"Yeah, I was gonna vote for Biden, but that Randall Terry guy got to me with those images, and I realized I just can't vote for those guys. They really are baby killers." Imagine George Stephanopoulos saying the Constitution Party caused Biden to lose Wisconsin and Michigan and caused him to lose White House."

– Randall Terry setting out "achievable goal"


Randall Terry/Stephen Broden
Acceptance Speeches
Constitution Party 2024 Presidential Nominating Convention
DoubleTree by Hilton at Salt Lake City Airport
Salt Lake City, UT
Saturday, April 27, 2024

[DEMOCRACY IN ACTION Transcript  |  Brandenburg News Network VIDEO]

Hi everyone.

I am not opposed to talk back. I grew up in a pagan home, then I became a Christian, and then I went to churches where they would say amen, and then I went to Catholic churches where they say, oh nothing. So when I speak in Catholic crowds, I'm like, you know what you guys need to know how to be Pentecostal and Baptist, and I work with the crowd a little bit. Preach it father!

I want to first thank the entire assembly for the privilege of representing the Constitution Party in this upcoming election. And I tip my hat and thank and honor all of the candidates who ran. It is not fun. It is not easy. And those of you who did it and those of you who helped them know exactly what I'm talking about. It is hard, and I honor you for your tenacity and your effort in this process. I want to thank Jim Clymer for his years of service; he goes back all the way to the beginning with Howard [Phillips] and as the outgoing chair, another round of applause for him is fitting.

And hats off to the incoming chair [Justin Magill], may it go well with you and may you receive a prophet's reward. And that would be a cup of cold water— No. Hatred, anger, all the things that come with it. I want to thank Jim for, I'm sorry, I want to thank Darrell Castle and his wife Joan for a lot of encouragement. God bless you. And for welcoming, welcoming me as a favorite son into the Tennessee party.

What I'm going to do is share a little bit with you and then I'll introduce Pastor Broden to you. And I'll come up and bat cleanup at the very end.

There's a lot that I want to discuss. And so for those of you who have questions for me, please feel free to see me afterwards privately but I think that given all that we face as a party and all that the country faces, far more importantly, that I want to use this time to share with you my heart and what I see.

I know that political campaigns can be rancorous. This one was no exception, but I'm hoping for the good of the country, for the good of the party, especially for the good of the country, that we can go forward and stand for what is true and right and just together, without flagging, without equivocation, standing for what is true, and hopefully being a witness and salt and light and a force for good in the culture that does some good in this election cycle.

And so what I want to share with you is some ways that we can be a force for good in the election cycle.

The first thing I want to explain to you without question is that I am not a single issue candidate. That has been a very good and appropriate question.

I believe in a hierarchy of ethics. I had a discussion, a brief one, with someone yesterday, who said all sins are equal. To which I said no, that is not true. Murder is not the same as stealing a piece of gum, and committing adultery is not the same as stealing a piece of gum; just ask your spouse.

So there are sins that cry to God for vengeance. The Bible teaches this. The Christian community has always held since the dawn of the church that there are sins that cry to God for vengeance, and they actually have a pecking order.

The first is the shedding of innocent blood. There's nothing worse that happens in this world than a person murdering another person. As the old Jewish proverb goes, if you kill one person, it's as if you killed the whole world. The converse is true. If you save one person, it's as if you saved the whole world. So the shedding of innocent blood—.

In fact, interestingly, when Noah got off the ark with his family, the only negative thing God said to him was, do not shed blood. Who so shedth man's blood, by man his blood shall be shed for in the image of God made he man. Murder is a direct attack on the image of God; it's an attack on God himself. So that's the  number one.

The next one—not politically correct these days, but thankfully our party platform is not politically correct. The next one is the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. One man, one woman constitutes a marriage. Not two men, not two women, not two people and a pony, not—. Just, no. One man, one woman, that's a marriage, and we will not equivocate on that.

And it is also a sin that cries for vengeance. In the Scriptures, the Almighty said to the children of Israel, I'm not giving you this land because you're good. I'm giving you this land because they're bad. And if you ever do what they're doing, I'll throw you out like I'm throwing them out. And then God went on to list the crimes. Offering their children to demon gods, child sacrifice, sexual perversion. It's almost a blueprint for America's hedonism. We're in trouble as a nation.

And, then depending on which school of theology, you have the withholding of the laborers' wages, slavery, and the mistreatment of orphans and widows. Some constitute the withholding of wages as the same as slavery. That said, there is a hierarchy.

I want to see our border protected. I can articulate why it must be protected, and I will.

I want to see us getting out of— We're not the world's policemen; we need to get out of endless wars that are draining the life and treasure out of this nation. [applause]. Thank you.

I would love to return to real money. And I think Mr. Skousen did a great job—. Yes. Mr. Skousen did a great job explaining how difficult that is going to be to get back there. Especially with 98% of the world functioning with fiat currency. All I know is that there's probably more silver and gold collected in this room than there are in half the banks in America. Just leave it at that. Wink, wink, we all know we're talking about.

And the Second Amendment is not for duck hunting, Mr. Clinton.

[Clinton voice] Can I get a witness please?

I know that my Clinton voice is outdated, but it's nevertheless funny.

I used to have a lot of good Clinton jokes and a good Clinton voice, and now the young people don't even know what I'm doing.

So it's not for duck hunting. It is in part for personal defense. But at the end of the day, the reason we have the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is so that if necessary we can defend ourselves from a tyrannical government and if need be overthrow it. That's why it's there. Thank you. [applause]

I don't want to get in a fight with our government, and right now it's not squirrel gun against squirrel gun; it's not squirrel rifle against squirrel rifle. We are vastly outgunned, and it would be a living hell. I pray God it never happens. But those who don't get it, don't want to get it because the facts are there. The history is there. The debates are there. The reasoning is there.

And I am perfectly content, capable and willing to talk about these issues, not just on the campaign trail, but when I am on various television shows, various radio shows, etc.

