Nov. 6, 2012 Governor

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Building A New Economy

Aerospace JOBS
Our state led the country's first technological revolution in aerospace and it has been a bedrock of our economy for half a century, employing more than 84,000 workers.

I'll continue to fight to strengthen the industry's position in the competition for defense and commercial aircraft contracts, while investing in the development of a skilled workforce to meet the needs of aerospace employers.

I'll provide incentives for the research and development of the next generation of jet fuel for commercial and military aviation to ensure our state remains the thriving, job-creating, cutting-edge leader of the aerospace industry.

Clean Energy JOBS

America is undergoing another revolution in clean energy and the technology to produce it - and Washington is poised to lead the way again.

Just as the plan to put a man on the moon led to advances in science and technology beyond our wildest dreams, making Washington the hub of a new clean energy economy will spur new inventions, create new industries and good jobs at every skill level and in all regions. Farmers in Colfax and engineers in Bellevue will be equal partners. Wind from the east will power skyscrapers in the west.

Agriculture JOBS

Our state grows strong minds and creative inventions - but its fertile soil is also Washington's biggest employer, with $13 billion of agriculture products exported through our ports in 2010.

We can build upon this success and create more jobs by using our natural assets to adapt to a changing economy, creating jobs for farmers who grow camelina that fuels jets and planes and developing the partnership between Boeing, Alaska Airlines, farmers and scientists that has made WSU a center for advanced sustainable biofuels.

"Building on the industries we have and the innovation in our genes, we can create thousands of jobs today while making Washington the leader in the industries of tomorrow."

Innovative IDEAS and Independence

To Plow A New Economic Path
From the days he drove bulldozers and cement trucks to pay for college, Jay lnslee has always plowed his own path. He's never been afraid to take on his political party or powerful interests, voting againstthe Wall Street bank bailout and against invading Iraq.

His ideas on the economy don't come from tired old recipes, either. He wrote a book on clean energy jobs that Bill Clinton called "a field guide for our future." lnslee's plan to build a stronger economy is rooted in our state's spirit of innovation and his own original thinking.

Meet Jay Inslee

A fifth-generation Washington native raised on the shores of Puget Sound, Jay's dad was a biology teacher and a football coach, and his mom was a clerk at Sears & Roebuck.

After driving bulldozers and cement trucks to pay his way through college, Jay married his high school sweetheart Trudi, the perfect marriage of a UW Husky and a WSU Cougar.

Jay has a unique perspective on the state - he represented both sides of the Cascades in Congress. He and Trudi raised three boys in a century-old farmhouse in the Yakima Valley for nearly 20 years before returning to Western Washington, where Jay became a proud grandfather of two.
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Jay Inslee Represents Washington
Jay Inslee is a fifth generation Washingtonian, the son of a school teacher and a sales clerk. After graduating from Ingraham High School in Seattle and the University of Washington, Jay married his high school sweetheart, Trudi. Jay and Trudi then spent nearly 20 years working and raising their three sons in the Yakima Valley.

From early jobs driving cement trucks, running jackhammers and painting houses, to taking drunk drivers off the road as a prosecutor, Jay has a profound respect for all work and all workers.

Jay first got into public service to fight for a new public high school in Selah in 1985. Since then he has represented both eastern and western Washington in Congress.

A leader who fights for Washington's families
In Congress, Jay was known as a forward-thinking leader who stands up for people, even when it means standing up to special interest pressure.

More than a decade ago, when Congress took steps to deregulate Wall Street banks and eliminate safeguards that had been in place since the Depression, Jay was one of only a few who voted no. When our nation's leaders dragged America into an unnecessary and costly war in Iraq based on false claims, Inslee resisted political pressure and opposed going to war.

In the midst of the 2008 financial meltdown Jay voted against bailing out the very Wall Street banks that caused the problem. He was one of the first to recognize the economic and job-creation potential of clean energy technology and even wrote a book about how to ignite a clean energy economy. And Jay has been a strong advocate for ensuring workers' rights, protecting a woman's right to choose, and establishing marriage equality.

A plan to build a working Washington
As.governor, Jay will provide visionary leadership that not only strengthens our current industries, but also grows a new economy based on the clean energy jobs of the future. Jay has a plan to make Washington the world-­leader in the innovative clean technology sector. He's fought for policies that have helped Washington businesses produce clean energy and good-paying jobs, and as governor he'll make sure the industries of the future find a home in Washington.
Jay knows the key to prosperity is a good education. Better schools are why he got into public service, and they are what he'll deliver as governor. Jay's education plan won praise from all sides of the education community. He's a proven consensus builder who will make education work for our children.

