U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD-8) ...January 22

Jamie Raskin Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President   6:16 video from Jan. 22, 2020

All over the world, authoritarianism, anti-Semitism, racism, and fascism are on the march, and the forces of democracy and freedom and equality are under seige everywhere.  And our president, in his bottomless stupidity and greed, finds "very good people on both sides" in this struggle, and repeatedly aligns our country with the despots and the dictators, from Putin in Russia, to Orbán in Hungary, al-Sisi in Egypt.

At a time in America when we need the wisest, most visionary and compassionate leadership, we have the most foolish, irresponsible and reckless leadership.

The question is, who will break our downward moral and political spiral?  Who will lead America out of the dread that has become our daily diet?  Who can work with Congress and the people to make America as a nation an instrument of strong democracy and freedom in the world again?  Who, in short, will recapture the moral center?

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this situation, because we have excellent and appealing candidates for president in the Democratic Party, and I will be fighting for whoever wins our nomination with everything I've got, mobilizing not just all over Maryland and the mid-Atlantic states, but all over the country for the big blue tidal wave that we need.  And I'd be proud to campaign for anybody in this field against our impeached and disgraced and dangerous president, but my choice is emphatically United States Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Elizabeth Warren has the chance to recapture the moral center of America and make it the political center of our party.

In this field of political figures, I kept coming back to two things.  In the wake of the 2008 mortgage meltdown crisis, which cost tens of millions of people their jobs and their homes, which destroyed trillions of dollars in equity in retirement for people, some politicians were content to pass a trillion-dollar bailout of the big banks, close their eyes to the criminality run amok on Wall Street, and start the boom and bust cycle all over again.  Others, on both the left and right, denounced the evils of predatory capitalism and protested Wall Street without offering us a way forward with practical institutional alternatives.

But Elizabeth Warren actually demanded sweeping accountability and institutional reform in the financial sector, and then advanced an idea to protect American consumers, workers, retirees, and the besieged middle-class of our country.  This idea became the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which she fought with everything she's got, in Congress, to create, and which has gone on to save the American people tens of billions of dollars from entities committing financial fraud and pyramid schemes and consumer ripoffs.

But think about that: Elizabeth Warren wasn't even in Congress yet, and yet she organized the Senate and she organized the House to pass the most important financial policy reform in our Country since the New Deal.  Most people who've spent their entire careers in Congress have never done anything comparable to that. 

Senator Warren didn't get everything she advocated, but she stood 1000% every day with the American people at every turn, and promoted dozeens of concrete legislative and regulatory policy changes to make the markets fair, transparent and responsive to democratic rules.  Many of them passed, many were stopped, but you always knew where Elizabeth Warren stood.  That is guts.  That is courage  That is political skill.

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee and the Oversight Committee and the Rules Committee, I've spent much of the last year opposing the corruption and criminality of this president.  Trump said he was going to drain the swamp.  He moved into the swamp, he built a hotel on in, and he started renting out rooms to foreign governments and fat cat lobbyists.  The whole administration is a money-making operation for Donald Trump, his family and corporations, and the organized special interests that have taken over the GOP.  They are a disgrace and a threat to honest businesspeople all over America.

Elizabeth Warren has the passion and the expertise to lead Congress to sweep away all this strucutural, financial and politicial corruption and redeem the promise of American democracy.

When Attorney General Barr confiscated the Mueller Report, radically distorted the contents, and misled the American people, prompting not one, but two letters of protest from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it was Elizabeth Warren who took the bold step of actually reading the report in its entirety, and then becoming the first presidential candidate to call for impeachment of the president in the House of Representatives based on overwhelming evidence of Donald Trump's obstruction of justice.

Elizabeth Warren is not only a passionate liberal, in the spirit of another great Massachusetts Senator, John F. Kennedy, and a truly effective progressive, in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson, but she is the indispensable conservative we need in the spirit of John Adams from Massachusetts, to defend all of the institutions and the values that Donald Trump and his Banana Republicans are seeking to undermine and destroy.

