Tom Steyer 2020
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tom Steyer Announces His Plan to End Gun Violence in America

Steyer advocates for a national license for all gun ownership and registry for all
assault weapons

(SAN FRANCISCO, October 1, 2019) — Today, on the two-year anniversary of the Las Vegas massacre, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer rolled out his plan to end gun violence and treat the issue for what it is: a public health crisis. His “We Can End Gun Violence Plan” implements long-overdue, aggressive reforms to drastically reduce gun violence in America: a national license for all gun ownership, like a driver’s license; a national registry for existing and a ban on new assault weapons; a voluntary gun buyback program; the creation of an Office of Gun Violence Prevention, whose director would report directly to the president to coordinate gun safety efforts across all levels of government; the classification of white supremacists as domestic terrorists; and structural reforms to break the stranglehold of special interests like the NRA, amongst several other important initiatives. 

“The NRA is the perfect example of the stranglehold of special interests on our government, particularly the GOP. If Congress won’t take action, then I will use executive powers to orient the federal government to take action to address this public health crisis,” said Steyer. “It is past time that we take real action for families who have lost loved ones, the students that practice live shooter drills in their classrooms, and the communities across America torn apart by gun violence.”

Steyer’s three-part plan puts forward commonsense solutions that respect American rights while saving American lives. To take back our democracy, Steyer will:

  • Break the special interest and corporate stranglehold on our democracy and restore government to the American people through structural reforms such as overturning Citizens United, and instituting Congressional term limits and a National Referendum.

To address gun safety, Steyer will:

  • Create a national license for all gun ownership (like a driver’s license for cars)
  • Create a national registry for all existing and a ban on new assault weapons 
  • Support and fund voluntary buyback programs
  • Pass universal background checks, waiting periods, age requirements, safe storage requirements
  • Establish strong Extreme Risk laws and rules around disclosure
  • Repeal legislation, including the Dickey amendment, 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act, the Tiahrt amendments, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.
To prevent gun violence, Steyer will:

  • Provide grants to law enforcement agencies to support effective local violence intervention and interruption strategies, and training in implicit bias, and addressing mental health and domestic violence situations
  • Partner with organizations, like the March for Our Lives Safety Corps, focused on community-based solutions and deterrence programs for individuals at high risk for extremist tendencies such as white nationalists
  • Pass the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act and Disarm Hate Act to address white supremacy 
  • Invest in wraparound programs to address the challenges faced by victims and survivors of gun violence as well as individuals at high risk for gun violence and suicide through targeted treatment, deterrence, and violence prevention programs.
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