Candidate Biographies

Jacob Hornberger

Forty years ago, when he was a young trial lawyer in his hometown of Laredo, Texas, Jacob Hornberger discovered the libertarian philosophy. The discovery changed the course of his life.

Jacob is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation (, a non-profit educational foundation whose mission is to present the principled case for the libertarian philosophy (and which, as a non-profit foundation, does not endorse his candidacy or any other candidacy).

On November 2, 2019, Jacob announced his candidacy for the 2020 Libertarian Party nomination at the South Carolina state convention.

On that same day, he launched on Amazon his new book My Passion for Liberty, where he details his life’s journey from the courtroom to the world of libertarian education and explains how liberty became the passion of his life. At the same time, he describes, in a clear and easy-to-understand way, the core principles of libertarianism and how they are the key to resolving the political and economic crises we face in society.

In My Passion for Liberty, one will learn why libertarians oppose socialism, interventionism, mandatory charity, the drug war, the regulated and managed economy, the Federal Reserve, public schooling, foreign wars and empire, immigration controls, trade wars, gun control, the war on terrorism, infringements on civil liberties, and the national-security establishment and its dark-side practices around the world.

In his introduction to the book, former presidential candidate Ron Paul states, “When I hired new staff and brought in new groups of interns, I would always recommend that they read everything they could get their hands on from Jacob Hornberger’s Future of Freedom Foundation. Jacob’s book is a battle cry against the tyranny of the state. His is not an offensive battle, but a fight to defend us against a state that wants to trample us, rob us, and ultimately kill us. That is why I am so happy to see that Jacob has written this very personal memoir of his life, and especially about his conversion to libertarianism. I am proud to call Jacob my good friend and I am so pleased that he has written this book.”

1950: born in Laredo, Texas, and raised on a farm on the Rio Grande.
1968-1972: Virginia Military Institute; B.A. in economics; elected class valedictorian: commissioned 2nd Lt., U.S. Army Reserves.
1972-1975: Law school at University of Texas at Austin; J.D. degree.
1973: Infantry school, Fort Benning, Georgia.
1972-1980: U.S. Army Reserves.
1974: Infantry school at Ft. Benning, Georgia.
1975-1983: Trial attorney in Laredo, Texas; licensed to practice in Texas, U.S. District Court, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and U.S. Supreme Court.
1983-1987: Trial attorney in Dallas, Texas; one semester as adjunct professor of law and economics at University of Dallas.
1987-1989: Program director at The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York.
1991-2000: Three terms on Libertarian Party platform committee; awarded Libertarian Party’s Thomas Paine Award for outstanding communication of libertarian principles; keynote speaker at 1996 national party convention; candidate for LP presidential nomination.
2002: Independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia.
1989-present: Founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF), a non-profit libertarian educational foundation; author/co-editor/contributor of 17 books, including his newest book My Passion for Liberty.
2019-2020: Libertarian Party candidate for president.

Advancing Liberty
  • Read thousands of libertarian articles, blog posts, and perspectives and watch hundreds of video presentations by Jacob Hornberger at the website of The Future of Freedom Foundation ( (Note: As a non-profit, educational foundation, the Future of Freedom Foundation does not endorse Mr. Hornberger’s candidacy or any other candidacy.)
  • Regular guest commentator on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch on Fox Business Channel.
  • Guest appearances on Greta Van Susteren Show on Fox News, the John Stossel Show and Neil Cavuto Show on the Fox Business Channel, and the Ron Paul Liberty Report.
  • Speeches and lectures on libertarianism all across the United States as well as in England, Slovakia, Canada, Cuba, Guatemala, Brazil, and Argentina.
† Note: As a non-profit, educational foundation, The Future of Freedom Foundation does not endorse Mr. Hornberger’s candidacy or any other candidacy.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen

Jo Jorgensen is the perfect Libertarian to represent the Libertarian Party in 2020:
  • She is Principled
  • She is Persuasive
  • Jo Jorgensen has Practical Experience!

