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with assistance from Mike Dec,
- May 19, 2019 -




Bennet for America
Biden for President
Cory 2020
Bullock for President

Pete for America
Julián for the Future
de Blasio 2020
Friends of John Delaney

Tulsi Now
Gillibrand 2020
Kamala Harris for the People
Hickenlooper 2020
Inslee for America
Amy for America

Wayne Messam for America

Seth Moulton for America
Beto for America
Tim Ryan for America
Bernie 2020
Swalwell for America
Warren for President
Marianne Wiliamson for President
Friends of Andrew Yang
Ojeda for President
*suspended campaign
Jan. 25, 2019
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
Weld 2020 Pres. Campaign Comm., Inc.

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