Selected Virginia Democratic Party/Biden Campaign Communications Showing Examples of Activity


September 28, 2020

Biden for President Virginia Launches LGBTQ+ Virginians for Biden-Harris Leadership Council

Today, Biden for President Virginia launched the LGBTQ+ Virginians for Biden-Harris leadership council which will highlight Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ plan to advance LGBTQ+ equality, starting by working to pass the Equality Act. The members of the council will help mobilize and engage the LGBTQ+ community in Virginia by tapping into its own networks, hosting weekly meetings, and organizing voters for early voting. This is the latest leadership council in a growing, diverse coalition in Virginia supporting the Biden-Harris ticket ahead of November.
Co-chairs for the Virginia LGBTQ+ for Biden-Harris council include:

  • State senator Adam Ebbin (Alexandria)
  • Delegate Danica Roem (Manassas Park)
  • Delegate Mark Sickles (Alexandria)
  • Vice Mayor Joe Cobb (Roanoke)
  • Fairfax School Board Member Karl Frisch
  • Jay Fisette (Arlington)
  • Maggie Sacra (Midlothian)
  • Charley Conrad (Arlington)
  • Caryl Quinn (Midlothian)
  • Brian Reach (Fairfax)
  • Crystal Suber (Richmond)
  • Deanna Bayer (Dumfries)
  • Peter Volosin (Roanoke)
  • Rodrigo Velasquez (Springfield)
  • Robert Martin (Spotsylvania)

September 10, 2020

Biden for President Virginia Launches Virginia Veterans and Military Families for Biden 

Veterans and military leaders across Virginia voice their support for Biden as Vice President Pence plans to visit Virginia Military Institute

Today, Biden for President Virginia is launching the Virginia Veterans and Military Families for Biden leadership council to mobilize the important veteran and military families network in the Commonwealth for the Biden-Harris ticket. Virginia is home to over 687,000 veterans, and each of them deserves a Commander-in-Chief who respects and honors their sacrifices and supports them and their families when they serve and transition to civilian life.  Members of the leadership council will tap into their own networks to increase support for the Biden-Harris ticket, reach out to veterans and military families across the Commonwealth, and help highlight Joe Biden’s plan to care for veterans, military families, and build the secure futures they deserve.

“Donald Trump doesn’t understand what it means to sacrifice for this country. He can’t comprehend why someone’s duty to service and love of country can be so powerful that they would risk their own lives to protect this democracy. After seeing Donald Trump insult war heroes, attack Gold Star families, and disparage our veterans, it is unfortunately not surprising to hear he has called our veterans ‘losers’ and ‘suckers,’” said Khizr Khan, Gold Star father and Charlottesville leader.

“Our president has one truly sacred obligation — to look after our service members and our citizens, and to care for them and their families. I know Joe Biden. And I know he will support and expand opportunities for our nation’s veterans and military families. He understands the enormous responsibility of the office, and he will be a commander-in-chief who sees our service members and veterans for who they are: heroes.”

Co-chairs for the Virginia Veterans and Military Families for Biden leadership council include:

  • Khizr Khan, Gold Star father and Charlottesville leader
  • Congresswoman Elaine Luria (VA-02)
  • Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (Fairfax County)
  • Delegate Kathleen Murphy (McLean)
  • Delegate Don Scott (Portsmouth)
  • Delegate Dan Helmer (Fairfax County)
  • Former Virginia Secretary of Education Anne Holton
  • Terron Sims, II, Arlington leader
  • Carlos Del Toro, Alexandria leader
  • Derek Kitts, Montgomery County leader
  • Carole Lieber, Arlington leader
  • Roger Dean Huffstettler, Charlottesville leaderR
  • Linwood Fisher, Norfolk leader
  • Susan Kellom, Alexandria leader
The launch of the coalition comes in the wake of disturbing reports of President Trump disparaging servicemembers and on the same day Vice President Pence plans to visit Virginia Military Institute.

September 2, 2020

Biden for President Virginia Launches Asian American and Pacific Islanders for Biden Leadership Council to Mobilize Community Ahead of Election

Today, Biden for President Virginia is launching an Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) leadership council to mobilize AAPI voters across the Commonwealth. Recently, Joe Biden released his agenda to support AAPI communities in America and address the issues that disproportionately affect them, such as systemic racism and the direct impacts COVID-19 has had on AAPI communities in Virginia. The AAPIs for Biden Virginia council will provide a platform to address issues unique to Asian American and Pacific Islanders across the state.

“We are excited to launch the Asian American and Pacific Islanders for Biden leadership council to highlight how a Biden-Harris administration will tackle issues specific to AAPI communities, and make sure our voices are heard,” said Ravi Chaudhary, Virginia deputy coalitions director for AAPI voter outreach. “We have built an inspiring and inclusive coalition in Virginia, and we are ready to elect Joe Biden as president and make history electing Kamala Harris as our nation’s first AAPI Vice President. Together they will restore the soul of our nation, and AAPI voters in Virginia will play a critical role in ushering them into office.”

Below is a list of co-chairs of the Asian American and Pacific Islanders for Biden Council in Virginia:

  • Delegate Kelly Fowler (Virginia Beach)
  • State Senator Ghazala Hashmi (Midlothian)
  • Delegate Mark Keam (Vienna)
  • Prince William School Board Chairman Babur Lateef (Manassas)
  • Delegate Suhas Subramanyam (Sterling)
  • Esther Lee, CEO of Refraction (McLean)
  • Praveendharan Meyyan, chair of AAPI caucus for the Democratic Party of Virginia (Arlington)
  • Zakaria “Zaki” Al-Barzinji, former White House Senior Associate Director of Public Engagement
  • Anika Rahman, Second Vice Chair, Democratic Asian Americans of Virginia
  • Dewita Soeharjono, Chair Emeritus, Democratic Asian Americans of Virginia