Much attention focuses on the characters and qualities of the candidates, and their accomplishments and records give a sense of how they would lead. Position statements also provide information o the candidates' policy views.  The next four years present the United States with a new and evolving set of challenges, from the $34.85 trillion national debt to affordability concerns to the threats posed by autocratic and tyrannical regimes abroad to the functioning of our democracy here at home and the myriad environmental issues that affect our quality of life.  The issues/policies/platform sections of the presidential campaign websites set out  the candidates' priorities and their ideas for meeting these challenges.  Voters can consider what issues they include, how  they frame them, and what they leave out.  For candidates running as party nominees, the party platforms provide additional information on their policy views.
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Biden for President
Donald J. Trump for President 2024, Inc.
Team Kennedy
Chase Oliver for President
Jill Stein for President 2024
Cornel West for President 2024
 Terry for President
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Protecting and Strengthening Our Democracy

Growing the Middle Class

Fighting to Lower Costs for Working Families

Building a Fairer Tax System that Works for the Middle Class

Making Health Care More Accessible and Affordable

Working to Restore Reproductive Freedom

Big Ideas, Bold Ambitions and Daring Dreams for America's Future

Rebuild the Greatest Economy in History

Fair Trade for the American Worker

Unleash Energy Dominance

Secure Borders and Reclaim National Sovereignty

War on the Drug Cartels

Stop Crime and Restore Safety

Renew American Strength and Leadership

Reject Globalism and Embrace Patriotism

Care for Our Veterans

Protect Parents' Rights

Defend Law and Liberty

End Censorship and Reclaim Free Speech

Free, Honest and Lawful Elections

Drain the Swamp of Washington Corruption

Better Health Care Choices at Lower Costs

Our Policies

It's "We The People" Not "We The Corporations"

People Who Work Hard Should Be Able to Afford a Good Life..

Homeownership and the American Dream

End the Forever Wars

The Humanitarian Crisis at Our Southern Border

The Best Environmental President in American History

End the Chronic Disease Epidemic

Regenerating America's Soil, Farms, and Food

Politics As Usual Has Failed the Black Community

Righting Old Wrongs Is Long Overdue for Native Americans

Restore Our Rights

Veterans Must Be a Top Priority

Expand Americorps

More Choice, More Life

Every American Can Be an Energy Entrepreneur

Tax Fairness

Recovering America with Healing Farms
What Chase Stands For

Reform Immigration for the 21st Century

Empower People Through Justice Reform

Replace the Death Penalty with Humane Alternatives

End the Failed War on Drugs Indefinitely

Respect and Defend Your Right to Privacy and Civil Liberties

End Wars & Support Peace

Create a Thriving Economy

Respect Individual Choice on Tough Issues

Empower Parents & Students in Education

End the Student Debt Crisis to Assist in Individual Financial  and Retirement Security

Champion Gun Rights for All

Lower the Cost of Healthcare Through Market & Innovation

Restore Prosperity by Reducing Inflation

-People's Economy
-Prisons and Policing
-Social Justice
-Tribal /Indegenous Sovereignty
-Reparations and Agenda to Facilitate Black Liberation
-2SLGBTQIA+ Rights
-Disability Rights
-Women's Rights

-The Real Green New Deal
-Climate and Energy
-Agriculture and Food Systems

-Foreign Policy and Demilitarization
Policy Pillars For A Movement Rooted In Truth, Justice, & Love

Black Maternal Justice

Child Justice

Disability Justice

Economic Justice

Education Justice

Elder Justice

Environmental Justice

Gender Justice

Global Justice

Gun Violence Justice

Health Justice

Immigration Justice

LGBTQIA+ Justice

Racial Justice

Transformative Justice

Voter Justice

Worker Justice