I want to add one final thing: 2020, which I call "The Year of Perfect Vision," is also the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which gave us women's suffrage after a century and a half of states disengranchising women.  What a perfect way to honor this momentous centennial anniversary by choosing the most compelling candidate, who would also happen to be our first woman president.

So I endorse Elizabeth Warren for president, and I will fight for her electin in honor of my late mother, Barbara Raskin, my sisters, my wife, and my daughters, as well as my son, and all the men in our family too.

G, Elizabeth Warren!  Let's do this thing in 2020.  Let's take back America.

Warren for President
For Immediate Release: January 14, 2020

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair and Texas Representative Joaquin Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President

Castro’s support comes as the campaign’s Texas operation expands, local officials endorse

San Antonio, TX – Today, the Warren for President campaign announced Texas Representative Joaquin Castro endorsed Elizabeth Warren for President. Castro serves as the Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) and has represented Texas’ 20th District in San Antonio for four terms. A native son of Texas, Representative Joaquin Castro grew up on the west side of San Antonio and like Senator Warren, has fought for working and marginalized families throughout his career.
Castro’s support follows a series of endorsements from local officials and activists across San Antonio, Houston, and Austin and the endorsement of former San Antonio mayor and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro.
The campaign has announced its Texas State Director Jenn Longoria and already has over two dozen senior staffers and organizers across the state, who have been on the ground since the summer. Texas for Warren has opened offices in San Antonio and Austin, which brought together hundreds of supporters to show them all the ways they can get involved, and will open its next office in Houston this Friday, January 17th.
“Today, I’m endorsing Senator Elizabeth Warren for President, because she’s going to make sure that everyone has great opportunities to achieve their dreams and get ahead. Senator Warren is also the only candidate who can unite the Democratic Party and our country, two things essential to defeating Donald Trump and restoring America’s leadership role at home and abroad,” said Representative Castro. “Senator Warren is going to fight for all of us, including for people who came from neighborhoods like mine. That’s why I’m proud to be in this fight with her.”
"I'm grateful to have earned the support of Chairman Joaquin Castro in this fight. Joaquin has been a leader on issues near and dear to my heart - from investing in public education for our kids to ensuring our military families and veterans are supported,” said Warren. "With his support in this campaign, we will build a movement that elects Democrats up and down the ballot and places opportunity in the hands of all working families in Texas and across the country.”
Since announcing her presidential campaign, Warren has visited Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Elizabeth received her undergraduate degree from the University of Houston, where she also got her first job as a law professor, and taught at UT-Austin Law School. She grew up next door in Oklahoma and lived in Texas for over ten years.


U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL-9) ...November 30
Warren for President

December 2, 2019

Highlights from Warren’s Trip to Chicago

Charlestown, MA - On Saturday, Elizabeth Warren traveled to Chicago where she held a town hall. Saturday’s town hall was Elizabeth’s 171st this year. 
Below are highlights from her trip.

Jan Schakowsky @RepSchakowsky I believe in  @ewarren . She’s dedicated to true economic justice & will fight for big, structural change. She’s also going to beat Donald Trump. #TeamWarren 
📷  @norakatekeefe, @mnapoleonwelch, @indivisible9IL, @MichaelZiri.
Chicago Tribune: Elizabeth Warren brings presidential campaign to North Side, gets endorsement from Rep. Jan Schakowsky Sen. Elizabeth Warren brought her presidential campaign to Chicago’s North Side on Saturday night, assailing the power of corporations in America to an overflow crowd in Edgewater…“Only in Chicago is the big Saturday night entertainment politics,” Warren told the crowd that stood below her on a packed basketball court at the Broadway Armory. Before the rally began, a line of hundreds of supporters snaked for several blocks outside the Armory for hours in chilly temperatures and occasional drizzle.
Greg Krieg @GregJKrieg Warren packed the Broadway Armory on Chicago’s north side. Looks like they’re still coming...

