Nov. 6, 2012 Governor
Card, 3 2/3" x 8 1/4".


Barbara Howe, Libertarian candidate for Governor, is dedicated to restoring individual freedom. You own your life. You deserve a government that respects that fact. With Barbara Howe as Governor, you will have an advocate who defends your right to live your life as you see fit as long as you do not harm others.

Barbara Howe will:
•    Return educational responsibility to parents through greater school choice.
•    Protect property rights by continuing the fight to end forced annexation.
•    Respect the rights of all North Carolinians, including natives and immigrant workers.
•    End corporate welfare.
•    Let people create jobs by reducing government regulation, lowering taxes, and supporting a solid infrastructure.
•    Work with those who respect individual liberty to repeal the so-called marriage amendment. Constitutions are to limit government, not people.
Freedom works. Here's Howe!

About Barbara

•    Born in Wingate, NC
•    Lives in Granville County
•    BA, English and psychology from Pfeiffer College in 1975
•    Married to Tom Howe
•    Two sons; one daughter
•    Homeschooler
•    Volunteer with La Leche League for 27 years. Has served in a variety of administrative roles, including Area Coordinator of Leader Accreditation and Area Conference Supervisor
•    Libertarian Party member since late 1970s
•    Has run for office as LP Candidate numerous times, including US Senate, 1998; Governor, 2000 and 2004; and NC House 32 in 2008
•    Has served four terms as Chair of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina
•    Member of Gun Owners of America
•    Fellow of the Institute of Political Leadership

Barbara Howe for Governor
5046 Tar Hill Drive
Oxford, NC 27565
919-690-... (h)
919-475-... (c)

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