U.S. House Races, 2022 Overview                                                       

                                                    updated Aug. 31 , 2022  

Current Balance:  221 Democrats, 212 Republicans and 2 vacancies. (>)  
Retirements: 31 Democrats, 17 Republicans. (>)
Defeated in primaries: 8 Republicans, 5 Democrats.

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 This page is largely based on U.S. House of Representatives Press Gallery-Member Data
Conventional wisdom is that Republicans will achieve significant gains in the mid-terms and hold the majority in the 118th Congress.  Even with redistricting (>) following the Census, there are relatively few competitive seats (see Monopoly Politics).  Six states have gained seats due to reapportionment—TX +2 (36 to 38), CO +1 (7 to 8), FL +1 (27 to 28), MT +1 (1 to 2), NC +1 (13 to 14), OR +1 (5 to 6); seven states each lost one seat—CA (53 to 52), IL (18 to 17), MI (14 to 13), NY (27 to 26), OH (16 to 15), PA (18 to 17), WV (3 to 2).

Vacancies and Special Elections 2019-22

current vacancies: Walorski and Crist

LA-5—Luke Letlow (R) died Dec. 29, 2020, before sworn in.  Special election Mar. 20, 2021 (no runoff needed).  Julia Letlow (R) elected.

LA-2—Cedric Richmond (D) resigned effective Jan. 15, 2021.  Special election primary Mar. 20, 2021, runoff Apr. 24, 2021.  Troy Carter (D) elected.

TX-6—Ron Wright (R) died Feb. 7, 2021.  Special election May 1, 2021.  Jake Ellzey (R) elected.

OH-11—Marcia Fudge (D) resigned effective Mar. 11, 2021.  Special election primary Aug. 3, 2021, general Nov. 2, 2021.  Shontel Brown (D) elected.

NM-1—Deb Haaland (D) resigned effective Mar. 16, 2021.  Special election June 1, 2021.  Melanie Stansbury (D) elected.

FL-20—Alcee Hastings (D) died Apr. 6, 2021.  Special election primary Nov. 2, 2021; general election Jan. 11, 2022.  Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (D) elected.

OH-15—Steve Stivers (R) resigned effective May 16, 2021.  Special election primary Aug. 3, 2021, general election Nov. 2, 2021.  Mike Carey (R) elected.

CA-22—Devin Nunes (R) resigned effective Jan. 3, 2022.  Special election primary Apr. 5, 2022; runoff June 7, 2022.  Connie Conway (R) elected.

MN-1—Jim Hagedorn (R) died Feb. 17, 2022.  Special election primary May 24, 2022, general election Aug. 9, 2022.  Brad Finstad (R) elected.

AK-AL—Don Young (R) died Mar. 18, 2022.  Special election primary June 11, 2022 (top four), general election Aug. 16, 2022.  Mary Petola (D) elected in an upset (result announced Aug. 31). [CHANGE R to D]

NE-1—Jeff Fortenberry (R) resigned effective Mar. 31, 2022.  Special election June 28, 2022.  Mike Flood (R) elected.

TX-34—Filomen Vela (D) resigned effective Mar. 31, 2022.  Special election June 14, 2022.  Mayra Flores (R) elected. [CHANGE D to R]

NY-23—Tom Reed (R), who had already announced he would not seek re-election, resigned on May 10, 2022.  Special election Aug. 23, 2022.  Joe Sempolinski (R) elected.

NY-19—Antonio Delgado (D) resigned effective May 25, 2022 to become lieutenant governor.  Special election Aug. 23, 2022.  Pat Ryan (D) elected.

IN-2—Jackie Walorski (R)
died in an automobile accident on Aug. 3, 2022. 
Special election Nov. 8, 2022.

FL-13—Charlie Crist (D) resigned effective Aug. 31, 2022 to focus on his campaign for governor.

Running for Other Office

(16 - 9D, 7R)

Governor: Democrats - Charlie Crist (D-FL), Kai Kehele (D-HI), Tom Suozzi (D-NY); Republicans - Lee Zeldin (R-NY)

Other Statewide Office: Democrats - AG-Anthony Brown (D-MD); Republicans: SOS-Jody Hice (R-GA), AG-Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

U.S. Senate: Democrats - Val Demings (D-FL), Tim Ryan (D-OH), Conor Lamb (D-PA), Peter Welch (D-VT); Republicans - Mo Brooks (R-AL), Vicky Hartzler (R-MO), Billy Long (R-MO), Ted Budd (R-NC)

Mayor: Karen Bass (D-CA)

Defeated in Primaries

(8R, 5D)

NY-12 Due to redistricting two incumbents faced off.  Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D) lost to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D), who represented the old NY-10, in the Aug. 23, 2022 primary.

WY-AL - Rep. Liz Cheney (R)
, who voted to impeach Trump following Jan. 6 and serves as vice chair of the Jan. 6 committee, lost to Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman, an attorney and RNC committeewoman in the Aug. 16 primary.

WA-3 - Rep. Jamie Herrera-Buetler (R)
, who voted to impeach Trump following Jan. 6, lost to Trump-backed challenger Joe Kent, a 20-year Army veteran who served 11 combat deployments, in the Aug. 2 primary.

MI-11 - 
Due to redistricting two incumbents faced off.  Rep. Andy Levin (D) lost to Rep. Haley Stevens (D) in the Aug. 2, 2022 primary.

MI-3 - Rep. Peter Meijer (R)
, who voted to impeach Trump following Jan. 6, lost to Trump-backed challenger John Gibbs (R), a former Trump administration official, in the Aug. 2, 2022 primary.

