NEW MEXICO 5 Electoral Votes 
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(Source: U.S. Census Bureau, New Mexico Secretary of State)
Total Resident Population, July 1, 2019 est.
Total Registration, Nov. 2020
1,351,811 >

Oct. 30: Dem. 61,507 (45.2%)   Rep. 422,519 (31.3%)    Lib. 12,390 (0.9%)   No Party, Indep. Decline 290,547 (21.5%)   Other 14,216 (1.1%)

New Mexico has: 33 counties.

Largest counties: Bernalillo, Dona Ana, Santa Fe, Sandoval, San Juan.
Largest cities: Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe.

Governor: Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) elected in 2018.
State Legislature: New Mexico Legislature   House: 70 seats  Senate: 42 seats
Local: Cities and Counties   NACO
Native American: NM Indian Nations
U.S. House: 3D,0R - 1. D.Haaland (D) | 2. X.Torres Small (D) | 3. B.R.LujŠn (D)  >
U.S. Senate: Tom Udall (D) retiring in 2020; Martin Heinrich (D) re-elected in 2018.
U.S. Senate: Sen. Tom Udall (D), first elected in 2008, is retiring.  U.S. Rep. Ben Ray LujŠn (D) defeated TV weatherman Mark Ronchetti (R) and scientist Bob Walsh (L) by 474,483 votes (51.73%) to 418,483 (45.62%) and 24,271 (2.65%).
U.S. House:
Republicans achieved a pick-up, taking the delegation from 3D,0R to 2D,1R.  In NM-2 (the southern half of the state), 2018 nominee Yvette Herrell (R defeated freshman Rep. Xochitl Torres Small (D) by 142,283 (53.70%) votes to 122,546 (46.25%).
In NM-3
(the northern half of the state) Rep. Ben Ray LujŠn (D) is running for Senate.  Attorney Teresa Leger Fernandez (D) defeated environmental engineer Alexis Martinez Johnson (R) by 186,282 votes (58.68%) to 131,166 (41.32%). 
State Legislature: All 42 Senate seats and 70 House seats were up.  The balance in the Senate went from 26D,16R to 27D,15R and in the House from  45D,24R and 1v. to 44D,25D and 1o.
Ballot Measures:
Voters approved two constitutional amendments, one on the Public Regulation Commission and one on terms of non-statewide elected officials, and also approved three bond measures.

State of New Mexico
Secretary of State

Democratic Party of NM
Republican Party of NM
Libertarian Party of NM
Green Party of NM
Constitution Party of NM

Albuquerque Journal
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 Land of Enchantment
General Election -- Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Absentee and Early Voting:
No excuse is required to vote with an absentee ballot.
Absentee voting begins Oct. 6.  Early voting Oct. 17-31, 2020.

Election Day

Official Results >

Hawkins/Walker (Grn.)
Jorgensen/Cohen (Lib.)
+Biden/Harris (Dem.)
Tittle/Sandige (Const.)
Trump/Pence (Rep.)
La Riva/Freeman (PSL)

Ballot Access:
Required number of petition signatures for
Independent candidates for president is 3,483 [2 percent of total number of votes cast for governor]. Petitions available Mar. 2, 2020; filing day is June 25, 2020.
- Note that the Constitution Party of New Mexico voted for Samm Tittle over Don Blankenship, the national nominee, at their May 13 virtual convention >.
- PSL.
Overview: As expected, New Mexico went Democratic.  Biden-Harris improved upon the 2016 Clinton showing, winning with a plurality of 99,720 votes (10.79 percentage points), carrying 14 counties to 19 for Trump. 
Biden put a bit of a spotlight on Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, considering her for his running mate, before settling on Sen. Kamala Harris.  In September the Biden campaign hired veteran operative Raul Alvillar as its state director.  Early on it looked like the Trump campaign might make a play in New Mexico.  On Sept. 16, 2019 they announced their Trump Victory state director and Trump held a rally in Rio Rancho, a rapidly growing area adjacent to Albuquerque.  However, there were no subsequent visits.  State Republicans set ambitious goals: "to take back the House and Senate, win the State Supreme Court, make gains on the Court of Appeals and win New Mexico for President Trump."  Aside from picking up the U.S. House seat in NM-2, they did not succeed.  Republicans did have a solid ground game, knocking on doors and making calls, in contrast to the more virtual approach of the Democrats (R, D).   
    The state's Hispanic population is the largest share of any state;
49.1% of New Mexicans are of Hispanic or Latino origin according to the Census Bureau's July 2019 estimate.  Outside of Alaska, New Mexico has the highest proportion of Native Americans, 10.9%.
Biden  |  Trump

Primary -- Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Turnout: 417,142 of 993,827.
Unofficial: Biden 181,465 (73.30%), Sanders 37,395 (15.10%), Warren 14,529 (5.87%)... Total 247,571.