When we began this process of running for president, Pastor Broden and I, my vice presidential pick, and my close friend Joe Slovenec, who's our campaign manager, we looked at the law.

I've done this before. For those of you who don't know, I ran for president. I switched my party to Democrat back in 2012. No I was not doing drugs. I switched my party to Democrat so I could run against Obama in a primary, in several primaries around the country, just to bust his chops.

And one of the states I was on was Oklahoma in a Democrat Party primary, a closed primary. This was not a switch over, okay. And I went, I campaigned, I ran ads showing aborted babies, and I said if you vote for Obama you have blood on your hands. He is a baby killer.

I got 18% of the vote statewide against a sitting president.

I beat him in 13 counties.

According to the rules, I should have gotten six delegates. They were never going to let Randall Terry on the Democrat, on the floor of the Democrat Convention saying, and I give my six votes for me. That was never going to happen. So they changed the rules, and they made sure that I didn't get any of the delegates.

But the point is this. These ads work, because there are Christians of every denomination out there who vote for these baby killers like Biden, and now Trump sadly has thrown the babies under the bus. But the Democrat Party is covered with blood. These people are child killers. They are perverts; they are promoting transgenderism, which is literally from the jaws of hell itself.

And so these ads work.

Nine of the top 10 Democrat states are the heaviest Roman Catholic populations. One third of Evangelicals voted for Biden and Hillary. Over 50% of Evangelicals voted for Biden and Hillary—I'm sorry, over 50% of Catholics. Almost 90% of African Americans voted for Biden and Hillary, even though they're promoting black genocide, and Pastor Broden will address that in more detail.

So our ads are designed to run right at those people [smacks hand with fist]. Right at the Evangelicals and the Catholics and the African American community.

Now, people have asked, rightly so, what do we bring to the party? Besides the dude with crazy hair and—

I mean, go ahead you can laugh. Are you, some people are jealous of that crazy hair. I'm not going to point out who doesn't have a lot of hair, but in any event—

What do you bring to the party? It's this. I'm gonna make a quick list for you. This is not important—in order of importance.

I raise money. Our goal was to have $100,000 raised before this convention. We have already crossed 110 [000] as of this convention. We will raise at least one and a half million dollars; we might raise two and a half million. We're talking right now with various fundraising organizations and people who are pros at this but I have personally raised tens of millions of dollars over the years. I know how to raise money if it's for something that is just and holy and good. And I personally have no 401k, no retirement, nothing. I have been a warrior my whole life. Give me money, and I'm gonna ram it down the throat of the enemy in whatever form of warfare we need. That's just how I'm wired. And we will raise money to run these ads. And we will run them aggressively.

We're already negotiating with Black Entertainment Television in Wisconsin and Michigan—in the hopes that we're going to win the support of those states—where we will run ads exclusively with Pastor Broden saying if you vote for Joe Biden, you are part of black genocide. Abortion is black genocide. How many of you in this room know that to be true before today?

I want you to hear what I'm about to tell you. Because really, you should be on your feet screaming cheers. No candidate, no human in the history of America has done what we are about to do.

We're going to have a black candidate on television looking into the lens saying if you vote for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, they are doing the killing for the Ku Klux Klan. It is like lynching black babies in the womb, showing dead black children on television. No one has ever done that. Ever.

And all of us in the pro-life movement know the dirty secret that abortion is, a huge part of the abortion industry is to suppress the black population. It is black genocide. And we're gonna say it on local TV and on national TV and they can't stop us.

So here's the big thing that we bring to the party. Federal law says that within 45 days of a primary, or 60 days of a general election—45 or 60—that you can, as a federal candidate, you can run an ad on television or radio, and the owners of the TV station or radio station cannot stop you. They must take the ad. They can't edit it. They can't refuse it. Nothing. They have to run it.

It doesn't apply to a governor. It doesn't apply to a mayor. It doesn't apply to a state Senate race. It only applies to federal candidates—45 days from a primary, 60 days from a general.

So on September the 5th, part of our discussion is to run our "Beautiful People" ad. I hope you go to watch it. We call it the "Beautiful People" ad, and it starts off with a voice going "I am so sick of stupid celebrities..." And it just shows all these stupid celebrities who embarrass themselves. We're gonna run those commercials on "The View" with Whoopi Goldberg. "Oh yeah." And her face is in it. So just picture Whoopi in "The View" and Joy Behar. She's saying Amen by the way; she's happy.

Picture them seeing these ads on their show. It's $11,000 to run a 30-second ad nationwide on "The View." 11 grand. That's it. There's four people in this room that could each stroke a check for $3,300, which is the max, and the ad is paid for. $11,000, 30 seconds on "The View." We're going to run those ads, and we are going to create a firestorm.

Now here's what— And I'm gonna, I'm gonna be really direct with you. Here's what we bring.

Picture. No, I'll save, I'll go to the picture— First, one other thing.

Because child killing, shedding of innocent blood is the number one issue, and because it's the number one issue in our platform. It was the number one issue for Howard [Phillips]. We should not, we must not run from it, or pretend that it's one of many issues that are equal, because it's not.

Let me tell you something. If we won the White House and we fixed our border and banking and education and Second Amendment, all the things that we cherish and fight for, and we did not stop the shedding of innocent blood, America is doomed. Amen. Doomed.

Because there is a God in heaven and blood talks to him.

Where is your brother? Your brother's blood is crying from the ground, crying from the ground.

And so those of you who want this campaign to talk about other issues, I'll do it. We made an ad for you. We showed you the ad. We'll make more ads. I have a television studio; we can make ads like falling off a bike. But you gotta help raise money to run 'em.

And I can run an ad in your state that's about whatever you want me to talk about. You can say oh I need to talk about child trafficking. And I want to, and I want to run— I want a 30-second ad that's just about child trafficking and how horrible it is and how the politicians know that it's happening and they're turning their cheek to their way or eyes the other way. I'll say okay, give me the script, give me the pictures you want, storyboard it for me. We'll make the ad. And all I have to do at the end is say— Script I said; give me the script. All I have to do at the end is say "I'm Randall Terry and I approve this message."