MS-4 - Rep. Steven Palazzo (R)
, under investigation for possible campaign finance violations, lost to Jackson County sheriff Mike Ezell (R) in the June 28,2022 runoff.

- Due to redistricting two incumbents faced off.  Rep. Rodney Davis (R), who represents the old IL-13, ran in the new IL-15 and lost to Rep. Mary Miller (D), who was endorsed by Trump, in the June 28, 2022 primary.

IL-6 - 
Due to redistricting two incumbents faced off.  Rep. Marie Newman (D), who represents the old IL-3, ran in the new IL-6 and lost to Rep. Sean Casten (D) in the June 28, 2022 primary.

SC-7 - Rep. Tom Rice (R)
, a Trump critic, lost to Trump-backed challenger state Rep. Russell Fry (R) in the June 14, 2022 primary.

Due to redistricting two incumbents faced off.  Rep. Carolyn Bordeaux (D) lost to Rep. Lucy McBath (D) in the May 24, 2022 primary.

- In an upset, conservative Blue Dog Rep. Kurt Schrader (D)
lost to progressive Jamie McLeod-Skinner (D) in the May 17, 2022 primary.

- Scandal-tarred Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R) lost to state Sen. Chuck Edwards (R) in the May 17, 2022 primary.

- West Virginia lost one seat due to reapportionment.  The May 10, 2022 primary for the new WV-2, pitted two incumbents against each other. 
Rep. David McKinley (R) who represents the old WV-1, lost to Rep. Alex Mooney (R), who represents the old WV-2.

Not Returning for the 118th Congress

due to retirement or defeat in primary; also see special elections/vacancies above


R-Mo Brooks

D-Ann Kirkpatrick

D-Karen Bass
D-Alan Lowenthal
D-Jerry McNerney
D-Lucille Roybal-Allard
D-Jackie Speier

D-Ed Perlmutter

D-Charlie Crist
D-Val Demings
D-Ted Deutch
D-Stephanie Murphy

D-Carolyn Bordeaux*
R-Jody Hice

D-Cheri Bustos
R-Rodney Davis*
R-Adam Kinzinger
D-Marie Newman*
D-Bobby Rush

R-Trey Hollingsworth
D-John Yarmuth

D-Anthony Brown

D-Brenda Lawrence
D-Andy Levin*
R-Peter Meijer*
R-Fred Upton

R-Steven Palazzo*

R-Vicky Hartzler
R-Billy Long

New Jersey
D-Albo Sires

New York
R-Chris Jacobs
R-John Katko
R-Carolyn Maloney*
R-Tom Reed
D-Kathleen Rice
D-Tom Suozzi
R-Lee Zeldin

North Carolina
R-Ted Budd
D-G. K. Butterfield
R-Madison Cawthorn*
D-David Price

D-Peter DeFazio
D-Kurt Schrader*
R-Bob Gibbs
R-Anthony Gonzalez
D-Tim Ryan

D-Mike Doyle
R-Fred Keller
D-Conor Lamb

Rhode Island
D-Jim Langevin

South Carolina
R-Tom Rice

D-Jim Cooper

R-Kevin Brady
R-Louie Gohmert
D-Eddie Bernice Johnson
R-Van Taylor

D-Peter Welch

R-Jamie Hererra-Buetler*

West Virginia
R-David McKinley*

D-Ron Kind

R-Liz Cheney*


R-Fred Upton (MI)
D-Peter DeFazio (OR)


D-Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA)
D-Bobby Rush (IL)
D-Carolyn Maloney (NY)*
D-Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX)

D-Mike Doyle (PA)

D-David Price (NC)
R-Kevin Brady (TX)
D-Ron Kind (WI)

D-Jim Langevin (RI)

D-Tim Ryan (OH)
D-Jim Cooper (TN)**
D-G. K. Butterfield (NC)

R-Louie Gohmert (TX)

2006 special
D-Albo Sires (NJ)

D-Jerry McNerney (CA)
D-Ed Perlmutter (CO)
D-John Yarmuth (KY)
D-Peter Welch (VT)

D-Jackie Speier (CA)

D-Kurt Schrader (OR)*

2010 special
D-Ted Deutch (FL)
R-Tom Reed (NY)
R-Mo Brooks (AL)
D-Karen Bass (CA)
R-Adam Kinzinger (IL)
R-Steven Palazzo (MS)*
R-Vicky Hartzler (MO)
R-Billy Long (MO)
R-Bob Gibbs (OH)
R-Jamie Hererra-Buetler (WA)
R-David McKinley (WV)*

D-Alan Lowenthal (CA)
D-Cheri Bustos (IL)
R-Rodney Davis (IL)*
R-Tom Rice (SC)*

R-Jody Hice (GA)
D-Brenda Lawrence (MI)
R-John Katko (NY)
D-Kathleen Rice (NY)
R-Lee Zeldin (NY)

D-Charlie Crist (FL)
D-Val Demings (FL)
D-Stephanie Murphy (FL)
R-Trey Hollingsworth (IN)
D-Anthony Brown (MD)
D-Tom Suozzi (NY)
R-Ted Budd (NC)
R-Liz Cheney (WY)*

2018 special
D-Conor Lamb (PA)
R-Fred Keller (PA)

D-Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ)**
D-Andy Levin (MI)*
R-Anthony Gonzalez (OH)
R-Van Taylor (TX)

2020 special
R-Chris Jacobs (NY)

D-Carolyn Bordeaux (GA)*
D-Marie Newman (IL)*
R-Peter Meijer (MI)*
R-Madison Cawthorn (NC)*

*Defeated in primary.
**Kirkpatrick and Cooper served previous stints in Congress as well.

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