committee and lntermountain Healthcare.

Scott is an advocate for improving government efficiency through technology and has worked with state and local governments throughout the country.

Scott and his wife Linda are parents, grandparents and active members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Scott on the Issues

Creating new job opportunities in Utah's small communities will make it possible for our kids and grandkids to make a living here at home. Scott believes that Utah's businesses must be given tools that will allow them to compete on a level playing field against out-of-state corporations.


Essential government services must be made more efficient. Scott believes that each and every department in the federal government should be analyzed and evaluated to discover where technology could help reduce costs and improve outcomes that better serve citizens.

Our children must be trained to compete in a global economy. Scott is committed to bringing cutting-edge technology to the classroom, recruiting the highest quality teachers, and ensuring that local school districts are empowered to make decisions for their schools and classrooms. To foster a love of learning, we must put as many of our education dollars into the classroom as possible.

America needs a healthy and robust workfarce. We must ensure that quality college education is available and affordable to all who wish to pursue it. Scott will work to keep tuition costs down and supports vital financial aid services such as Pell Grants and low-cost student loans.

Scott will work far continued tax relief for middle class Utahns –­ cutting taxes in a responsible way to help rebuild the economy and put more people back to work. He advocates for a simpler, fairer tax code, and one that eliminates tax loopholes so everyone in America is paying their fair share.

Health care services in America are far too expensive, and too many families are financially ruined because of illness or tragedy. Scott supports elements of the Affordable Care Act that eliminate pre­existing conditions from insurance coverage, and the provision which allows parents to keep their children on their insurance plans longer. As we work for solutions to make health care more affordable, new legislation must be done in a bipartisan, collaborative way.

Congress must solve the problem of immigration, so that individuals who wish to seek out the American dream can do so safely and legally. Scott supports common-sense measures such as the Dream Act that would provide a path to citizenship for those who are play­ing by the rules and working hard. The Utah Compact includes other common-sense principles for immigration reform, and these ideas should be considered at a national level.

As a native of Utah, Scott and his family have enjoyed the beauty and bounties of our state's diverse landscape. He wants to ensure future generations can enjoy it too. Tapping into the insight and input on a state level, while utilizing innovation and technology throughout the country, we can preserve our landscape and create solutions for safe and responsible energy.

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"Scott left a tremendous legacy as Senate Minority Leader. He is known for his ability to work with ali of his colleagues -- Democrats & Republicans. Scott is a bridge builder for his outreach across party lines, and we need more of that kind of leadership in the U.S. Senate. I am supporting Scott Howell for U.S. Senate because he can win a statewide race against Orrin Hatch, and when he does, he will represent the state of. Utah in a way that will make all of us proud."

- Representative David Litvack
Democratic Leader in the Utah House of Representatives

"I am pleased to endorse Scott Howell in his bid for the U.S. Senate. Scott is a proven leader. His work in the Utah Senate as Minority Leader was exemplary. lt's time to send his strong voice of reason and common sense to Washington. He will work to strengthen our public schools, increase job growth, protect small businesses and ensure affordable health care for all. Scott Howell is the Democratic candidate who can beat Orrin Hatch. He is the candidate who will win."

- Senator Karen Morgan Democratic Whip in the Utah Senate

"We can beat Hatch!" l'm thrilled to be able to say those words this year as I vote for Scott Howell. Scott has the track record, the energy and the statesmanship to take Utah Democrats to a whole new level this year as we finally end the 36-year tenure of Orrin Hatch. I'm honored to endorse Scott Howell for U.S. Senate. Let's make our vote count and send a Democrat to the Senate!"

- Representative Carol Spackman Moss

"When I think of someone who can beat Orrin Hatch, I think of someone who has a history of beating Utah Republicans in races they think are "all sown up." I think of someone who can connect in a very real way with voters in both urban and rural areas of the state. I think of someone who has the commitment, energy, and focus to bring Democratic values to the people of Utah. That someone is Scott Howell, and I hope you'll join with me as we make sure he's the next U.S. Senator from Utah!"

- Representative Larry Wiley

"We can do it! All across Utah, citizens are lining up to say that Orrin Hatch just doesn't get it, and it's time to call him home! lt's time for us as Democrats to step up and elect the candidate who can win the hearts and minds of Utahns in all corners of the state. l'm proud to announce that l'm endorsing Scott Howell for U.S. Senate, he is the man that can get it done and finally bring Hatch home!"

- Representative Joel Briscoe


"As Utah's only rural Democratic legislator. I know how tough it is to show many Utahns why Democratic values are the most reflective of our state. Scott Howell has been someone I hove admired far many years, and his record of beating Republicans is truly remarkable. I believe that Scott knows Utah. I also believe that he can earn the respect and support of not just Salt Lake County, but also Utah's diverse rural counties. We've given Orrin Hatch a free pass for far too long, and l'm proud to endorse Scott Howell as the man who can win back the Senate for Utah Democrats!"

- Representative Christine Watkins

"Scott Howell is our perfect candidate. When the stars are in order and the karma is just right, great things happen. Our great thing is Scott Howell. He has the drive and "fire in the belly" to beat Orrin Hatch. I am pleased to endorse Scott for United States Senate."

- Senator Karen Mayne