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Andrew Clark

The Lincoln Project Losers are Scam Artists May 6
Does Joe Biden Regret the Sexual Assault Standards He Forced on College Campuses?
FAKE NEWS ALERT: New York Times Prints Fake ‘Projections’ on Front Page May 5

May 4
REPORT: Biden’s Swine Flu Pandemic Response ‘Not the Panacea Portrayed by Biden Campaign’
VIDEO: Why Mika and Joe Were Chosen to Clean Up Biden’s #MeToo Moment May 1


NEW digital ad: "Promise Made, Promise Kept" Apr. 29
HILLARY 2.0: Joe Biden Mirrors Clinton’s Contempt, Writes Off ‘Deplorable’ Trump Voters

Apr. 28
Joe Biden Spreads Debunked Bank of China Hoax
Another Massive Media Failure Apr. 26

Biden's China problem just got bigger Apr. 24

Apr. 23
WTF? Joe Biden Calls Coronavirus A Wake Up Call on Climate Change

Apr. 22
HERE’S THE DEAL: Joe Biden Isn’t Being Honest With America’s Workers

Apr. 22
With Over 45,000 Americans Dead and Millions Out of Work, Joe Biden Says He’s ‘Excited’ About the Coronavirus Crisis

Apr. 21
YIKES: 5 Times Joe Biden Proved He’s Not Up For The Job (Just Yesterday)

Apr. 20
Joe Biden Praised Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Great Taste’ As She Blocked Workers’ Paychecks

Apr. 17
Joe Biden Puts His Liberal Wishlist Before American Workers
Now we know [Hunter Biden] Apr. 16
Joe Biden’s ‘Deplorables’ Moment: Calls Working-Class Voters Racist, Xenophobic, Islamaphobic

Apr. 15
Joe Biden Spreads More Lies From His Basement In The Middle Of A Crisis

Apr. 14
Workers Are Receiving Paychecks Again Thanks To President Trump

Apr. 14
No Thanks, Obama: Biden Is The Worst Choice To Restore America’s Economy
Biden advisor on coronavirus response in February: Trump not doing nothing Apr. 13
Dr. Fauci Sets Media Straight: President Trump Did Not Delay At All

Apr. 13
President Trump Protects 10 Million American Energy Workers’ Jobs
Joe Biden Views Coronavirus Pandemic as ‘Opportunity’ to Enact His Extreme Agenda Apr. 9
President Trump is Delivering Economic Relief to Working Americans
After Media Dismissed Concerns, Calls to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Hotline Skyrocket Apr. 8

Apr. 7
FACT: Joe Biden Wants to Kill Workers’ Jobs

Apr. 6
Joe Biden Reminds Workers He Plans To ‘Sacrifice’ Their Jobs in Middle of Global Pandemic

Apr. 3
Joe Biden (Still) Can’t Stop Lying About President Trump’s Response to the Coronavirus

Apr. 3
Protection for Workers’ Paychecks Is On the Way Thanks to President Trump

Apr. 3
Joe Biden Would Be the Worst Choice to Lead the U.S. Economy Out of the Coronavirus Crisis

27 DAYS LATER: CNN Reports President Trump’s Comments to Sean Hannity Were Correct Mar. 31
PROMISE KEPT: The Trump Administration is Delivering Critical Medical Supplies to Health Workers

Mar. 30
President Trump Listens to Experts (Again) While Joe Biden Lies About It (Again)

Mar. 30
PROMISE MADE, PROMISE KEPT: Navy Hospital Ship Arrives in New York
Bombshell: Biden ignored 3 warnings about potential ventilator shortage Mar. 29
While President Trump Took Action This Week, Joe Biden Spread Disinformation
Instead of Helping More Sick Americans Survive Coronavirus, Media Lies About President Trump Mar. 27
President Trump Uses DPA Authority a Third Time, Compels GM to Manufacture Ventilators

Mar. 27
PROMISE KEPT: More than Half a Million Americans Have Been Tested for the Coronavirus
Under Biden, mask stockpile was left unprepared Mar. 26
Joe Biden’s Coronavirus ‘Emergency Plan’ is Radical, Recycled, and Too Late

Mar. 26
President Trump Is Providing Immediate Economic Relief for Americans Impacted by the Coronavirus
President Trump Speaks to Emerging Reality of Increased Suicides Mar. 25
Joe Biden Can't Stop Lying About The Trump Administration's Response to the Coronavirus

Mar. 24
President Trump Took Decisive Actions to Expand Testing, Help the Economy, and Keep Americans Safe

Mar. 23
FACTS: Obama-Biden White House Scrapped Health and Security Office in 2009, Failed to Replenish Stockpile of N95 Masks
Peter Alexander is dishonest Mar. 21
Here's The Misinformation Joe Biden Will Spread in His Coronavirus "Shadow Briefings"

Mar. 20
Joe Biden Copies President Trump's Coronavirus Response (Again)

Mar. 20
AMERICAN SPIRIT: 55% Approve of President Trump's Handling of Coronavirus Crisis
TIMELINE: The Trump Administration's Decisive Actions To Combat the Coronavirus Mar. 19
BREAKING: Twitter Gives A Pass To Democrats' Coronavirus Disinformation
Biden defends China amid coronavirus crisis Mar. 18

Mar. 17
PolitiFact Confirms: Joe Biden is Sowing Fear, Spreading Misinformation About the Coronavirus Response

Mar. 16
Joe Biden Just Betrayed America's Oil and Gas Workers

Mar. 15
Joe Biden just had a disastrous 10 seconds

Mar. 12
Joe Biden Plagiarizes President Trump's Coronavirus Plan

Mar. 10
'NAFTA Killed Our Jobs!' Joe Biden Gets a Taste of What's To Come in Michigan

Mar. 9
Read the Trump campaign's new letter to Twitter

Mar. 8
Biden and Sanders: Two Sides of the Same Extreme Coin
NEW VIDEO: America's Economy is Firing on All Cylinders!
Mar. 6

Mar. 4
FACT: Joe Biden Made the Opioid Crisis Worse

Mar. 2
Democrats Threaten Americans' Access to Health Care

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