Friends of Andrew Yang
December 6, 2019


Today, Andrew Yang announced the addition of two senior Democratic campaign professionals to spearhead the campaign’s digital and direct mail operations. Julia Rosen, Partner at Fireside Campaigns, will helm the planning and execution of the campaign’s already robust digital strategy. Ally Letsky, Senior Vice President and Strategist at Deliver Strategies and former Hillary for America Direct Mail Director will lead the campaign’s direct mail efforts. 

“While other campaigns are scaling back or trying to sustain their current levels, our campaign is rapidly growing and adding experience and know-how to ensure that we peak at the right time.  We’re absolutely thrilled that Ally and Julia—two of the most experienced and respected professionals in their fields—are bringing their expertise to the Yang Gang to help us compete and win,” said Andrew Yang. 

Letsky has worked in Democratic politics since 2004 and brings a decade of experience in direct mail, campaign messaging, and the modern application of paid media strategy. In this new political environment, Letsky specializes in creating more authentic conversations using direct mail while seamlessly integrating mail with digital, field, and TV ads. In 2012, she was part of the direct mail team that helped President Barack Obama win in some of the toughest battleground states in the Midwest. Letsky led millions of dollars in direct mail testing and the largest direct mail program as the Director of Direct Mail for Hillary for America in 2016. She has produced winning direct mail campaigns for Democrats of all levels, from school board and state legislative races to congressional, gubernatorial, and U.S. senate races.

“Many Americans are hurting right now and Andrew Yang understands the harsh realities a lot of families and communities face. As stores close and jobs disappear, Andrew is the only candidate looking forward, past the rapidly changing economy around us, instead of looking back. Andrew is a breath of fresh air and I’m proud to be helping Andrew get his message across to voters directly,” said Letsky.

Rosen, a Partner at Fireside Campaigns, has over fifteen years of experience with data-driven digital organizing, raising tens of millions of dollars for political campaigns and non-profits. She has led teams and programs at organizations like GPS Impact, ActBlue, MoveOn, and the Courage Campaign. Rosen’s expertise is in driving integrated digital programs that are reflective of a strong brand identity and narrative, turning warm leads into donors and volunteers. She has been a leader, mentor, and trainer to countless digital organizers engaged in Democratic politics, and she serves on the board of the chapter-based Equality Federation.

"Andrew Yang's team is already doing some of the most innovative digital work in the 2020 cycle. Their instinctive knowledge on how to deploy digital tactics and Andrew's understanding of the zeitgeist of the internet have combined into a potent fundraising and messaging operation. This campaign is unabashedly millennial and Gen Y. It is digital-first, bold, and confident in its execution and planning," said Rosen.

Letsky and Rosen will serve as Senior Advisors to the Candidate on top of fulfilling their roles in Digital and Direct Mail, helping to craft messaging and determine campaign strategy. 

Friends of Andrew Yang
November 8, 2019


To: Yang Gang
Cc: Andrew Yang
From: Campaign Manager Zach Graumann
Date: November 8, 2019
Subject: 2020 Dem. Race Wide Open, Andrew Yang Beginning to Break Out

Yang Gang, 

It’s less than 3 months to the Iowa Caucuses and I want to give you an update on the campaign. 

Yesterday, we’ve launched a seven-figure paid television ad in Iowa, taking to the airwaves in the first-in-nation caucus state for the first time. Today, Andrew is in Concord, NH, to file the paperwork to officially appear on the ballot of the New Hampshire primary. 

And I haven’t even gotten to the exciting stuff yet. 

Most early state Dem. primary voters remain uncommitted while Andrew Yang is on the rise. 

With less than 90 days until the Iowa caucuses, most early state voters remain uncommitted.  Recent polling in Iowa found that 65% of Democratic Iowa caucus-goers said they could still be persuaded to caucus for a different candidate, and another recent poll found that 55% of Nevada Democratic caucus-goers might consider another candidate. In New Hampshire, 57% of likely Democratic primary voters were still trying to decide for whom to vote (while another 21% were only “leaning” towards any particular candidate). Suffice to say, the early state Democratic primaries and caucuses remain highly fluid today. 