Dr. Jo Jorgensen was the Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Nominee with Harry Browne in 1996. 
     She campaigned in 38 states and appeared as a Libertarian spokesperson on over 300 radio shows all across America. She regularly lit up the call-in boards, helping listeners discover the Libertarian Party and generating inquiries and new LP members.

      In 1992, she was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. After a statewide televised debate with her Democratic and Republican opponents, Dr Jorgensen’s debate performance was widely praised in the media, and the Greenville News referred to her as “a rose between two thorns”.

 Dr. Jo Jorgensen currently is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University. She holds a Ph.D in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Clemson 2002) and has taught full-time since 2006. She graduated in 1979 from Baylor University with a B.S. in Psychology and in 1980 from Southern Methodist University with an M.B.A.

     After earning her M.B.A., she put her education to work as a Marketing Representative for IBM. Relocating to Greenville, SC in 1983, she started her own software sales business.After taking a break to be a stay-at-home mom for her two children, she joined a software duplicating company as part owner, later taking over as president and full owner. She founded a business consulting company in 2002 and continues working with select clients.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a Life Member of the Libertarian Party. She supported Ed Clark for president in 1980 and has been voting Libertarian ever since. She officially joined the Libertarian Party in 1983 and has served as Greenville County chair, state vice-chair, and national marketing director for the Libertarian Party.

John Monds

John Monds made history in 2008, when he became the first Libertarian candidate to receive over 1 million votes.

John made history again in 2010, becoming the first African-American candidate to appear on the ballot for Governor in Georgia.

John Monds – Libertarian for President, 2020
John’s great-great-grandparents, Columbus and Morning Ferguson were enslaved in Talbot County, GA. Their fight for freedom has inspired him to run for president as a libertarian, bringing the message of individual liberty to all Americans.

For more than a century, government policies that promised to deliver “freedom” have made it more difficult to earn a living, to educate children, and to pursue happiness. Monds has been an active member of the Libertarian Party for 15 years, because “it’s the only party that is serious about freedom,” he says.

John Monds’ presidential campaign takes a stand for individual liberty, peace, and cooperation instead of government force. His signature Anti-Platform highlights the many things he’d like to STOP government from doing, to improve the lives of Americans. Topping the list are ending the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as the domestic War on Drugs, which make all Americans less safe and less free.

Monds lives in Georgia with his wife of 21 years, Dr. Kathaleena Monds, and their four children. He holds a business administration degree from HBCU Morehouse College, and for the past 20 years, he has had his dream job: homeschooling his children.

Monds is active in his community with Habitat for Humanity, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and the NAACP. He enjoys classic Volkswagens, gardening, and genealogy.

Vermin Supreme

Vermin Love Supreme is a performance artistpolitician, and activist who has run as a candidate in various local, state, and national elections in the United States. Supreme is known for wearing a boot as a hat and carrying a large toothbrush, and has said that if elected President of the United States, he will pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth. He has campaigned on a platform of zombie apocalypse awareness and time travel research, and promised a free pony for every American.

In 2011, he participated in the Occupy Boston protests. He is the subject of the 2014 documentary, Who Is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey, which follows his 2012 campaign and explores his life as an activist and political prankster.

Supreme is again running for President in 2020 as a Libertarian. This also marks the first time that Supreme has run a "legitimate" campaign, focusing on real rather than satirical issues and using the slogan "In On The Joke".  He won the Libertarian Presidential Preference Primary in New Hampshire on February 11, 2020.  On March 3, 2020, Supreme was declared the winner of the Massachusetts primary and on January 11, 2020 he won first place in the first ever Libertarian Party of New Hampshire primary.

