Press Releases on Wisconsin Advertising in the 2020 Presidential Campaign

Priorities USA
November 13, 2020

Statement From Priorities USA Regarding Court Victory Against the Trump Campaign’s Defamation Lawsuit in Wisconsin

The Trump campaign has requested to dismiss their case against a local TV station in Wisconsin. The campaign sued for defamation because the TV station ran a Priorities USA Action ad that used Trump’s own words to tell the truth about Donald Trump’s failed coronavirus response. Priorities USA intervened in the case and the ad can be found here. Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil issued the following statement:

“Like all of his other misguided legal actions, Donald Trump only knows how to lie, cheat, and sue his way out of accountability for his actions,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Priorities stood strong against the Trump campaign’s onslaught of baseless legal actions and we have successfully rebuffed Donald Trump’s effort to censor the truth about his failed leadership. I have confidence that the courts will continue to reject Donald Trump’s other foolish litigation pursuits in the weeks to come.”

Restoration PAC
July 8, 2020
Contact: Dan Curry (

Restoration PAC: Makes major TV buy for “devastating” anti-Biden ad

DOWNERS GROVE — Restoration PAC has determined that its anti-Joe Biden TV ad is a “devastating” game changer and will begin spending $2 million in Wisconsin on it starting tomorrow.

Produced by famed Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad maker Rick Reed, the :60 “Very Good Reasons” was highly effective in a recent wide-ranging focus group testing both Republican and Democratic TV ads.

“This devastating ad has all the qualities of a difference maker — it’s the candidate in his own words, it’s new information to most voters, and it concerns an important issue (integrity),” said Restoration PAC founder and president Doug Truax. You can click to view the ad here.

The ad focuses on a series of resume claims Joe Biden made at a campaign event in April 1987 during his first failed presidential run. Biden claimed to have:

Graduated in the top half of his class at law school — FALSE

Been the outstanding student in his college political science department — FALSE

Graduated with three degrees from college — FALSE

Went to law school on a full academic scholarship — FALSE

Several months after he made the incredible boasts, the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, ABC, CBS, Newsweek, and NBC, among other outlets, described Biden’s resume claims as false and quoted Biden as admitting as much, citing a bad memory.

Even though the deceptions were covered by the media, they were quickly overshadowed by Biden’s plagiarism scandal that was attributed to his departure from the presidential race later that fall.

Since that time, the resume deceptions have rarely been mentioned in Biden’s subsequent runs for president.

The video from the ad has circulated on the internet some, and Restoration PAC spent $225,000 earlier this year to air the ad in Washington D.C.

This week’s $1,995,134 buy will begin airing Thursday and run through July 21 in all media markets in Wisconsin. Additional money has been allocated for other crucial presidential swing states.