Warren for President
February 25, 2020

Virginia for Warren Announces New Endorsements

Endorsers include community leaders, educators, and local officials

Charlestown, MA – Today, Virginia for Warren announced twenty-four (24) new endorsements from across the commonwealth. Last month, Elizabeth was endorsed by fifteen (15) endorsers, including elected officials, former candidates, and activists.

Last week, Delegates Kathy Tran, Joshua Cole, and Sally Hudson endorsed Elizabeth. Elizabeth also received early endorsements from State Senator Ghazala Hashmi and Roanoke delegate Sam Rasoul.

The latest endorsers are as follows:
Amy Adams, Director, Equality Stafford
Tinesha Allen, Stafford County Board of Supervisor
Kai Degner, Former Harrisonburg Mayor and former Harrisonburg City Councilmember
Caitlin Durham Bennett, Community Leader
Juli Briskman, Supervisor, Loudoun County
Stair Calhoun, Grassroots Leader
Lauren Colliver, Member of Town Council, Blacksburg
Leah DiFolco, Community Activist, Assistant Preschool Teacher
Tara Gibson, Executive Director, Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy
Pamela Gilbert, Former Consumer Product Safety Commission Official, Lawyer, and Consumer Advocate
Lisa Guide, Former Assistant Secretary of Policy, Management and Budget, U.S. Department of the Interior
Julie Jakopic, Community Leader, Chair of the Board, Virginia’s List
Ben Litchfield, Community Leader, Stafford County
Ken Longmeyer, Community Leader and Former Candidate NoVA
Adele McClure, Housing Advocate
Selonia Miles, Councilwoman, Town of Dumfries
Debra Rodman, Former Delegate HD 73
Adelle LaRue Settle, Community Leader, Prince William County
Kathy Stewart Shupe, Community Leader and Advocate
Parisa Dehghani-Tafti, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Arlington County and the City of Falls Church
Gloria Totten, President, Public Leadership Institute (for identification purposes only)
Nancy Van Doren, School Board  Member, Arlington
Chelsea Higgs Wise, Community Activist, Richmond
Helen Sorto Zurita, Community Activist

Warren for President
February 18, 2020

Virginia for Warren Announces New Delegate Endorsements

Charlestown, MA – Today, Virginia for Warren announced three new delegate endorsements — Kathy Tran, Josh Cole, and Sally Hudson.

Elizabeth Warren has previously  earned endorsements from State Senator Ghazala Hashmi and Delegate Sam Rasoul.

Last month, Virginia for Warren announced fifteen (15) endorsements which included elected officials, activists, and former public office candidates.

Warren most recently held a town hall in Arlington, Virginia on February 13th, her 3rd town hall in the state this campaign cycle.

“In the short time since their historic victory to take back the state legislature, Virginia Democrats have already done outstanding work on behalf of the people of the commonwealth,” said Elizabeth Warren. “I’m grateful to have the support of three incredible fighters – Kathy, Sally, and Josh who are working to make Virginia a better place for all who live there.”

“Virginia has shown the country that women can lead a movement, win tough elections, and deliver results,” said Delegate Kathy Tran. “Senator Elizabeth Warren inspires hope with her bold vision for our country and plans to fight for a brighter future for all of us. I am proud to endorse her to be our next President of the United States.”

“We’re making history every day,” said Delegate Josh Cole. “This year I want to see HERstory made and I’m excited to endorse a candidate who has a plan! I believe in her vision and I’m excited to say I’M ALL IN for Warren!!”

“We get Presidents like Elizabeth Warren once in a generation: leaders with the vision and backbone to face crisis head on,” said Delegate Sally Hudson. “We don’t need another lullaby to sing us back to sleep. We need to build a democracy and economy that keeps us all safe and thriving for the long haul. Decades from now, we’ll look back on the core institutions she built and wonder how we ever lived without them. I know my generation is ready for a President like that.”

Warren for President
January 15, 2020

Virginia for Warren Announces New Endorsements

Endorsers include elected officials, activists, and community leaders.

Charlestown, MA - Today, Virginia for Warren announced fifteen (15) new endorsemenls. This follows months of community outreach and events across the state.

"Our team has worked to have a strong presence on the ground in Virginia, share Elizabeth's story, and build on the grassroots support we have received across the Commonwealth." said Amy Friedman, State Director. "Our new wave of endorsers show the deep community ties we have formed here and our commltment to engaging and eaming the support of community leaders:

The endorsers are as lollows:

Ghazala Hashmi, State Senator, Virginia's 10th Senate district
Sam Rasoul, Delegate, Virginia House District 11
Generation Ratify, Youth-ted Movement
John Chapman, Town Council Member, Alexandria
Christian Dorsey, Artington County Board Member
Mali de Ferranti, Arlington County Board Member
Selonía Miles, Town Council Member, Dumfries
Leslie Cockburn, Local Leader, Former Candidate for Virginia's 5th Congressionat District
Missy Cotter Smasal, Community Leader, Candidate for Virginia Senate District 8
Phil Hernandez, Activist/Former Candidate, Virginia House District 100
Anna Scholl, Progressive Leader
Kip Malinosky, Community Leader, Former Chair of the Arlington Democrats
Jennífer Naqvi, Community Leader, Loudoun County
Tavarris Spinks, Community Leader, Richmond
Lucero Wiley, Activist, Former Candidate for Senate District 13

Ed. - The two early endorsements were:
Del. Sam Rasoul  ...reported Jan. 13, 2020 >
State Sen.-elect Ghazala Hashmi  ...reported Dec. 18, 2019 >