Nov. 2, 2010 U.S. Senate
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From a "mom in tennis shoes" to the rare Senator able to walk in our shoes
Patty Murray


Patty Murray
Always On Our Side and Fighting Hard For...
Our Workers
When the U.S. government awarded the contract for the Air Force's new tanker to a foreign company, Patty Murray stood up for Washington state's aerospace industry, forcing the contract to be reconsidered.
Today, our skilled workers are competing for the new tanker contract and the jobs that come with it, instead of watching it go overseas.
Our Veterans
With Washington state veterans facing V.A. hospital closures and day-long travel for medical care, Patty Murray fought back against the Bush administration to keep the Walla Walla, Vancouver, and American Lake hospitals open and to get our veterans the care and benefits they have earned.
Our Economy
Patty Murray is fighting back against the greed and abuse on Wall Street that ravaged our economy. She helped pass a landmark financial overhaul that will end taxpayer bailouts and strengthen regulations over the big banks and credit card companies.
She's also working hard to make America energy independent – and to make Washington state a leader in the new clean energy economy. With renewable energy tax credits, smart grid technology and support for our small, innovative clean energy businesses, Murray is helping to create an economic engine for our state for years to come.

Walla Walla hospital spared
VA hospitals will stay open
Senate, 59-39, Approves New Rules for Wall Street
Financial Overhaul Advances
Patty Murray
"As a suburban mom, I fought the government to stop closure of a pre-school program, and was told 'you're just a mom in tennis shoes.'

From that day, I've never stopped fighting against the powerful on behalf of moms and dads, middle-class families, and ordinary Washington citizens.

I'm proud to always be on your side."

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