46 Delegates: 23 District, 7 At-Large, 4 PLEO and 12 Unpledged.

Unofficial: Trump 143,795 (91.25%), Uncommitted 13,783 (8.75%).  Total 157,578.

Libertarian (nomination already determined)
Jorgensen 516 (33.06%), Uncommitted 330 (21.14%), Chafee 157 (10.06%), Hornberger 154 (9.87%), Kokesh 122 (7.82%)...  Total 1,561.

General Election Winners in New Mexico, 1992-2016
1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 2016
  and the details...

General Election -- Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Voting Eligible Population*: 1,456,551.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 54.8%.

Voter Registration Deadline: Oct. 11, 2016.
Absentee and Early Voting: Voters may cast an absentee ballot or vote in person in the county clerk's office during regular business hours starting 28 days prior to an election.
  No excuse is required.
Absentee voting begins Oct. 11 and early voting runs Oct. 22-Nov. 5, 2016.

Total votes cast: 804,073.

Registration: Dem. 599,813 (46.52%)   Rep. 399,930 (31.02%)   DTS 242,106 (18.78%)   Other 47,571 (3.69%).
..Total 1,289,420.
Official Results >

Trump/Pence (Rep.)
+Clinton/Kaine (Dem.)
La Riva/Banks (PSL)
Johnson/Weld (Lib.)
Castle/Bradley (Const.)
Stein/Baraka (Grn.)
De La Fuente/Steinberg (Am.D)
McMullin/Johnson (BFA)

Statute does not allow write-in candidates for President.
Overview: The state's Hispanic population is the largest share of any state; 48% of New Mexicans are of Hispanic or Latino origin according to the Census Bureau's July 2015 estimate.  According to the Pew Research Center (>), 40% of New Mexico eligible voters are Hispanic.  Outside of Alaska, New Mexico has the highest proportion of Native Americans; 9.4%
    During the primary campaign, Trump's comment about Gov. Susana Martinez at a May 24 rally in Albuquerque drew a lot of attention; Trump stated, "The governor has to do a better job.  She's not doing the job." 
   Trump visited the state on Oct. 30, 2016, rallying at Atlantic Aviation in Albuquerque.  Pence made three visits: to Albuquerque and Roswell on Aug. 16, Albuquerque on Oct. 20, and a closing rally at Southwest Aviation in Las Cruces on Nov. 2.  Donald Trump Jr. also made a late visit, rallying at Pinon Hills Community Church in Farmington and .speaking to Navajo Republicans at Shiprock Chapter House on Nov. 4. 
Neither of the Democratic candidates visited; the best they could manage was a GOTV rally with Bernie Sanders in Albuquerque on Oct. 18 and several appearances by Ann Holton, Tim Kaine's wife, on Oct. 27.  Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, who served as the Republican governor of the state from 1995-2003 and lives in Taos, did events in Albuquerque on Aug. 20 and Oct. 8, a Taos to Santa Fe bike ride on Oct. 15, and he and Weld celebrated Election Night in Albuquerque.
   The Clinton/Kaine ticket won with a plurality of 65,567 votes (8.22 percentage points), carrying 14 counties to 19 for Trump/Pence. 
Johnson's 9.34% showing was his best of any state.
Clinton  |  Trump

General Election -- Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Voting Eligible Population*: 1,432,375.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 54.7%.

Voter Registration Deadline: Oct. 9, 2012.
Absentee and Early Voting: Begins Oct. 9.  No excuse is required to vote with an absentee ballot.  Early voting continued through
Nov. 3, 2012.

Registration: Dem. 596,089 (47.51%)   Rep. 395,842 (31.55%)   Other 37,534 (2.99%)   Decline to State 225,102 (17.94%) ...Total 1,254,567

Official Results >

+Obama/Biden (Dem.)
Romney/Ryan (Rep.)
Goode/Clymer (Const.)
Johnson/Gray (Lib.) 27,788
Anderson/Rodriguez (Ind.)
Stein/Honkala (Grn.)