If I approve the message, we'll make the ad, people. You want to be in an ad? You want to be in an ad? Your face in the ad, like we have Pastor Broden; we've got a Catholic priest who's doing five ads directly to Catholics saying, "Hey Catholics, I'm talking to you" priest in his priestly garment, "Catholics I'm talking to you. If you vote for someone who promotes murder, you will face God with blood on your hands." How cool is that? Do anyone here think that's cool? Good? This is a hard room.

[Imitating voice] We like the man, but not that much. He irritates me, the tone of his voice. He bugs me.

[Imitating another voice] I will try to speak with a different tone then. We're going to create a living hell for the Democrats and make the Republicans exceedingly uncomfortable. [applause] Thank you.

We're going to have fun in this campaign, I promise you.

WOMAN: Don't get that table started.

TERRY: You know, you shouldn't have told me that. Now I'm just going right to you.

What do you get when James Brown and Bill Clinton collide? [Smacks hands together]. [Imitates Clinton, inaud.] Thank you. The wrong table's laughing; they're too young; they didn't even get it.

All right. So we will run these ads. Now here's— and I'm going to run them without flinching, people, without flinching, and I hope no one in this room flinches.

Don't succumb to the notion of the politically correct, the cowardly, and the baby killers that this is counterproductive. It's not counterproductive. It's how you win. As I shared with you yesterday with my candidate speech, you have to show images, incendiary images, for whatever battle it is that you are fighting. And we will do that.

And we'll do it with the transgender thing. I mean God sakes, Christ's sakes, please Lord. The Bible says he that rules among men must be just, ruling in the fear of God. He that rules among men must be just. That David said God almighty said to me, he that rules among men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.

Now me winning the presidency is a long shot. Let's just be honest, but I can still run a campaign in the fear of God. Amen? Agreed. I can run a campaign in the fear of God. I can emphasize the things that matter to the Almighty and that matter to us in the hierarchy. And that's my goal.

Now, I want you to picture something.

This was all me getting to something that I and Pastor Broden, that our campaign bring to the party. You ready? Just picture. This is an achievable goal. I don't know if we're gonna make it, but it's an achievable goal, and we're going to try.

It's election night, and George Stephanopoulos or one of the empty heads at MSNBC or CNN is watching. "This just in. Joe Biden has lost Wisconsin and Michigan. And it appears that the margin of defeat which we showed with the exit polling was the Constitution Party candidate." And then they cut to an interview, "Yeah, I was gonna vote for Biden, but that Randall Terry guy got to me with those images, and I realized I just can't vote for those guys. They really are baby killers." Imagine George Stephanopoulos saying the Constitution Party caused Biden to lose Wisconsin and Michigan and caused him to lose White House. Yeah. [applause]

Those of you who didn't applaud, are you okay? You don't want the Constitution Party to come.

That's what we're talking about. That's an achievable goal.

Now, am I happy with Trump? No, of course, I'm not happy with Trump. If at the end of the day, I had, I had to choose, gun to my head, who's president Biden or Trump? Trump. It wouldn't even, I couldn't, you couldn't—it wouldn't take me that long. And it wouldn't take anyone that long in this room. You would all say the same thing. I know you would.

Because you know a broken clock is right twice a day. And that's Trump. He's a broken clock. He gets it right, you know maybe even more than twice a day.

Biden is satanic. And I say that word with surgical theological precision.

[Imitates voice] "That man is from the devil. That man has devil eyes."

Name that, name that comedy show.

"That goat has devil eyes." "Saturday Night Live," remember the black guy when he would—. Just forget about it, Joe? Just move on? Alright move on. My VP and my campaign manager are going oh, don't go there. Look, I can go there if I want to go there. You're not the boss of me. I'm telling mom when we get home.

All right, Let me tell you. That's what I can bring to the party. Name recognition. I've been talking to people because I've been seeking this nomination. And I say I'm trying to get the Constitution Party nomination, and the glare comes over their face. You heard of the Libertarian Party? Uh huh. You heard of the Green Party? Oh, yeah. You ever hear of the Constitution Party? No.

No name recognition.

You want that to change? Well, this is the means, people. Conflict. Controversy. A train wreck. A fire. You know, you can't help but look.

I have been on Oprah Winfrey, when she had a show, twice. "60 Minutes" three times, 2020, "Good Morning America," "Today," "Face the Nation," CNN, MSNBC, Fox, AB— all the major networks, repeatedly. I'm a known quantity in those circles. Now. It's been a few years since I've had that kind of name recognition because I haven't been as incendiary as I'm about to be. But when we start doing this, we're gonna get a lot of news coverage.

And I'll mind my p's and q's. I won't say anything other than what I'm saying here, except that I won't make a joke about Bill Clinton, okay? I won't make a joke about James Brown and "Saturday Night Live."

But I will say Joe Biden is satanic. What he is doing to children is evil. He is an evil man. I don't even know who's running the White House because it's not the ice cream licker. [Imitates Biden: Hey I'm Joe, Biden.  Can I have another vote. Maple walnut is my favorite]  By the way, I'm not mocking old people; I'm just mocking him. Jim's going, I like maple walnut.

I'm want to tell you a whisker about myself, just so that you can understand me a little bit. Do you have a phone? I want to just time myself for five minutes. I don't want do any biographical stuff that's more than five minutes. How much more time do I have because I want to give Pastor Broden at least 20 minutes.

CLYMER: 40 minutes total.

TERRY: How many?

CLYMER: 40 minutes total.

TERRY: 40 total. Okay, great. If you double that it'd be 80 minutes; we could be out of here in 80 minutes.

I was born a small child and I was so ugly that the doctor slapped my mother.

My parents moved around a lot when I was young, but I always found them.

My mama tied a pork chop around my neck just to get the dog to play with me.