Jim Gray

The son of Elizabeth Polin Gray and a highly regarded federal judge, “Judge William P. Gray“, Judge James P. Gray was raised in the Los Angeles area and attended schools in both La Canada and Pasadena. Between receiving his undergraduate degree in US History from UCLA in 1966 and a Juris Doctor degree from USC in 1971, Jim Gray served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Palmar Norte, Costa Rica. During that two years as a Volunteer he taught physical education as a professor’ de education’ fisica in its high school and also set up and oversaw programs of community recreation and health in his community. As he tells it, he probably should be cited in the Guinness Book of Records for brushing his teeth in front of more elementary school classrooms than anyone else in history. After law school, Jim served for almost four years as a criminal defense attorney as a lieutenant in the Navy JAG Corps first at the US Naval Air Station in Guam and then at the Naval Air Station in Lemoore, California, after which he was a federal prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, where he eventually headed a unit that prosecuted frauds against the VA and FHA.

After working in civil litigation for a private law firm for about five years, Judge Gray was appointed to the Santa Ana Municipal Court in 1983 by Governor George Deukmejian and, in 1989, elevated by Governor Deukmejian to the Superior Court. Throughout his career within the legal and judicial community, Jim Gray has not only donated hundreds of hours of volunteer time to existing community service-oriented activities, he also has created and implemented a number of innovative programs of his own, each one a success story in itself.

For instance, it was Jim Gray who probably started the first drug court in the country for alcohol-related offenses within six months of being appointed as a judge. This program was successful in keeping defendants who had the disease of alcoholism off alcohol for six months, which was as long as he was able to keep statistics. Judge Jim also introduced Orange County to the Peer Court System, where juvenile defendants travel to a school outside their district to have their actual cases heard by juries of high school students who, after asking questions of both the subject and his/her parents, deliberate and then recommend a sentence to a real judge. Thereafter, if the subject completes the sentence within four months, the underlying charges are dismissed and the subject emerges without a criminal record.

Gray also worked closely with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to form a MADD DUI panel in 1987 whereby defendants were sentenced to listen as victims of drunk driving collisions told their heartbreaking stories. This program has been recognized as one of the most effective within the MADD organization and the court system. In addition, as a member of the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Program’s Drinking Driving Program Advisory Committee, Judge Jim also helped to establish a program whereby youthful offenders of drinking driver laws were sentenced to visit the Western Medical Trauma Center, where these young people witnessed some of the devastating injuries caused by similar offenders. This program was also cosponsored by the Volunteer Center of Orange County, where Gray had served as a board member.

Other organizations Judge Gray helped to found include the Association of Former U.S. Attorneys, which has met yearly since 1979 to share ideas and continue with the camaraderie of that great office, and the William P. Gray Chapter of the American Inns of Court, which eventually named after his father and was founded to increase ethics, education, and professionalism for judges and lawyers.

Judge James P. Gray served as a trial court judge for 25 years in Orange County, California. During that time, he was awarded honorary doctor of laws degrees both from Western State University School of Law and Chapman University School of Law, and the “Judge of the Year” Award from the Business Litigation Section of the Orange County Bar Association. Not only was Judge Gray also the recipient of the “Judge of the Year” Award from the Orange County Chapter of the Constitutional Rights Foundation, that steller group later named that annual award after Judge James P. Gray. And on January 16, 2020, Judge Gray received the 2019 Judge Franklin G. West Lifetime Achievement Award from the Orange County Bar Association, which is its highest honor.

Adam Kokesh

Early Years
Adam Kokesh was born on February 1, 1982 in California.  Growing up he played sports every season and read numerous books at the encouragement of his parents. His interest in science and technology led him to many science fair victories and NASA's Space Camp. After middle school, where he played trumpet in the band and basketball, at the encouragement of a friend of a parent who was a former Marine, he went to "Devil Pups," a junior boot camp-style citizenship and fitness program hosted by the Marines at Camp Pendleton. In high school he participated in Model UN, taught silversmithing classes, and founded a campus radio station. During the summers he worked at a print shop and with horses. He is the only non-native to graduate from the Native American Preparatory School formerly of San Miguel County, New Mexico. He received his bachelor's degree in Psychology from Claremont McKenna College where he played rugby, sang in the choir, and competed with the ballroom dance team.

