Biden Video Remarks to the Virtual Texas Democratic Convention

June 6, 2020

Hello Texas Democrats. In case you're wondering, I'm on my back porch in our made up studio here and it's hot as a devil that's why I don't have a coat and tie on . And I wish we were all together this year under different circumstances meeting, rather than this way,—separated from each other by a deadly virus, more than 100,000 lives lost, and millions out of work. And once again the words "I can't breathe" echoing in our ears as we watched the brutal, horrifying killing of George Floyd.

It's time for all us to take a hard look at the uncomfortable truth. It's time for us to face the deep, open wound of systemic racism in the nation. Nothing about this is going to be easy, or comfortable. But if we simply allow this wound to scab over once more without treating the underlying injury, we'll never truly heal.

I said from the beginning the very soul this nation is at stake. That's why I'm running for president. And why I stand united with every single Democrat behind our mission to beat Donald Trump and restore real leadership to the White House. But we have to do a lot more than just beat Donald Trump. We have to keep the House of Representatives, we have to win over the United States Senate, we have to flip the Texas House, we have to lead and deliver meaningful change for people that are hurting all across this nation,

Texas is an important battleground state for our campaign in 2020. I think we have a real chance to turn the state blue  because of the work all of you have done. We're building a diverse coalition to win up and down the ballot in the Fall.

There's no question the Latino community is important to the state, and to the country. You're a major reason for our economic growth. You're a major reason why Texas is now a swing state.

Since day one of this administration, there has been a relentless attack on the Latino community.
We saw the results last August in El Paso as El Paso was targeted by a hateful attack. Donald Trump's anti-Latino, anti-immigrant agenda has targeted Latinos with dire consequences, whether it's his attacks on health care, a meaningless wall, or children being ripped from the arms of their mothers.

As early as this Monday, maybe the following Monday, the Supreme Court will issue its ruling on whether  Trump's rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA, the DACA program is lawful. For nearly 10 years DACA has given us more than 700,000 young immigrants who came to this country as children for the chance to pursue their dreams and contribute to the country that they know as home. Now Trump wants to take this American Dream away.

Let me tell you something. As President, I will protect dreamers and their families and on day one I will introduce immigration reform, making sure we protect Obamacare, rebuild our economy and ways to bring everybody along.

It's important that we all turn out to vote from Houston to El Paso, and everywhere in between. We have to do everything we can to make sure Democrats on the ballot across Texas are successful in November. Not  just the top of the ticket. The stakes in this election have never been higher for our country. We have to work harder than ever, harder than ever. We need to stand up as a nation; stand with the black community, with all communities of color. Come together as one America to deliver justice for all Americans. You know, if we stand together, we'll win the battle for the soul of this nation.

We need to do this. We can do this. We will do this with your help. God bless you all. Thank you I wish I were with you and I'm anxious to campaign in person. Thank you all so much and God bless you and may God protect our troops.