Travels of Tiffany Trump—Fall 2020

Tiffany Trump, who graduated from Georgetown University Law in May 2020, did some events in October but had negligible impact on the campaign.  Her first event, a Trump Pride event in Tampa, received poor reviews.  She is Trump's fourth child, only child by Marla Maples, and celebrated her 27th birthday on Oct. 13.



Sat.  October 17, 2020
+ Trump Pride event with Tiffany Trump and Richard Grenell in Tampa, FL.

Sun. October 18, 2020

Mon. October 19, 2020

Tues. October 20, 2020

Wed. October 21, 2020

Thurs. October 22, 2020

Fri. October 23, 2020

Sat. October 24, 2020

Sun. October 25, 2020

- Jewish Voices for Trump event, hosted by Republican Jewish Coalition and Phyllis Schlaffly Eagle Forum at a home in Flourtown, PA. Mon. October 26, 2020

Tues. October 27, 2020
+ 'Breakfast with Tifffany' event in Charlotte, NC.
+ MAGA Meet Up event in Charlotte, NC.

Wed. October 28, 2020

Thurs. October 29, 2020
+ 'Breakfast with Tifffany' event at Christiane Larue boutique in Birmingham, MI.
+ MAGA Meet Up event at Lucas County Republican headquarters in Holland, OH.

Fri. October 30, 2020

Sat. October 31, 2020
+ 'Breakfast with Tifffany' event at Angelina's Kitchen Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar in St. Paul, MN.


Sun. November 1, 2020

+ Trump Pride event with Tiffany Trump and Richard Grenell at Bella Sara in Canonsburg, PA.

Mon. November 2, 2020