Chicago Sun-Times: Warren calls for ‘big, structural change’ at town hall in Edgewater
Thousands of supporters endured a cold drizzle for hours to get inside the Broadway Armory on the North Side to hear Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s plans for the country… Earlier in the day, Warren’s campaign announced the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, whose 9th Congressional District covers several North Side neighborhoods and northern suburbs.
Schakowsky introduced Warren to a thundering applause when she declared Warren’s election as president would usher in “the most progressive period in modern history.”
Anna Galland @annagalland Huge crowd at the @ewarren Chicago town hall tonight - staff had to expand the audience area - and clearly the best audience members are these girls IN THEIR GIRL SCOUT UNIFORMS in the front row next to the stage.

Tara Prindiville @taraprindiville After officially endorsing @ewarren earlier today, Rep.  @janschakowsky calls her “the woman I believe will not only be the best president, but who I believe will be the most likely to lead us to victory in 2020.” #2020Election #ElizabethWarren

Anna Galland @annagalland Multiple people in tears after @ewarren tells her story about her Mom's courage and determination to take care of her family. She connects this personal story so beautifully to politics: "this is also a story about government."

ABC 7 Chicago: Schakowsky introduced the 2020 candidate at an event Saturday night at Chicago's Broadway Armory. The Illinois Democrat cited Warren's commitment to social and economic justice as a reason for her endorsement. Warren touched on those issues at her rally Saturday night. "When you see a government that works great for those with money, and it's not working so good for anyone else, that is corruption pure and simple and we need to call it out," Warren said.
Anna Galland @annagalland .@ewarren boils down her plans to three simple summaries:
- Attack the corruption
- Big structural changes in the economy
- Protect the democracy
And then connects these themes very simply: "It's all about: who's going to have opportunities in this country?"
People LOVE it.

Deepa Shivaram @deepa_shivaram Warren with a strong delivery on this line tonight: "If the best democrats can offer is business as usual after Donald Trump, Democrats will lose. We win when we have big solutions for the big problems in peoples’ lives.”

Tara Prindiville @taraprindiville .@ewarren hits her 90,000th selfie tonight in Chicago:


U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley (MA-7) ...November 30
Ayanna Pressley Endorses ElizabethWarren for President  1:11 video from Nov. 6, 2019

Pressley: The American people deserve to be represented by elected officials who see them, who listen to them, and who fight for them.

I have seen Elizabeth in small church basements and in packed gymnasiums and she is consistent.  She never loses sight of the people.

You've all heard about the Senator's plans, but here's the thing – the plans are about power.  Who has it, who refuses to let it go, and who deserves more of it.

For Elizabeth and for me, power belongs in the hands of the people.  That's why she's fighting for fundamental change that restores power to those who've been left behind and centers those who've never had access to it in the first place.

This election is a fight for the very soul of our nation.  Elizabeth knows how to fight, and she knows how to win.

I'm proud to call her my Senator.  I can't wait to call her our President.

I'm Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and I represent the Massachusetts 7th Congressional District, and I'm proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren for President.  Big, structural change can't wait.  Let's get to work.

U.S. Rep. Katie Porter (CA-45)

Warren for President
July 30, 2019

Elizabeth Warren for President Announces New Endorsements

Charlestown, MA - Today, the Warren for President campaign announced new endorsements. They include Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, Representative Katherine Clark of Massachusetts; Former chair of the Progressive Caucus, Representative Raúl Grijalva of Arizona; Representative Deb Haaland of New Mexico; Representative Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts; Representative Andy Levin of Michigan; Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts; Representative Jim McGovern of Massachusetts; and Representative Lori Trahan of Massachusetts.

“We are grateful to have the support of incredible leaders who are on the frontlines of the fight to make our country work for every person, not just the wealthy and well-connected,” said Warren for President Senior Advisor and Political Director Rebecca Pearcey. “This campaign is about calling out what’s broken, laying out serious plans to fix it, and building a grassroots movement to get it done. With these partners, we will win in 2020 and make the big, structural change Americans are counting on.”

