Nov. 6, 2012 U.S. Senate

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"Nobody will tell me how to vote, except the people of Maine."

"Right now, Washington is all about partisan in-fighting and bickering—who's up and who's down: who gets the credit and who gets the blame—while our debts pile up, energy prices threaten to sink us, and the economy continues to struggle.

"It's time to try something new—send someone to Washington who's not beholden to a party or set of interest groups, but is committed to common sense, civility, and making things work. I know I can't fix it by myself, but together we can start a process of necessary change. And besides, I like the idea that nobody down there will get to tell me how to vote: nobody, that is, except the people of Maine."

He was a successful Independent Governor...he will be a successful Independent Senator.

Angus King was elected and governed as an Independent. He surprised people by working well with both parties to get things done in the legislature and state government. Times were good nationally and with Governor King's bi-partisan leadership, Maine experienced success in many areas.

Employment grew. Maine added more than 70,000 net new jobs between 1995 and 2003, a 13% increase. Unemployment fell from 5.7% in 1995 to 3.2% in 2000, lowest since World War II. Meanwhile the number of State employees was at its lowest level in 20 years.

Taxes were reduced. Taxes on individuals and businesses were cut by $429 million annually; sales taxes went from 6% to 5%; the personal exemption allowance was raised. Overall, state taxes were cut by 9%. The state Rainy Day Fund grew to nearly $150 million.

Students got laptops. Maine was the first state in the union to equip all seventh and eighth grade students and teachers with portable, wireless laptop computers. The Maine College Savings Program was established to allow Maine families to invest for higher education expenses.

School buildings were improved. The Governor introduced a new fund to improve existing buildings, part of a major push in school construction and needed renovation. The deferred maintenance crisis at other state-owned buildings, like the decrepit Youth Center and the State House, was addressed, often paying cash instead of adding debt.

Children were a high priority. Maine was rated in 1997 as the best state in the U.S. in which to raise children. A Children's Cabinet coordinated services to children and families. A new Family Court system began. A major initiative to reduce teen pregnancy resulted in a 43% decline from 1991 to 2003; teen abortion rates also decreased over 40% during that period.

Land was set aside for traditional outdoor activities and farming. The state advanced the Land for Maine's Future program and other land conservation initiatives to protect 1.6 million acres from unwise development and ensuring public access for generations to come.

Transportation was upgraded. Highway reconstruction increased fourfold in the 2002-03 period, the most in 20 years. Major economic arteries such as Route 9 to Washington County and Route 11 to Aroostook County were rebuilt. Boston to Portland passenger rail service was restored after a 36-year hiatus. Construction began on over half of the backlog of major bridges including the national award-winning Sagadahoc Bridge.

We were proud of our governor.
"[If Gov. King] gets elected ... Maine would get a senator who goes to Washington tethered not to this majority or that minority, but only to, as he put it, 'the people of Maine.'"
Bill Nemitz , Portland Press Herald 3/7/12

"It may be that King is exactly the right man for the moment."
Jennifer Finney Boylan, New York Times 6/12/12

"He followed through on all of the promises he made to sportsmen."
George Smith, Kennebec Journal 6/13/12

"a breath of fresh air on the key conservation issues of the day. Angus King is the right person at the right time."
Sue Brown, executive director, National Wildlife Federation Action Fund PAC June 2012

"King: Leading the Independent charge"
Philip Hussey, Seacoast Online, 6/7/12

"Even as just one senator, an independent of Gov. King's intelligence, vision and personality could throw a wrench into the body's political machinations."
Bangor Daily News 3/6/12 editorial

"a self-deprecating, pragmatic and non-partisan everyman"
David Rohde, The Atlantic 6I1/12

"Educators say laptops have done what King promised: level the playing field of access to technology and help students become technology-literate."
Bonnie Washuk, Sun Journal 3/20I11

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