Military Background
Adam's grandfather, Charles Henry Kokesh, was a pilot in World War II as one of the "Flying Sergeants," was awarded a Silver Star, and was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor. Inspired by this and and the Marines he met in Devil Pups, Adam enlisted in the Marines while still in high school at the age of 17. He completed boot camp and Marine Combat Training in San Diego, Field Artillery School at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, and NBC Training (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) in Texas. He was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal for his work as a Recruiter's Assistant and played for the All-Marine Rugby Team. He volunteered to go to Fallujah in 2004 with a Marine Corps Civil Affairs team where he was meritoriously promoted to Sergeant. For his tour he received a Navy Commendation Medal and Combat Action Ribbon.

Political Activism
In 2007, Kokesh joined Iraq Veterans Against the War and helped bring the organization to national prominence as its most visible leader.  He first came to national attention for holding up a score card during Alberto Gonzales' testimony to Congress regarding the dismissal of U.S. Attorneys keeping track of how many times he said, "I don't recall." His photograph appeared in many national newspapers and resulted in dozens of TV interviews.  He was later to become the story himself when prosecuted unlawfully by the Marine Corps (while he was in the inactive reserves) for staging a street theater protest that included a mock combat patrol, "to bring a small piece of the reality of war home to Washington, DC."

Adam was an active supporter of Ron Paul and would eventually come to found and lead Veterans for Ron Paul, organizing a stunning march on the White House for vets to turn their back on Obama and raise awareness about military suicide. He was invited to speak at the 2008 Revolution March in DC organized by grassroots Ron Paul supporters and his speech that day is what put him on the map as a promising representative of the freedom movement.

After the debate on Iraq was won, Adam turned his attention to other freedom causes and continued his effective advocacy, organizing, and civil disobedience. He has been arrested over three dozen times for protestingsmoking cannabisnot smoking cannabiscursingfilming on the sidewalk, and even dancing.

From "Mainstream" to Independent and Back
Adam first began his career in media with the birth of ADAM VS THE MAN as a radio show in Albuquerque on KIVA in 2010. After six months it was picked up as a TV show for RT America. After four months on the air, he was fired for criticizing Putin and went independent online to focus on podcasting and YouTube, where he has over 60 million views. He is well known for using Nonviolent Communication and Socratic Dialogue techniques in his "man on the street" videos. Recently he has shifted focus to blockchain-based social media and is very active as a promoter of Steemit where he releases exclusive content.

While in jail in Washington, DC in 2013, he began writing FREEDOM!, now considered a "bible for voluntaryism." The book is in its fourth printing and has been downloaded over 2 million times. With the platform he has built for himself, he was able to successfully self-publish and make it available for free in every digital format possible including audiobook. In a jailhouse interview with Fox 5 DC during that time, Kokesh announced his plans to run for President of the United States in 2020 on a platform of an orderly, peaceful, and responsible dissolution of the U.S. Federal Government. He is currently working on his second book, a war memoir titled, "Hot, Dirty, & Dangerous - How seven months in Fallujah challenged my patriotism." His third book, "American Freedom!" will detail the platform of dissolving the federal government and is scheduled to come out soon. One of the reasons for his success is his commitment to doing a national tour hitting 100+ cities every year. FREEDOM! was officially endorsed by the US Department of Justice when they banned it from federal prison facilities, declaring "the entire publication" to be, "a threat to the good order and discipline of the institution."

Famous Kokesh Quotes:
"We don't have to be forced under a single government to be united in American values."
"Government is fundamentally immoral because it is based on violating the rights of individuals."  
"None of the propaganda around war can disguise its true nature.  It is massive organized violence for the purpose of expanding government power.  It is the height of statism and it is the greatest affront to freedom."
"Taxation is an inescapable part of the government racket.  If governments never stole they would cease to be governments.  If we could withdraw our financial support from them at any time, they would be voluntary cooperatives, or service providers.  Because taxation is backed up with the threat of force, it is theft, plain and simple."
"The way that we move forward is by localizing government down to the community level. This way, everyone gets what they want. So I call it, 'The everyone gets what they want strategy.' Sounds to me like something everyone can get on board with!"