All right. All joking aside, I was born in April of '59. My birthday was yesterday; I turned 65 years old. So— Thank you. Thank you. [applause]

Where's my Social Security, Mabel?

My mom was pregnant with me when she got married. My mom and dad had a shotgun wedding. My dad and mom— My mom was pregnant with me. They had broken up. She was 19,18. They had broken up. And then she found out oh my goodness, I'm pregnant. So they had what in those days we called a shotgun wedding. They got married. Six months later out comes nine pounds, six ounces me. And grew up in a fairly turbulent home.

One of my key memories as a child was when I was in the second grade, maybe the third grade, there were three girls that were murdered in Rochester, New York. Molested sexually, raped, and then thrown into ditches. One of them got out of the assailant's car, somehow got out of the car on route 404, 104, no 404 in Rochester and was running down the road screaming, little eight year old girl running down the road screaming, against oncoming traffic. So cars are coming this way and  she's running, and then the guy got out and chased her. 100 cars they estimated passed her. 100 cars.

Now I'm a boy. And all, I feel it right now; I feel right now. All I could feel was rage at those 100 people. Who the hell were they, and why didn't they stop? What excuse in the name of heaven and earth could they possibly have given to just not stop? And that, it just, it got to me.

And then I'm older. So I go through life. I become a renegade. 16 years old, honor student, honor student, right? Majoring in music. And I get the wild hair idea. I got so many credits in high school that I'm going to graduate a year early. But what do you think I was doing? Oh, I realized that smoking marijuana was kind of fun. Bad plan. Amen.

Started doing, started dropping different drugs. And then I thought you know what, I don't need to finish high school. Four months from graduation as an honor student, I decided, I think I'm going to quit school. My father beat me so bad that I ended up you know, red, you know, no whites in my eyes. And that inspired me to leave home.

Which I did. And then I traveled all over the country. Hitchhiking, sleeping under bridges. Me and a buddy. I'm 16, and I'm sleeping under bridges. I'm traveling all over America. You can imagine the anxiety and the torment in my poor mom. In retrospect, I cannot even think of the anguish that I put my mother through. Can you imagine your 16 year old traveling around sleeping under bridges? I mean, I had a backpack, and I thought I was really cool, huge Afro at the time. Talk about a target.

Didn't get killed even though a policeman threatened to shoot me and my buddy because we were out in the cowfield picking mushrooms out of the cow poop. Those of you— Only the people laughing, oh why was he picking mushrooms out of cow poop? Ask me later.

So I start reading my Bible and a guy comes and preaches to me. He sees me reading my Bible. I came home, cut the tip of my thumb off in a meat slicer, got a little insurance check, and bought my first car. And I thought, oh man, I'll get a job.

Well, the guy said you can have job, you've got to hack your hair off. So I'm oh shoot, all right fine. Cut my hair, and I'm sitting there reading my Bible, and this guy comes up and starts telling me about the Lord, and I become a Christian. He leads me to the Lord. Bang. I mean, I was saved. I was born again. I was spirit filled. I had my Bible, and I am a threat to all my sinner friends.

So I'm going to all my druggie buddies preaching to them while they're sitting there smoking weed. You got to find Jesus. Tell us more man, in the Book of Revelation, that's cool. And so one by one, they start becoming Christians. Five of them went into the ministry, pastors and missionaries, I kid you not.

I go to Bible school, graduate from Bible college. And then a couple years later, I have this vision of what God showed me what to do to fight child killing. I literally saw it. I saw myself on "Donahue;" I saw a real honest to heaven vision. Was not normal for me. I didn't tell anyone for quite a while because I thought I'm going crazy.

And I it came true. I saw thousands of people in front of abortion clinics and I ended up leading the largest civil disobedience movement, peaceful civil disobedience in American history. Thank you. Thank you. [applause]

This is not in any way to gainsay anything from any other movement. But to give you perspective, there were over 7,000 arrests in the civil rights movement from '58 to '68.

And the Rescue movement, Operation Rescue, we had over 75,000 arrests from 1987 to 1994. Ten times the size in arrests.

So that story that I told you about that girl, it never left me. And then I read the Good Samaritan story. The guy's dying in the ditch. And along comes the priest. He's got a good theology, his politics are good. And he walks by on the other side.

And then comes the Levite. And he walks by the other side.

Now what I learned since then, is that the priest was actually an author. He was, and he wrote a book. He was so troubled and disturbed when he got home, he wrote a book on secular humanism and hedonism, the root of ditch beatings. And it was a best-seller. Thank you. It was a best-seller. He went around the country. He did presentations very similar to yours, sir. Yeah, you. Did great presentat— I'm teasing you. It was a good presentation.
And then the Levite went by and he was a singing Levite, and he too was so distressed, when he went home, he broke out his harp and he started playing it. And he wrote an incredible song called Dying in the Ditch. He sang it, he recorded it. Got a Dove Award.

And along comes the Samaritan. Now you can fill in the blank for whatever the Samaritan was, right? Because he's the villain in the Jewish mind, but he's the hero in Jesus' story. So put in the blank, you know. A homosexual Muslim came along and saved his life. What! Fill in the blank who you want it to be the— because Jesus by, by Christ saying that it was a Samaritan he was insulting the Jews. He was insulting the priests and the Levites and the Jews who thought we got we got it all together. Yeah, then why did the priests and Levites pass by the other side of the road?
So, I proffer to you, you don't need a special calling to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus said, Love your neighbor as yourself. Because what does that mean? Who's my neighbor? Everyone is required. Love God by heart, soul, mind, and strength, right? And love your neighbor as yourself. Who's my neighbor? There's a guy dying in the ditch? To show that you love your neighbor, what do you do? You rescue your neighbor. You risk your life to save his life. That's what it means to love your neighbor as yourself, and you don't need a special call from God to love your neighbor. Thank you. Someone say amen.