After four strong Democratic debate performances, combined with our resources now being deployed on the airwaves, digital, and through direct mail, Andrew’s forward-looking vision of a New Way Forward for America is beginning to break through. We’re building a grassroots movement that continues to power Andrew’s rise as more and more voters are beginning to tune in and make up their minds. 

Yang’s favorable growth is the highest of any candidate in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Late October, polling in New Hampshire found that Andrew’s net favorability margin has grown by 15 points since July, outpacing all of his opponents. Similarly, mid-October polling in South Carolina found his net favorable rating had increased by 9 points, again, outpacing all other contenders.   

His numbers have also improved measurably since Morning Consult polling at the end of August that found Yang at 1% across all four early primary states.  CNN polling in late October placed Yang at 5% in New Hampshire, Emerson Polling had him at 5% in Nevada at the beginning of November and 5% in Iowa in mid-October, and Change Research had Yang at 4% in South Carolina in mid-October.  

Andrew has built a strong base among younger Democratic caucus-goers.  For instance, he outpaces Joe Biden by 7 points among voters under age 45 in Iowa based on the most recent New York Times poll. 

Prior to yesterday, in the absence of a strong paid communications program, Andrew’s growth has occurred organically. Now, we’re about to kick into the next gear. Our campaign is the only one trending upwards. All the other campaigns in this race are either trying to maintain where they are, reallocating resources and staff to attempt to stay in the race, or dropping out. 

At the beginning of this journey, I couldn’t ask for a better position to be in than the one we’re in right now.  I’m excited about what we’re about to achieve in the coming months and I hope you all are too. 

Humanity First. 
-Zach Graumann

Friends of Andrew Yang
October 11, 2019


NEW YORK  — The Yang2020 campaign is excited to announce the expansion of our press team. The campaign is rapidly hiring staff as it builds on growing momentum and support. Yang raised $10 million last quarter, exceeding expectations and outpacing many opponents.

Deputy Press Secretary Rachel Barnhart spent two decades as a broadcast journalist before making the leap into politics. Rachel is no stranger to “outsider” campaigns, having served as press secretary for Stephanie Miner’s New York gubernatorial campaign and run for office herself. Rachel serves as a county legislator in her hometown, Rochester, N.Y. She brings extensive experience as a journalist, candidate and public relations professional.

Deputy Press Secretary Hilary Kinney served as Regional Manager for the nonpartisan organization Inspire U.S. She also worked in communications for the West Virginia University Foundation and Hunger Free America. She is the author of “Penelope’s Petition,” a children’s book that teaches young readers about civic responsibility. Her passion for grassroots politics began while volunteering on local and statewide campaigns in her home state of West Virginia.  

Traveling Press Secretary Erick Sanchez has 12 years of experience in non-profit and political communications, starting his career as a social media aide to Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Congressman Kendrick Meek (D-FL). He served three years in the communications department at AFSCME and worked during the 2010 cycle as the Deputy Communications Director at the Ohio Democratic Party. 

Rapid Response Director S.Y. Lee served as a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security under the Obama administration. Lee has a demonstrated history in managing media relations and strategic communications, working in areas related to immigration, counter-terrorism, cybersecurity and other complex issues. Prior to joining the campaign, Lee worked as a media consultant in Washington, D.C., at security software company Okta, and was a field organizer on the Obama ‘08 campaign.


Friends of Andrew Yang
June 6, 2019
For more information, contact: Randy Jones


Columbia, SC — Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has hired Dr. Jermaine Johnson Sr. as his first staff member in the state of South Carolina. The move marks Yang's first strategic play into SC, where the campaign believes they have a strong message for the predominantly African American Democratic community. “The Freedom Dividend would go much further with communities of color and in rural areas,” stated Yang at an event in Hopkins. “$1,000 per month would be a game changer for many low-income communities in South Carolina.”