“I’ve worked closely with Elizabeth Warren for years and seen her passion, her leadership, and her commitment to make sure our country works for everyone,” said Representative Katherine Clark. “She’s shaping the Democratic party with her plans to root out corruption, address the student debt crisis and sky high child care costs, and tackle climate change head-on. I’m proud to endorse Elizabeth for president because she will fight harder than anyone else I know to give every American the opportunity to build a future.”

“I’ve worked closely with Elizabeth and have seen up close her passion for working people and those who’ve been left behind,” said Representative Raúl Grijalva. “She is a formidable champion of progressive values, ideas and principles who will lead us towards becoming a country that doesn’t kowtow to corporations and special interests, but a nation that will bring real power to workers, women, immigrants and all of those most vulnerable and marginalized. She is a bold, persistent, visionary leader who cares about working families - and because of this, she's won my endorsement.”

“I’m very proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren for president because it is time for the American people to have a champion. We’ve worked together to introduce legislation that demands a solution to unsafe military housing, tackles the opioid crisis, and provides universal child care. Elizabeth has been a great friend to me and a great partner for Indian Country,” said Representative Deb Haaland. “She has made it a priority to address some of the most challenging issues facing working families, including an economy that works for everyone, student loan debt, and the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women. As a single mom, who is still paying off my student loans, I understand the challenges so many of us face and Elizabeth is the person who will deliver real change for families across the country.”

"I am proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren for president because America needs a leader who will restore the solidarity that Donald Trump stole," said Representative Joe Kennedy III. "We need a leader who will bring this country together to take on its greatest common threat: a system that protects the powerful and privileged while the rest struggle to scrape by. Elizabeth has built her entire career on the belief that ours is a nation of second chances, redemption, and of horizons that don’t disappear when fate gives you a tough hand. In Elizabeth Warren’s America, we pull people up, we fight by their side and we refuse to leave anyone behind. I’m proud to call her my colleague, my mentor, my friend and, soon, the President of the United States.”

“I have followed Senator Warren since she was a visiting professor at Harvard Law School during my second year there. She came from modest roots and soared to the highest academic heights. She never forgot where she came from, and never intended to get into politics, but she couldn’t stand the way poor and working people were being taken advantage of, so she became an authentic and fierce fighter for working families,” said Representative Andy Levin. “She has released remarkably clear, smart and brave policy plans on everything from climate change to trade to taxation to financial markets to education. I believe Elizabeth Warren can resoundingly defeat Donald Trump on November 3, 2020 and that she will lead a transformative government, encourage mass mobilization for change, and stand up to the forces of reaction. I’m throwing in with Liz!”

“Elizabeth Warren is the most passionate, brilliant, and effective legislator that I have ever had the honor to work with. We’ve been blessed to have her serve the people of Massachusetts these last six and a half years,” said Edward J. Markey. “She’s worked tirelessly to ensure that Wall Street reforms stay on the books. She’s advocated for the rights of our retirees, so they can lead lives of dignity and not despair. And she’s been a champion for working people, fighting to make sure that no one who works 40 hours a week still lives in poverty. No one knows how to fight for what is right better than Elizabeth Warren. I’m proud to call her my partner, my friend, and soon - the next President of the United States.”

“I’m proud to have worked with Elizbath Warren in Congress, and to endorse her as our party’s nominee for President of the United States,” said Representative Jim McGovern. “I believe she will restore compassion and decency to our politics. I believe in her agenda to implement big, structural change in this country. I believe she can take on Donald Trump. And I know she will be a great President.”

“Elizabeth Warren has dedicated her life to making the system fairer for working Americans. She is in this fight for families like the one I grew up in, and she demonstrates that through her policy proposals and how she’s structured her campaign,” said Representative Lori Trahan. “She is authentic, running on bold, transformative ideas that put people first. I believe that there is no one in this race for president who gets up every single day with more clarity and vision than my friend and colleague, Elizabeth Warren.”