Join us
Jay can't do this without you, so join his campaign for governor today! Sign up to volunteer, donate to his campaign and don't forget to vote. You can also visit Jay on Facebook at facebook. com/jayinslee or Twitter @jayinslee.
Get involved by calling (206) 533-..., emailing us at info@ jayinslee.com, or visiting our website at wwwJayinslee.com.

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Jay lnslee is a fifth-generation Washingtonian who understands our economic challenges firsthand: he worked his way through college driving bulldozers and cement trucks, he's been elected on both sides of the Cascades and he's an author and expert on clean energy. His vision for our state is a new economy that builds upon the industries we have and innovation to create thousands of jobs today while making us the leader in the industries of tomorrow.

Rob McKenna's supposed pro-education agenda is nothing but a hollow political ploy. He's made promises to increase education funding by $6 billion, but then praised a Senate Republican budget that cut $74 million from education. His funding plan vaguely promises cuts to state government while his own office budgets increased year after year until he was forced to cut his budget by the governor.

Jay lnslee: Champion for the middle class Rob McKenna: Not who he says he is

• Jay is offering a jobs plan that will create good-paying jobs by growing current industries such as agriculture and aerospace and spurring a technological revolution in new industries such as clean tech and biotech.

• McKenna's proposed job creation plan is little more than recycled Republican proposals such as privatizing workers' comp and cutting unemployment insurance.

• From protecting the rights of workers to collectively bargain to defending laws that ensure fair wages and benefits, Jay has consistently championed issues that help middle-class workers provide for their families.


• McKenna has opposed a modest pay increase for Washington's lowest-paid workers, voted against collective bargaining agreements, and said the unionization of public employees is "dangerous."

• Jay has time and again supported a woman's right to choose, consistently opposing Republican leadership's anti-choice agenda. Calling him "the only candidate in this race who stands for women's rights and health," Jay has earned the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington.


• As AG, McKenna has supported so-called "refusal clauses" that allow pharmacists to deny women access to contraception and reproductive services. At best, he's been inconsistent and unreliable about standing up for a woman's right to choose.

• Jay has fought to help more Americans access affordable health care. He led efforts on key provisions in the Affordable Care Act that improve the efficiency of our health care system and will help reduce health care inflation costs.

• McKenna says he only wants to overturn a few provisions of the health care law, but has been knowingly working with Republican AGs to overturn the entire law, including provisions that prohibit insurers from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

• Jay was one of a few to fight against deregulating Wall Street banks and also voted against the bank bailout because it didn't go far enough in helping the middle-class families victimized by the banks' unscrupulous actions.

• McKenna went easy on the Wall Street banks in controversial negotiations with those responsible for the mortgage crisis. A settlement deal on foreclosures was achieved only after several pro­consumer AGs held out for stronger terms that held the banks more fully accountable.

• Jay knows a strong education system is the most critical foundation for a strong economy. Jay is committed to more quickly removing substandard teachers from our classrooms, improving our production of degrees in science, technology, engineering and math, and improving access to vocational and apprenticeship training programs.

• McKenna is making multi-billion dollar education promises in an attempt to be the education candidate, but has no feasible options to pay for them. The AP has called McKenna out for using "fuzzy math" and McKenna displayed his disdain for Washington's teachers when he backed out of an endorsement meeting with them at the 11th hour.

• Jay supports marriage equality. He co-sponsored a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and supported repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT). Jay strongly believes no politician should stand in the way of a couple's right to marry.

• McKenna opposed efforts to provide benefits for domestic partners, pledged he would "vigorously defend" the Defense of Marriage Act, and has said he's against marriage equality because it "has to do with reproduction of children."

• Jay is recognized as an "environmental champion" who has fought to protect the beauty and natural resources that make Washington famous the world over. Jay is a national expert on creating jobs in the clean tech industry, and he has been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters, their first gubernatorial endorsement in
30 years.
• From fighting against efforts to bring environmentally-friendly light rail to Puget Sound to opposing efforts to ensure sustainable development in King County, McKenna can't be trusted to promote and preserve Washington's unique quality of life.