Donald J. Trump for President 2024, Inc.
May 31, 2024

Team Trump Launches Trump Force 47 in the Wake of Rigged Biden Trial in New York

The program is recruiting and training tens of thousands of volunteers to engage in neighbor-to-neighbor relational organizing of targeted voters in battleground states.

Palm Beach, FL – In the wake of the rigged Biden Trial in New York, Team Trump and the Republican National Committee launched the Trump Force 47 grassroots organizing program to engage tens of thousands of new volunteers across the country to participate in a neighbor-to-neighbor organizing program hyper-focused on mobilizing highly-targeted voters in critical precincts across the battleground states and districts.
The program is a joint effort of the Trump Campaign and Republican National Committee.  It will leverage the manpower of state and local Republican parties and other organized right of center groups in addition to its own focused efforts to recruit, train, and organize volunteers who are assigned to turn out specifically targeted voters in their own precinct.
The model builds on the Trump Campaign’s highly successful early-state primary strategy of organizing volunteers at the precinct level to focus on turning out a few specifically targeted voters each.  Securing these votes are critical to ensuring President Trump and other Republicans win in November.
“Trump voters and Republicans are more motivated than ever to do their part to defend President Trump from Joe Biden and his band of corrupt liberals while supporting his mission to save our country from destruction.  We will continue capitalizing on the unprecedented momentum of our shared movement to ensure President Trump returns to the White House alongside House and Senate majorities.”  – Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles
“For many years, Americans have been asking ‘What can I do to help President Trump?’ and the answer has not always been clear. Trump Force 47 ensures we can always answer that question and immediately get people substantively involved in helping us win, which they can do by becoming a Trump Force 47 Captain and/or getting trained and shifted as a poll watcher.” – Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Whatley
“The Trump Force 47 program prioritizes many volunteers doing a few high-impact tasks each instead of old models which devolved to few volunteers trying to do many low-impact tasks each.  The Trump Force 47 program allows volunteers to make a big impact on the election’s outcome with just a small time commitment to President Trump and other Republicans.” – James Blair, Political Director for the Trump Campaign & Republican National Committee
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