Gary Swing formerly Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts
July 22, 2019 facebook post
The Green Party of the United States Annual National Meeting will be held in Salem, Massachusetts July 25-28.
Howie Hawkins is one of at least seven recognized candidates seeking the Green Party's 2020 presidential nomination. Howie Hawkins' campaign manager is Andrea Merida Cuellar, who transformed the Green Party of Colorado into a totalitarian hate group. Andrea Merida Cuellar orchestrated a series of kangaroo court witch trials (most of them on a closed, heavily censored internet forum) to expel fifteen long-time Green Party organizers, activists, and candidates from the party. Most of these Green Party members were expelled for signing a formal complaint about corrupt, authoritarian leadership of Colorado's Green Party.
Merida's term as a national Green Party Co-Chair ends on July 28 due to term limits. She is also a state co-chair of the Green Party of Colorado and a co-chair of the Denver Green Party.
Kevin Zeese is Howie Hawkins' campaign media spokesperson and the husband or partner of Green Party National Co-Chair Margaret Flowers. Zeese is the author of libelous propaganda published by Counterpunch. He falsely accused Colorado Green Party members who filed the "Caucus to Restore Green Values" complaint of being white supremacists.
Following is an open letter that I wrote to Margaret Flowers after she was elected as a National Co-Chair of the Green Party of the United States. Margaret Flowers' entire reply stated: "I stopped reading your email after the first paragraph. If you start your argument with not believing what I wrote, I don't see any reason to proceed from there."
I strongly urge anyone who remains associated with the Green Party of the United States to oppose Howie Hawkins' bid for the Green Party's presidential nomination. His choice of campaign staff demonstrates that he has chosen to embrace authoritarianism and corruption.
I am no longer a member of the Green Party, nor do I endorse any of its candidates.
I grant permission to share this commentary.
The original Caucus to Restore Green Values complaint and some supporting materials may be seen at
Sixteen months after this complaint was submitted to the Green Party's national Accreditation Committee, a subcommittee consisting of all members who were on the committee at the time the complaint was filed ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. However, in the meantime, Andrea and her supporters had packed the committee with their allies, increasing the number of committee members from 8 to 49, thereby obstructing action to redress the grievances of Colorado Green Party members. The subcommittee report stated:
"The GPCO/Respondents dealt with the RGV complaint by revoking the rights of participation of RGV-associated GPCO members, stating that the reason for the revocations was because they filed a grievance. This is a violation of the key value of grassroots democracy. In a democracy, many ideas and stances are entertained and considered. The substance of the complaint is immaterial to this concern. We use 10 key values to guide our work. These values may inform our platform, but they do not completely eliminate differences. The value of respecting diversity refers to respecting a diversity of ethnic and class backgrounds and experiences, as well as the ideas associated with these experiences. The members who were ousted from participation in the GPCO were recognized GP candidates, they had served the party in leadership roles, and one was voted state party co-chair by fellow members. The revocations were clearly personal attacks in retaliation to their raising the points of concern regarding bylaws violations and exclusionary practices."
"Escalation of actions by GPCO/Respondents have resulted in alienation of a significant group of experienced and active members, exclusion of members from state meetings, abusive control of access to the state website discussion boards, concentration of state offices in a small group, manipulation of locals allowed to vote, violation of the letter and spirit of state bylaws, silencing and purging of members, and refusal to participate in conflict resolution in good faith. The manner and scale are unprecedented in the history of the GPUS, and will result in further difficulties and embarrassment for the national party."