We are all called to fight the, for the end of the murder of babies. We are all called to save them from the ditch. It's just simple that; it's just that simple. No one gets to live a normal life while they're hacking babies to death.

I would love to have a normal life. I'd love to go live in Rome. I would. I want a normal life; I don't even know what normal life means anymore. But I know that I'm not allowed to live a normal life while they are butchering innocent human beings on my watch. And your watch.

Alright, so anyway, that's a little bit about me. I like to hunt. I don't hunt any more. I used to like to hunt but, and then I was like, you know what, I'm tired of gutting deer. Fish. I like to fish. I love— I grew up playing sports. I was a music major; I wanted to go to Juilliard School of Music. We have four music albums. Joe, my campaign manager, said make sure people know that that stuff is out there. Nothing in mine is for sale, but if you want to look out there—books, tapes, we make movies, we make music, documentaries, live action films, time travel movie.

I love the arts and David is the ultimate example. He was a warrior. And he was a singer. And he was a musician and he sang for Saul and played for Saul and the demons left Saul. So David is my hero in the Bible.

And that's a little bit about me. I tell you these things—just maybe we can have some kind of human connection, because I know that I appear to be one dimensional to people.
I have a bachelor's degree in communications. I have a master's degree in international relations from Norwich University, which is one of the oldest military schools in America. I can't remember exactly what a master's is called—international, it's some, it's a foreign policy degree. And my concentration is in international terrorism. So when you see my work on Islam, there's thousands of hours spent studying Islam and the history of Islam and the history of Islamic terrorism.

So these things matter to me. I'm not this caricature that the media and myself—I've played into it. I've in part made myself into that caricature. I accept it. But I want you to know, enough about me. Let's talk about you. I want you to know that I want your party, our party, the Constitution Party, the party that I helped Howard Phillips start, using my name recognition, capital and money and radio show. All these things. I helped. I want the party to have an impact. I want the party to be known. I want the party to be feared and respected.

Audience member: Yep.
TERRY: Thank you. Yeah. If they don't know who we are, and they're not afraid of us in a good way. You know like the demons. Jesus we know and Paul we know, but who are you? We want the bad people to know who we are. Because we're a force for good and they hate us.

Jesus said blessed are you when all men hate you, revile you, cast your name out as evil, persecute you, say all manner of evil against you falsely, separate you from their company. "Oh, I wanted to go to that party. They didn't invite me." Jesus said in that day, what? Rejoice. Leap for joy for great is your reward in heaven. That's the way they treated the prophets who were before you. People spoke the truth, the prophets.

We're speaking the truth. We are a prophetic party. We're speaking the truth to a culture that's going, "I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear it." And we're speaking it because we fear God more than we fear man. And if they hate us, the Lord said know this, they hated me before they hated you. And we're in really good company when the Lord says you're like the prophets.

So I want to introduce you to a man who has been called an Uncle Tom, a traitor, a betrayer. He is hated by the right people, and he is loved by the right people. Come on up Pastor Broden. He is my vice presidential pick for this campaign. He's bad to the bone, backbone of steel, heart of gold. I give you Reverend Pastor Stephen Broden. [applause]

BRODEN: Well thank you Randy for that introduction. And I am excited to be here and to be a part of this group and this party. I really am excited. At the same time I'm humbled. I'm humbled that you have decided that Randy and I can take your message and take it into the public square, which I believe is a great opportunity for us at this time in this nation. It's a great opportunity. Most of Americans are are looking for something, and they are looking because they are disgusted with what they see.

And you have a message that I think that is needed, is necessary, and it is potent and powerful.

You have the answer.

How many of you here were formerly Republicans? Can I see your hands?

That looks like just about two thirds of the room were formerly Republicans. I guess the rest of you were Democrats.

Somebody said negatory. Well if you're not raising your hand—.

Well anyway, the point is this. Those of you who raised your hand, I'm in the same place that you were that caused you to come to this place and cast your net right here in the Constitution Party.

I was a Republican. I was with the State Executive Committee. I sat there for four years. I left because the party in Texas is no longer red. It is now purple. And I couldn't stay there any longer because they were reaching out to the elements that are contradictory to my faith and to my commitment to the King of King and Lord of Lords.

To the Log Cabin Republicans and to abortion as an option.

And so I left. And as I left I didn't know where I was going to go. I was just going to sit at home.

Somebody told me about the constitutional party. I said who are they?

The best kept secret in America. [applause]

Now I wouldn't clap on that, because that says something about you.

Why are you so quiet about this jewel that you have? This answer that you have?

You need to be loud and clear that we have the answer.

But I want to talk to you today, and I want to take my 20 minutes just to say a few things. And my inclination as a pastor to go far beyond 20 minutes. I preach for 45 minutes to an hour in my church and everybody stays up.

So I want to start with this quote and I want to quote this to you because I think it's, it's something that you and I need to grab on to and hold on to as we move forward in this opportunity that God has given to us. And I believe it's a divine opportunity, and you have answered that today.

Samuel Adams said this. "It doesn't take a majority to win but an irate minority keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the hearts of men."

It's doesn't take a majority. And certainly you aren't a majority as I look out at you. There's not many of you here, and those of you who are who are here, you have a stewardship responsibility to reach first of all into your homes and speak to your daughters, your sons and your grandchildren. Who by the way need to be here. Why aren't they here? Why aren't they here? They should be here. And you should be dragging them here, because our future is in their hands. The legacy of who you are is reflected in who they are. Understand that.

So I want to talk a little bit about what Samuel Adams said. He said a brush fire of freedom must start from an irate minority in order for us to rescue this Republic, if the Republic is going to be rescued at all. But I don't want to embellish on that quite yet.

I want to first of all take us to Scriptures. I want to go to Hebrews Chapter 5 and Verse 14. The Bible says here, but solid food is for the mature who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.

I want to look at that because there's two words that I want to focus our attention on as we move forward in this discussion.

One is practice and the other is discern. The Greek word for practice is hexis. Hexis means doing it over and over and over again. Doing it over and over again.

