Warren for President
For Immediate Release: Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Warren Administration Will Confront Our Climate Crisis Head-On

Charlestown, MA - A comprehensive approach to combating climate change will be a top priority in a Warren administration.

Elizabeth believes we need a Green New Deal to save our planet. She is an original co-sponsor of the Senate resolution and supports the domestic goal it sets of net-zero emissions by 2030 and the global goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Elizabeth has released multiple plans to address climate change, and she will continue talking about how we can take steps to address the climate crisis on the campaign trail. Her plans to date include:

  • Plan for Green Manufacturing: Elizabeth will make a $2 trillion investment over the next ten years in green research, manufacturing, and exporting   —  linking American innovation directly to American jobs. Her plans will create more than a million new jobs, help achieve the ambitious targets of the Green New Deal, and spur the kind of worldwide adoption of American-made clean energy technology needed to meet the international targets of the Green New Deal. The plan includes a new federal office dedicated to selling American-made clean, renewable, and emission-free energy technology abroad, with a $100 billion commitment to assisting countries to purchase and deploy this technology.
  • Plan for Public Lands: On her first day as President, Elizabeth will sign an executive order that says no more drilling —  a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases, including for drilling and fracking offshore and on public lands. She will reinstate the methane pollution rule to limit existing oil and gas projects from releasing harmful gases that poison our air and reinstitute the clean water rule to protect our lakes, rivers, and streams, and the drinking water they provide. She will also set a goal of providing 10% of our overall electricity generation from renewable sources offshore or on public lands.
  • Climate Risk Disclosure Act: The legislation would require companies to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and price their exposure to climate risk into their valuations, raising public awareness of how dependent companies are on fossil fuels and using market forces to speed the transition to clean energy – without spending a dime of taxpayer money. Former Vice President Al Gore supports this proposal.
  • Department of Defense Climate Resiliency and Readiness Act: This bill would require the Pentagon to achieve net zero carbon emissions for all its non-combat bases and infrastructure by 2030 -- consistent with the objectives of the Green New Deal. Elizabeth will invest billions of dollars into a new, ten-year research and development program at the Defense Department focused on microgrids and advanced energy storage and direct the Pentagon to produce an annual report evaluating the climatevulnerability of every U.S. military base at home and abroad.