Warren for President

March 2, 2020


St. Paul, MN — The Minnesota for Warren campaign today announced endorsements from more than 75 political, community and business leaders from across Minnesota, underscoring the breadth of support for Elizabeth Warren and her plans for big, structural change.

"I believe in the thoughtful, compassionate, determined and unrelenting leadership of Elizabeth Warren,” St. Paul City Councilwoman Mitra Jalali said. “She has both a strong grasp of the problems holding us back and the clarity to restore our future through a powerful movement for change both in and out of government."

“Elizabeth Warren is the woman we need in the White House,” Minnesota state Rep. Jamie Long, D-Minneapolis, said. “Her courage, her experience and her plans for big, structural change are what we need to end corruption in Washington and ensure opportunity for all — here in Minnesota and across the country. Elizabeth unites our party and offers our best chance for victory in November.”

The following Minnesota leaders have announced their support for Elizabeth Warren:

•    Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender
•    Saint Paul City Council President Amy Brendmoen
•    Minneapolis City Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham
•    Minneapolis City Councilmember Steve Fletcher
•    St. Paul City Councilmember Mitra Jalali
•    State Sen. Sandy Pappas, St. Paul
•    State Sen. Jason lsaacson, Shoreview
•    State Rep. Tina Liebling, Rochester
•    State Rep. Jean Wagenius, Minneapolis
•    State Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn, Roseville
•    State Rep. Michael Howard, Richfield
•    State Rep. Liz Olson, Duluth
•    State Rep. Jennifer Schultz, Duluth
•    State Rep. Connie Bernardy, New Brighton
•    State Rep. Anne Claflin, St. Paul
•    State Rep. Jim Davnie, Minneapolis
•    State Rep. Steve Elkins, Bloomington
•    State Rep. Laurie Halverson, Eagan
•    State Rep. Kelly Moller, Shoreview
•    State Rep. Cheryl Youakim, Hopkins
•    State Rep. Jamie Long, Minneapolis
•    State Rep. Fue Lee, Minneapolis
•    State Rep. Kristin Bahner, Maple Grove
•    Ramsey County Commissioner, Trista Matascastillo
•    St. Paul School Board Member, Chantyll Allen
•    Minneapolis School Board Member, KerryJo Fleder
•    Pam Costain, Former Minneapolis School Board Director
•    Jill Davis, Former Minneapolis School Board Member
•    Yusef Mgeni, civil rights leader and activist
•    Erin Maye Quade, Former State Representative and activist
•    Monica Meyer, Outfront MN Executive Director
•    Lena Gardner, Activist and Black Womxn For member
•    Yusef Mgeni, civil rights leader and activist
•    Chanida Phaengdara Potter, Storyteller and Community
•    Marquita Stephens, Black Women Rising Executive Vice
•    Brittany Wright, Black Womxn For member and Trill Moms
podcast host
•    Javier Morillo, social justice advocate, political commentator
and Past President of SEIU Local 26
•    Kelly D. Holstine, 2018-19 Minnesota Teacher of the Year and Director of Educational Equity, Outfront MN
•    Tom Rademacher, 2014 Minnesota Teacher of the Year and author
•    Antonia Felix, author, playwright and educator
•    Alfred Walking Bull, Outfront MN Co-Chair
•    De'Vonna Pittman, sexual assault survivors advocate
•    Jacob Thomas, Outfront MN Communications & Board Manager and military veteran
•    Osman Ali Ahmed, political organizer and U.S. Senate policy advisor
•    Jessica lntermill, attorney, health care advocate, former Minnesota legislative candidate
•    Kimberly Keiko White, racial equity organizer
•    Noah John Stanford, disability rights activist
•    Jen Onsum, disability rights advocate and motivational speaker
•    Shay La Morenita, reproductive justice advocate
•    Kevin Reese, criminal justice activist
•    Dr. Raj Sethuraju, community justice advocate
•    John Edwards, Wedge Live editor and publisher
•    Mara Glubka, activist and protector of trans kids
•    Rachael Joseph, Survivors Lead Founder and Executive Director
•    Liz de la Torre, sexual assault survivors advocate
•    Liam Davis Temple, Hamline University College Democrats President
•    Jared Mollenkof, public defender and cash bail abolitionist
•    Davis Senseman, attorney, advocate and community leader
•    Linus Chan, immigration lawyer and advocate
•    D.A. Bullock, director and writer
•    Leigh Finke, author and filmmaker
•    Kaye Thompson Peters, teacher, activist and writer
•    Clara Hutchinson, teacher and union member
•    Chad Kampe, Flip Phone Events business owner
•    John Gebretatose, Black Out lmprov founder
•    Gabrielle Joy, Real Life Coffee & Yoga business owner
•    Art Allen, small business owner
•    Kate O'Reilly, small business leader
•    Julia Miller, small business owner
•    Hayley Matthews-Jones, small business owner
•    Gigi Berry, small business owner, philanthropist and writer
•    Alfonso Tomas Wenker, small business owner
•    Sam Ndely, Metropolitan Economic Development Association small business consultant
•    Nailah Cash-O'Bannon, family medicine resident
•    Steven Entenza Quam, medica! student
•    Sasha Cassadine, drag performer
•    Brett Burger, writer and columnist
•    Ceri Everett, special education teacher
•    Nora Mclnerny, author, podcaster and non-profit founder
•    Ana Marie Cox, postcast host, political columnist and author
•    Karen Larson, radio host and comedian
•    Terri Thao, community leader