Biden for President
June 20, 2024

Team Biden-Harris Hires 1,000th Battleground Staffer Across 200 Offices

Meanwhile: Team Trump is struggling to make up for lost time to build battleground staff and infrastructure

Today, the Biden-Harris and Democratic coordinated campaigns reached a critical organizing milestone: over 1,000 battleground staffers. Across over 200 coordinated offices in battleground states, the team boasts an army of talented staffers working tirelessly to reelect President Biden, Vice President Harris and Democrats up and down the ballot — and send convicted felon Donald Trump packing.

Meanwhile, Trump’s ‘campaign’ and the RNC remain on their back foot with an abysmal ground game and few, if any, offices or staff across the battlegrounds that will decide this election. Instead, Team Trump is resorting to bad PR stunts, fake organizing programs, and racist pandering schemes in an unsuccessful attempt to win over voters. Simply put: They aren’t buying it.

The following is a statement from Biden-Harris 2024 Battleground States Director Dan Kanninen:

“For months, the Biden-Harris campaign has been on the ground talking to the voters who will decide this election, and Donald Trump’s been nowhere to be found.  Now, with just over four months until the election, Donald Trump couldn’t match our battleground infrastructure if he tried. While Trump’s team is desperately trying to spin their lack of infrastructure as ‘strategic,’ the bottom line is that Donald Trump cannot buy back the time he has lost – and invisible campaigns don’t win.” 

“In an election sure to be decided by tens of thousands of voters, Team Trump is doing little to nothing to expand their base or court the battleground voters who will decide this election. Meanwhile, the Biden-Harris and Democratic coordinated campaigns are taking nothing for granted and using every tool at their disposal to make sure voters know all that’s at stake for our democracy, our economy and our fundamental freedoms.”

See coverage below:

On CNN’s Inside Politics:

MANU RAJU: “1,000 battleground staffers across over 200 offices in battleground states. They argue that this is far more than what Trump has at this time in the campaign season. Significant?”

LEIGH ANN CALDWELL: “It's absolutely significant and they have been saying for months that they are well ahead of the Trump campaign. … From what I'm hearing, from Trump people and Democrats, and people in states is that Trump does not have a very active organization on the ground and so ultimately with this funding, this funding advantage that Joe Biden has, a lot of that money of course is going to television ads, but also to this on-the-ground operation that's going to be crucial.”

On CNN’s Inside Politics, Mitch Landrieu:

MITCH LANDRIEU: “The most important thing to do is to have people on the ground where voters live, talking to them about the issues that are important to them. But of course, the Biden campaign understands that. You can't just do ads on TV, you have to get on the ground. So today, we announced we’ve hired our 1,000th person that is manning the offices in all of the swing states. So these individuals are on the ground, they’re working every day, they are talking to constituents, they are listening with constituents. And that bringing them the message that Joe Biden wakes up every day fighting to them, making sure that he's going to protect that democracy, protect their freedoms, and fight like hell to lower their costs and to make their life better.”