Now in the context of the Scriptures it's talking about our practicing our faith, righteousness and holiness, living the Christian life over and over again.

But in the political arena, it means those of us who know the truth are practicing the truth, demonstrating the truth, and reflecting the truth no matter where we are and how we are and when we are; we are doing the truth, and we're doing it hexis, over and over and over again.

And so I want you to notice that Paul says here, the writer of Hebrews—some believe that it's Paul; I do too—that Paul is saying to us that we need to practice the truth.

Another thing I want to point out here he says solid food is for the mature. Do you hear that? It's for the mature not for the immature. It's for the mature. You don't feed steak to a baby. You have to be a little bit more mature to handle steak, and so Paul says here solid food is for the mature. That is you and I who are in this room have enough truth and we have enough capacity within us to handle the truth of God and to handle the truth of the reality of the world in which we live so that we might respond in a way that advances the cause of Christ among us. Through practice. Through practice. Through practice.

The next thing that Paul tells us is that discernment. Discernment. The Greek word for discernment, is diakrisis. Diakrisis means to distinguish the capacity to recognize the difference between what is right versus what is wrong. Within the political arena it gives us the capacity to recognize what is best and what is not.
And so we need to be discerning. If there's anything that I would challenge you today to be, is discerning. Recognizing what is happening in our culture, why it's happening in our culture, and what it is that we can do about it. But it begins with discernment.

We cannot allow our feelings to justify or to taint or to motivate us into actions that may not be the best for the part or best for our nation. We must be distinguishing.

And so as we encounter the truth of the reality of a fallen world as it manifests itself in our country, we need to know what it is that we must do. And so Paul says we need to be discerning; we need to be discerning. And that discernment, men and women, means that we are studying and looking at the culture.

There is a book that is written by Matthew Spalding. Matthew Spalding's book is titled We Still Hold These Truths. I thought that was a great title, Reclaiming Our Principles and Our Future.

He names 10 principles, and if we're discerning we'll recognize these principles and the value of demonstrating those principles, yay even today. Listen carefully. Ten principles, and many of us know what these principles are, but to be challenged to mouth them or to repeat them is another thing.

I want to give them to you today to just to trigger in you what it is that we need to be about. Listen. Ten things. One, liberty, equality, natural rights, consent of the governed, religious liberty, private property, the rule of law, constitutionalism, self government, and independence. Those ten principles represent who we are as a nation. It should be. Somehow we have turned away from that. But those principles, men and women, are the principles that will rescue this Republic.

We must return to those principles. We must exercise those principles. We must teach those principles, particularly to our children who are in these Luciferian institutions of indoctrination, called public schools. [applause]

Who are indoctrinating out children against those principles, and if those principles are not seen in us, we are indeed in trouble. And so Matthew Spalding is calling us back to those principles, calling us back to those principles, because those principles will indeed rescue this Republic.

And so we need to be distinguishing and separating; we need to have hexis, practice, recognizing where we are and what we can do.

Now when we are being distinguishing, now listen to me carefully here, and I'm not being condemning. I'm not being condemning; I'm being honest.

This party has not communicated effectively who we are in the public square.

This is what I believe Terry and Broden will bring to this party. We'll bring credibility and visibility and to do it in a way that this party has not done before. We have the sophistication of marketing skills that are available to us to get our message into the public square.

And that means accessing YouTube, Instagram, you— and all the other platforms I can't think of them, Instagram, X, TikTok, you name it, all of these platforms, by the way that we have not taken advantage of. When I say we I'm talking about the Constitution Party. We have not have taken advantage of those platforms. And guess where the culture is right now. They're right on those platforms every day scrolling 30 hours every day on those platforms.

And why aren't they seeing our message there? Because we have not been diligent to recognize that we're in the 21st century. We're no longer in the 19th century. We're no longer in the 20th century, and techniques back then that would work then are not working today. Here me now. They're not working today. The horse and buggy and buggy had its place. It does not work in the 21st century. We need to be in a Ferrari, driving the Ferrari getting to the place where we need to go. Amplifying our message in such a way that we are attracting people into this party and expanding this party for the purpose of rescuing this Republic. I want you to know that. So I'm telling you today it's timeout for the horse and buggy.

Whatever you're doing it's not working. We need to do something different. And that's what Terry- Broden can bring—a level of marketing sophistication that will amplify the voice of this party in ways that it has not done in the past. We can do it. We can do it.

I've heard them say that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. We need to be squeaking all over the place right now. Because the opportunity is now for this expansion of this party is greater than it's ever been before.

I represent a number of Republicans who are fed up, but they don't know what to do.
I was sitting in the lobby, just here today and a pro-life organization had their conference here at this hotel. How many of you know that that was up? They were here today. And as they were sitting there, I was talking to Randy about some things and she overheard our conversation. And she said, Excuse me, are you from Texas? I said, Yeah, I'm from Texas. She said, I'm from Texas too; I'm here with the pro-life group. And we're here, and I heard you guys talking about your party. She said, Who are you? I said, the Constitution Party. She said, I never heard of it. She said, But I like what I'm hearing. She said, I represent the pro life movement in Texas. I want you and Randy to come to Texas because we are Republicans and we don't know where to vote.
We've got to talk to these people. And you can't come riding into the city on a horse and buggy because it will not attract them at all.
Now I want to share three things that I think are important for us right now. And by the way, I'm a Constitution Party representative right now. And I'm recognizing that there's the 3-7-12 idea that needs to be amplified across America today. 3-7-12. Anybody know what the 3-7-12 is all about? Give me one hand that raises up.

The three pillars. The five, somebody tell me what it is. Five—

Oh, I'm sorry, seven. The seven [principles], and then there's 12 issues. Those issues, those things need to be amplified loud and clear.

But here's how I believe it can happen. And here's what I believe Randy and I can bring to the table.

There's three things that Americans need to have right now in order for them to get engaged, to be engaged.
Number one, information. Number two, education. Number three, activation.

