Nov. 6, 2012 Governor

One-Pager, 8 1/2" x 11".

In 1995, Pat McCrory became the youngest-ever Mayor of Charlotte, bringing a new energy to the city at a crucial time. For 14 years, Mayor McCrory led the city through an unprec­edented period of economic growth and bipartisan reform. He took on tough issues like public safety, economic development, housing, infrastructure and transportation by bringing together like-­minded people from both parties. And it worked: during his tenure as Mayor, the city added tens of thousands of jobs.

New Leadership & Vision for North Carolina

Strong Executive Leadership

Over the past four years, we've had an absence ofleadership in North Carolina and have fallen behind as other states reform and create jobs. Pat McCrory is running for Governor to fix our state's broken economy, broken government and reform our education system so entrepreneurs and businesses can find the resources neces­sary to grow, expand, and hire more people in North Carolina. He believes we don't have to settle for the status quo, but can work together to find solutions to our most important problems.

Create Jobs Through the Private Sector
Currently, we have the 4th highest unemployment rate in the country. Pat McCrory realizes that under the right economic conditions the private sector will lead us out of the recession and create jobs, not the government.

Lower Taxes
North Carolinians face the highest individual and corporate taxes in the region. In­stead of more "temporary" taxes, short-term incentives and uncertainty, Pat believes we must have long term tax reform to help us compete with our neighbors.

Get North Carolina into the Energy Business
Pat also believes that by finally getting into the energy business and persuing an all­of-the above approach to energy exploration, we can help create new jobs and power an economic recovery right here in North Carolina. That includes wind, solar, coal, nuclear, natural gas and offshore exploration.

Streamline Government Red Tape and Regulations
Pat believes we need clarity, certainty and fairness in a regulatory environment. And we need to introduce a customer-service mentality to state agencies to actually be helpful, not counterproductive to businesses.

Reform the Education System & Focus on Achievement
Currently in North Carolina, our high schools are failing to graduate one in five students. Of those that do graduate and enter community college, 65% need remedial coursework. Pat believes we must fix our education system and make sure we focus on what really matters: student achievement.

New Vision for Transportation and Infrastructure
The politicizing of infrastructure projects and funds has been piecemeal and with­out a long term vision or strategy. As Governor, Pat will prioritize new projects and develop a long-term plan to ensure transportation and infrastructure networks can sustain the state's economic growth into the future.

More Choice in Healthcare

Pat McCrory believes the most important relationship in healthcare is between a doctor and the patient. North Carolina must bring accountability, more transpar­ency, more patient choice and personal control in our health care system through individual incentives, not government mandates. We must also restore Medicaid to sound financial footing.

Government Transparency
Pat believes that the Governor's schedule should be released publicly so there is com­plete transparency and accountability. For far too long, some North Carolina gover­nors have chosen to conduct the people's business behind a cloak of secrecy, and that practice will come to an end when Pat is elected. • •