Dr. Jermaine L. Johnson Sr. is a local businessman and founder of the New Economic Beginnings Foundation Inc., a non-profit workforce development organization that offers job and life skills training to under-served communities in Richland County, SC. In addition to New Economic Beginnings, Jermaine is the owner of Dream Team Consulting LLC and an Adjunct Professor at Webster University. Dr. Johnson earned a Master of Science degree with a concentration in Project Management in 2014 and a Doctorate of Business Administration in Organizational Leadership in 2018 from North Central University. Prior to his business career, Jermaine attended the College of Charleston where he was a 4-year Letterman and team captain for the men’s basketball team. He graduated in 2008 with a major in communications and a minor in theater and was subsequently drafted to the NBA D-League’s Reno Bighorns. Post-graduation, Jermaine played professional basketball abroad in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal.

In a statement Dr. Johnson wrote:

“To be joining the Yang campaign is surreal. I began listening and researching Andrew in 2018 and I began singing his praises to anyone who would listen. I believe in him and what he is saying. I believe he is exactly what America needs. For me, this is more than a job, this is to secure a better America for my grandchildren.”

Dr. Johnson's current affiliations include:
  • Jim Clyburn Fellow
  • Vice-chair of the Young Democrats of the Central Midlands
  • Young Democrats of South Carolina Member
  • 3rd Vice-chair of the Richland County Democratic Party
  • SC Democratic Black Caucus Member
  • Richland County Recreation Commission Board Member
  • Richland County Recreation Foundation Board Member
He is married to Dr. Evan Patrice Johnson and has two children, Jermaine Johnson Jr. and Khloe Johnson. He is a member of the Lower Richland Community where he attends St. John's Baptist Church in Hopkins, SC, with the Reverend Sammy Wade presiding.
Dr. Jermaine Johnson Sr. can be contacted at 
For more information, please contact Randy Jones at


Friends of Andrew Yang
March 25, 2019
For more information, contact: Madalin Sammons

Andrew Yang Hires Al Womble as Iowa Campaign Chair

Third Congressional District Chair for the Iowa Democratic Party and State Central Committee Member Al Womble is Yang's latest hire for his growing team.

DES MOINES, IOWA — Making waves and drawing crowds in the thousands for rallies across the country, Andrew Yang is staffing up. 

Al Womble, the Democratic chairman in Iowa's third congressional district, will serve as Iowa Campaign Chair.

On joining the Yang Gang, Al said: "When my wife and I first met Andrew at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding, I asked her, 'what do you think of Andrew Yang?' She put it best: 'he's the only candidate offering real solutions to the problems working people face.'"

"Andrew has a bold new vision for an economy that puts people first. If we keep going with the same approach, we're going to wind up with the same results. Andrew is a leader who listens to people first and foremost. Some folks are offering to turn the dial up a little; Andrew's turning the volume up to 10 and really making it a party," Womble said. 

Zach Graumann, Campaign Manager, stated: “Al was one of the campaign's earliest and best champions in the Hawkeye State. We're beyond thrilled to have him on the team." 

The Yang Gang continues to catch fire nationwide.

Friends of Andrew Yang
February 28, 2019


West Virginia native Madalin Sammons joins Yang2020 as Press Secretary

New York, New York – Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yangannounced an addition to his Yang2020 staff, hiring Madalin Sammons as his new Press Secretary. Madalin joins the democratic candidate’s team during a time when Yang’s name recognition and support is expanding nationwide. He's already received the requisite 200+ individual donations from more than the required 20 states, and he's well on pace to hit the 65,000 donors required to make the debate stage later this year.

Madalin is charged with coordinating and managing all press inquiries and relationships as well as promoting campaign events and activities through press releases.

Madalin spent the last two years serving as Communications Director toRichard Ojeda during his high profile congressional race in WV-03. As well as Communications Director, Madalin also served as a spokesperson for the campaign.

Zach Graumann, Campaign Manager, stated, “Madalin is a talented press secretary and strategist who has the experience and network to launch an insurgent national campaign. We are excited to have her boost our national profile as we share our message of the Freedom Dividend across the country.”