Information asks and answers the question: What's going on?

Most Americans are oblivious to the level of threat that they're facing right now. They don't have a clue that there is a deep state. When you talk to them about deep state, they think somebody who's been working in the federal government for a long time. They don't know what the deep state is. We need to inform them as to what's going on and the level of threat that we're facing in America today.

Education. Education asks and answers the question: Why is this happening to us? And it is here that we can introduce to them the philosophies behind the malicious intent to destroy America— socialism, communism, Marxism, feminism, secular humanism. These are philosophies that have the intent of undermining our Constitution and robbing us of our liberties. They need to know what those philosophies are and how they are being exercised in a way to destroy who we are as a nation.
In my church that would be an Amen, about right there. That's all right. I understand.

Education. And then activation, activation. There can be no activation without information and education. Somebody say amen. There can be no activation without information and education.

And that means somebody needs to step up to the plate and start informing the public square and educating the public square as to the legitimacy and the authenticity of the threat that is facing us in America today.

And then say here's what you can do about it.
And there's only one voice I believe in America right now that can do that. And that's your voice. Your voice, the one that has been silent for too long.

It's time for us speak up. It's time for you to get engaged. The engagement has to be clearly one that exercises wisdom. What is wisdom? Wisdom is the right application of knowledge.

I'm gonna leave you with this thought from Mark Levin. Mark Levin says this. The remedy to tyranny is conservativism, precisely because its principles are the founding principles. Are you listening? Let me say it again. The remedy to tyranny—and we're facing tyranny, men and women—is conservatism, precisely because its principles are the founding principles. Isn't that what we represent? The founding principles.

He's saying that's the remedy. That's the fix to this madness that is happening around us, this deliberate attempt to undermine us and to tear this nation down in order to establish a new world order.

We've got the fix. We've got the remedy.

What's required of us is to exercise our our knowledge in a way that will attract people to us. And you can't attract them if you're silent. "I didn't know they were there." Conservative what? Is that a party?

So I suggest to you men and women we have an opportunity. There's plenty of low-hanging fruit in the black community, I would say in America, because most people are sick and tired of these two parties, destroying this nation, but they need to know that we're there, that we're here and we're here to stay. Because we can expand this, this party. We can expand it by inviting new people in. But they come in because they know we're here. This is an opportunity for us to take the 3-7-12 and put it in the public square, force it into the public square, and articulate it with strength, power, and fortitude. Thank you. and God bless you.

TERRY: Alright, I want to go over quickly before we run out of time, specifics for just a minute. I have, as you know, I've been leading in the [inaud.] for many years. I have thousands of contacts around the country.

I will use the contacts I have, try, you know, what can we do to get new young people? I love that you all are here. Love it. We need young people. You got to be 25 years old to run for the U.S. House. I've already spoken to the leadership of Michigan and Wisconsin and gotten their permission to bring young people in their 20s or 30s to run for the U.S. House in their state, in addition to me, because we can have them buy ads, and having a young face on the screen is going to be worth its weight in gold for this party. Are you hearing me?

You know what? Let me say, let me say that you don't have to say amen. Say here here. Try that. Thank you. It's old school. It's English. It's political. Or you tap your table like you did the other night Donna, you tap the table. Yes.

Because talking to people up here when you all are like snoozing and losing. I mean, come on, we're pouring our life guts out here. Give us a little feedback. Thank you for the laughter. Thank you. Here here. Go ahead, David, say it.

One of the things that I can use help with, what we can use help with: fundraising.

Some of you in this room are retired, and you've got time, and you've got a pension, and I can turn you loose in fundraising and pay you. This could be a paying gig. How do you think that these parties raise millions of dollars? When Clinton and Obama and Biden were at that dude's house in New York City, do you think that there weren't people there that were making 10, 20%? It's called bundling.

I've raised money for candidates and I've gotten paid for it, because it's a lot of work. And if you want to help us get the party seen, it takes muchacho of dinero. It takes the money, senora, you understand we need money.

It does.

We need money. And if you want to have if you want to help us raise money, we'll pay you. You can do it as a volunteer or we'll pay you.

Another thing you can do. I've got friends doing it already. You've got 20 people in your email list, right? Got 20? Everyone here got 20 people? 100 people maybe? Yeah. How about doing something crazy like saying, Hey, we just left a convention where our candidates are really awesome. Here's their website, Terry2024.com. I just gave $25—right, suck it up and give 25 or 50 bucks or 100 bucks—and I'm encouraging you to match my gift.

Send it out to your friends. It's the brush fire concept that Pastor Broden was quoting. It's the brush fire. People are smart. When they say wait a minute, you guys can run these ads? Show the ads. You can run these ads on TV. Ahha.

That's how we're going to get seen and known, and when our ads start running on "The View" and "Saturday Night Live," and any number of television shows, the young people that are watching and then are playing, they're going like that with their thumbs on their phone. You can't believe what I just saw. The internet is going to blow up with the Constitution Party candidates.

You want it or not? You guys are you guys are cheering. Yo, you know I'm gonna talk to you for the rest of the night. And you didn't even vote for me.

So that is my hope. Details matter. This is not a game to us. This is not a game.

I want this party to be seen. I want the party to get credit for beating Joe Biden.

Thank you. Thank you. Yes.

Look, if you're not clapping, if you don't want that, then what in the name of Heaven do you want? You want to be in obscurity? I mean, come on. We want to be a force for righteousness, and right now we have the most wicked president in the history of this country. Yes or no? Is he the most wicked president? [Audience: Yes].

All right. Well, let's do everything we can to take him down politically and get credit for it.

Yeah. Sounds good, that's another thing you can say, thank you. Since you can't say amen in this here crowd. Sounds good. Yeah, that sounds good to me.

[Voice from crowd, inaudible]

Thank you, you're very kind. I don't know who you're talking about, but you're very kind.

I like having fun and I ain't an ugly guy and I got cool hair. So there. Thank you.

