Nov. 6, 2012 U.S. Senate
Brochure - 4 2/3" x 8 1/2". 

Shaun McCausland for U.S. Senate

Constitution Party
Husband  *  Father  *  Patriot  *  Musician  *  Author  *  Constitutionalist  * Businessman


You DO Have A Choice!

As Your Senator, Shaun McCausland Will Work Hard To ...

Return Government to Constitutional Limits

The Federal Government is limited to National Defense, Oversight of Interstate Commerce, Issuing Currency and dealing with Foreign Governments (including immigration) along with a few other responsibilities. It should have no jurisdiction over or involvement in health care, education, welfare, private business, bailouts of industries or corporations, public lands and state governments. Decisions about these issues rightly belong to the states and the citizens.

Eliminate National Debt
  • Smaller, less expensive government, returning power and responsibility to the states.
  • Changing military focus to defense instead of policing the world
  • Modifying or eliminating taxation and entitle­ments while keeping our commitments to those who have contributed to Social Security and Medicare.

Stop and Reverse the Assault on Personal Liberty

Eliminate laws and policies that make it possible for the government to indefinitely detain citizens without charge or hearings, assassinate citizens suspected of terrorism, or classify citizens without criminal records as possible terrorists, just because they participate in things such as conservative or third-party politics, home-schooling, protests against government policies, attending gun shows or owning firearms, etc.

  • Return to Constitutional Values and Common Sense
  • Replace the Tax Code with a National Sales Taxi Abolish the IRS
  • Audit the Federal Reserve (which is a private institution) and Return Control of Our Currency to the Federal Government
  • Use Congress as a Check and Balance on Executive Orders that Circumvent Congress, such as the recent National DefenseResources Order (over 13,600 Executive Orders filed so far)
  • Totally New Approach to Immigration Policy Honoring Both the Rule of Law and Compassion, Justice and Mercy
  • Re-Enthrone Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the Unalienable Rights of Citizens and Guiding principles of Legislators

If you don't vote to change the course we are on, how can you complain about where we are going?

These and other topics are addressed in depth at my website
www.mr shaun goes to washington.com or mrshaun.info

What you need to know about the Constitution Party

The Constitution Party is made up of people who see how devastating and dangerous our country's course is to our children's future.

We believe that the principles laid down in our founding documents (the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and the Bill of Rights) are the reason our country has been prosperous, morally strong, a land of liberty and a force for good in the world.

We believe that, because our country is moving away from those principles, we are becoming less prosperous, more corrupt, less free, and hated by many in the world.

We believe that returning to the principles of fiscal restraint, limited Federal Government, a strictly defensive military, personal liberty and personal responsibility can solve the problems of debt, economic malaise, cultural decline and respect around the world

visit www.utah-constitution-party.org

What you need to know about Shaun McCausland

disclaimer: written by my wife (who knows everything about me and still likes me).

Shaun is an unpretentious man of integrity, standing by moral principles, even at the risk of monetary or personal loss. As a hard­working husband and father of nine children, as a business man, a musician, and a volunteer in his church and community, Shaun has lived and worked in the trenches of American daily life, and appreciates and understands the challenges and concerns for today's families.

Though he has not aspired to public office, he has answered the call on his life to give of his energy, time and talents to the betterment of his country. He spends time weekly as a volunteer, mentoring youth in the principles of statesmanship. He feels a great need to awaken his fellow Americans to the great crisis at hand and to educate others in the principles of liberty. Shaun is an "ordinary guy" doing extraordinary things.