Nov. 6, 2012 Governor
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Dear Fellow Utahns,

I am proud and honored to seek the office of Governor of the State of Utah. I am running because the people of our state stand at a crossroads. We can continue to tread water and settle for less than the best, or we can elect officials with the experience and strength of character necessary to ensure that Utah leads, not just competes in, the global economy of tomorrow.

My running mate Vince Rampton and I are ready to move Utah forward, and to make our state a global leader. With decisive leadership, proactive policy and experience that works for Utah, we can meet the challenges that confront us today, and win the future for our children.



Retired Major General Peter S. Cooke

retired as a two-star major general after 39 years in the U.S. Army Reserves. He is a former Utah director of economic development, a small business owner, an entrepreneur and an advocate for veterans' needs.

Peter is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, husband to Heather Nelson Cooke and father of five children. Peter is also an Eagle Scout.

is the son of Utah's only three-term governor, Cal Rampton. He is a native Utahn, a graduate of both the University of Utah and Brigham Young University, and a partner at Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough law firm.

Vince is an active member of The Church­of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
husband to Janice Welling Rampton, father of seven children and grandfather of four—with three more in production.


•  Education is our avenue to success in the competitive global economy.
We will make education a priority from day one by working with teachers,not by vilifying them. We will give all Utah children access to a well-funded, small classroom today, so they can flourish tomorrow.

•  Small businesses are and always have been the backbone of our economy. Our economic development plan will include investment in small business to strengthen our robust entrepreneurial spirit.

•  We are dedicated to keeping our air clean, our water abundant and our
wilderness protected, so all of our families can live happy, healthy lives.

•  We believe in the power of transparent, accountable government. Our administration will do business in the light of day because Utahns have a right to know how and why taxpayer money is spent. We also believe good, ethical government requires term limits.

•    We are committed to developing clean, innovative, renewable energy sources for Utah while retaining the robust energy resources vital to our industries.




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Stronger Leadership for Utah


Pete Cooke for Utah's Future

Dear Fellow Utahn,

I am running for Governor because my unique skill set and life experiences - Major General in the U.S. Army Reserve, successful business entrepreneur, Utah Director of Economic Development – equip me with the leadership ability Utah needs now.

I know from experience that we cannot be compla­cent about jobs or our state's economic development. I will move aggressively to address the deficits in our education system -- the backbone of Utah's economic growth.

I am built to serve. I have dedicated all my adult life to serving our nation and our community through four decades in the military and three decades pioneering public/private partnerships that develop housing affordable to young families and seniors. I have led the fight for veterans' reintegration and I am an active member of my church. Most importantly, I am a husband and father of five.

As your Governor, I will apply the most important lesson I learned both as the commander of 10,000 troops across seven states and as the creator of numerous businesses and nonprofit organizations: Always put the good of the unit first. As your Governor, I will always put the best interests of Utah first.

Pete Cooke


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