And I got great shoes. Should I show 'em the boots? [moves from podium and shows boot]

Listen, I used to tell people that you're going to crush the serpent's head or you're going to end up like an ostrich boot, where you're on the heel of some God hater. Right? It's either ostrich or snake, baby. Either we prevail and we're wearing snakeskin boots. Or they prevail and they're wearing us..

I don't want to be— I'm tired of being on the losing end of this. We've been losing for 50 years and we have an opportunity. Let me say, let me tell you something, theologically, historically.

Every great empire that has fallen had a rubble heap. And somebody rebuilt on that rubble, except for Babylon and Nineveh because God cursed them and said, you're done. And you can go see the ruins today, right? But there's a rubble heap coming. There's no way around. It.

So the question is who's going to rebuild on top of the rubble? When the Roman Empire came crashing down, it was the Christian community, the church, that was building on top of the rubble and gave us now what we call civilization. Right?

I want to be there or I want to sow the seeds for my children, for your children, for our grandchildren, so that they're the ones rebuilding on the rubble, because when that, when all hell breaks loose, you either come out with liberty, or you come out with even more tyranny.

So we better get out there and try and bring down Biden. We better get out there and call people names. We better use the words of the founders—tyrants, despots—and we better do it fearlessly.

I said that to you yesterday. I don't want a place at the table. I don't. These people are evil. Some of them deserve to be in prison, literally. Right or wrong? They deserve to be in prison. Well, we have to say that, we have to fight for that, we have to at least exemplify this is what liberty looks like. And those people are enemies of freedom, enemies of families, enemies of children, and they deserve millstones, not our votes. Here here.

All right.

I— Jim asked me to for to make opportunity for questions. And I'm going to be straight honest with you. I don't like doing it because usually the people whose first hand goes up are trying to set a trap for me. If you want to set a trap for me, I'm not going to answer the question. All right.

Oh, Pastor Broden? Oh, Pastor Broden.

Well hell, you don't want to hear from me no more. Than ain't right. Pastor Broden, come on up here. They want to hear from you, not me. The ugly guy. Right. Here we go.

CLYMER: I feel I feel the need to clarify that. We've seen Randy; we've heard a lot about him. A lot of us know about him. A lot of us do not know much about Pastor Broden. Most of us I'd suspect, this is the first time you've seen him and heard from him. So I'm gonna give you an opportunity to ask questions of him. There may be things that he didn't cover in his speech, and I wanted to give the opportunity to do that.

BRODEN: I thank you for the opportunity to ask— answer any questions that you may have. But let me let me set it up a little bit. I am from Michigan, born and raised. I'm a graduate from the University of Michigan with both a master's degree, undergraduate degree and a master's degree. I moved to Dallas, Texas. My mom and dad are from Dallas, Texas. And so when I graduated from school, by the way, I'm 72 years old. And when I graduated from school back in '75, all the jobs in America were going south. So I just followed the jobs, and I came down to Texas.

And so I've been in Texas and while in Texas, I got born again. And God called me into the ministry. I believe when He call you into the ministry, He's calling you first into preparation. And so my pastor, who was Dr. Tony Evans, said to me, he said, Look, you stay where you are under my teaching. And then when you're ready to go, you can go to seminary.

So I went to seminary. I graduated from seminary in 1986, '85, '86. And I went to the inner city to start a church, a ministry among the poor. I believe God called me to do that. I believe that we went there to establish a beachhead of light in a very dark place. And I've been there ever since. When I went there crack cocaine was crack cocaine was king. And when I went there, I became the pastor of a lot of drugheads and people who were on crack cocaine. And so we were there. And God gave us a great opportunity there, and we've been there ever since. So I've been in the ministry 35 plus years in the same place, pastoring.

I was very upset about what was happening in America. By the way, I followed Phyllis Schlafly, Tim LaHaye, James Dobson and Jerry Falwell into the Moral Majority. And I've been fighting in the Moral Majority ever since.

Now, I want to tell you. I was about 32 years old. I'm 72 now, and we have not we have not made much success. We have not made a lot of ground.

And but anyway, I ran for office in 29—2009 for Congress against Eddie Bernice Johnson, who was in the, a longtime Democrat. I ran. I raised $750,000, not because I was so good at raising funds, but because I was running I wound up on the Glenn Beck show on the, on the Fox and Friends show and a number of other outlets, and I had a chance to speak. And people all over the country liked what I was saying, and they sent money. And in large part because I got the reputation from WFAA as a candidate who was advocating revolution.

And this is how it happened. "To secure these rights, governments are formed." Right. Governments are created in order to protect those rights. I was quoting from Thomas Jefferson. And I says then when the government becomes destructive to that end, it is the right of the governed to alter or abolish it. And when I said abolish it, they asked, What do you mean by abolish it. I said it means starting all over, revolution. And so the big mantra on Broden was that Broden is advocating revolution. That's what they said all over the country. And a number of guys who wanted that sent money to me.

But, but I said very clearly in the interview, I said we're not at the point of alteration...I mean of altering. We're at the point of the ballot box. And that got cut off and fell right in the editing floor and that never was broadcast.

They cheat, they lie, and they will always misrepresent us. You have to know how to handle that. And so I was trained in how to handle that in terms of media, how to, how to keep your talking points up front. Answer their questions; say that's a good question, but let me say this first, and you get your talking points in. But that's another question.

I just wanted to let you know that I've been in this battle for a long time. Yes, I've exited the Republican Party like many of you have, because there's no answers there anymore.

And so I'm here. No, I don't know a lot about who you are. But I can read. I'm not a dummy. I already know about the 3-7-12.

I believe somebody ran for president who was of my color, and he had a program called the 9-9-9 program. Anybody remember that?

And that was so easy to remember. You got the 3, 7 and 12, and we need to say that. That's how you get your message out there. What is he talking about, 3-7-12? What is he talking about? But anyway, let me, let you ask me some questions.