2012 Overview
In 2008, with Bill Richardson (D) as governor, Obama won the state's five electoral votes with a 15-percentage point margin.  In 2010, New Mexicans elected the Republican, Susana Martinez as governor.  Was the political terrain shifting?  The state's Hispanic population continued to grow; according to the Census Bureau in 2011, 46.7% of the population was of Hispanic or Latino origin.  New Mexico was one of thirteen states where the RNC established a Victory organization, but by Sept. 20 they pulled several staff out (reported by CNN +).  The presidential campaign in New Mexico turned out to be relatively quiet.  Obama won with a plurality of 79,547 votes (10.15 percentage points).  None of the Democratic principals visited during the general election period.  Mitt Romney did an event at an oilfield business in Hobbs on Aug.  23.  Gary Johnson did a couple of events in Albuquerque on Oct. 9, and he and running mate Jim Gray held their Election Night party there.  Johnson only managed 3.54% of the vote in his home state.
Obama  | 

General Election -- Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Voting Eligible Population*: 1,376,025.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 60.3%.

In-person early
Regular precincts
Total votes cast

Registration: Dem. 594,229 (50.13%)   Rep. 375,619 (31.69%)   Other Party 32,639 (2.75%)   Decline to State 182,952 (15.43%)  ... Total 1,185,439.
                        Official Results >

+Obama/Biden (Dem.) 472,422
McCain/Palin (Rep.) 346,832
McKinney/Clemente (Grn.) 1,552
Baldwin/Castle (Const.) 1,597
Nader/Gonzalez (IndPty)
Barr/Root (Lib.) 2,428

2008 Overview
In contrast to the narrow margins of 2004 and 2000, the Obama-Biden ticket won New Mexico's five electoral votes with a comfortable plurality of 125,590 votes (15.13 percentage points).  Obama carried 18 counties to 15 for McCain.
General Election Details
Obama/Allies  |  McCain/Allies  |  Nader

General Election -- Tuesday, November 2, 2004
Voting Eligible Population*: 1,282,767.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 59.0%.
156,020 (20.12%)
In-person early
236,340 (30.48%)
Regular precincts
382,941 (49.39%)
Total votes cast: 775,301

Registration: Dem. 550,519 (49.80%)   Rep. 359,563 (32.53%)   Other Party 20,580 (1.86%)   Grn. 9,724 (0.88%)   No Party 164,986 (14.93%)  ...Total 1,105,372.
Official Results 

Kerry/Edwards (Dem.)
+Bush/Cheney (Rep.)
Cobb/LaMarche (Grn.) 1,226
Peroutka/Baldwin (Const.) 771
Badnarik/Campagna (Lib.) 2,382
Nader/Camejo (Indep.) 4,053

2004 Overview
New Mexico flipped to Bush.  The state, which in 2000 went to Gore with the narrowest vote margin, was again close; in the end Bush won with a plurality of 5,988 votes (0.79 percentage points).  Bush carried 21 counties to 12 for Kerry (results by county).  New Mexico Democratic Party state chair John V. Wertheim stated, "We got crushed in Southeast New Mexico and in the Four Corners area."
General Election Details
Kerry/Allies  |  Bush-Cheney '04

General Election -- Tuesday, November 7, 2000
Voting Eligible Population*: 1,234,088.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 48.5%.

In-person early
110,746 (18.0%)
Regular precincts
Total votes cast: 615,607

Registration: Dem. 508,414 (52.2%)   Rep. 318,282 (32.7%)  Grn. 11,674 (1.2%)   Other 19,050 (2.0%)   No Party 116,113 (11.9%)   ...Total 973,533.
Official Results 

Nader/LaDuke (Grn.)
+Gore/Lieberman (Dem.)
Bush/Cheney (Rep.)
Browne/Olivier (Lib.)
Phillips/Frazier (Const.)
Hagelin/Goldhaber (NLP)
Buchanan/Foster (Ref.)

2000 Overview
Problems with the count in Bernalillo County left the outcome in New Mexico uncertain for days after the election, but Gore ultimately won the state's five electoral votes by a razor thin margin of 366 votes (0.06 percentage points).  Bush carried 20 counties to 13 for Gore.
General Election Activity

Although many news accounts attributed the Bernalillo counting problem to a "software glitch," in fact an administrative failure was to blame: the county clerk's office did not run the standard logic and accuracy test on the voting machines before the election.  The problem became apparent on Election Night, and the clerk's office withdrew about 67,000 early vote and absentee ballots from the tally.  On Nov. 9, workers in a warehouse in Albuquerque began the recount, hand-feeding the ballots into the voting machines.  By Nov. 11, Bush had gained a statewide lead of 17 votes, but some emergency ballots remained to be counted and totals were still fluctuating.  The State Canvassing Board finalized Gore as the winner with a plurality of 366 votes on Nov. 29.

1996 and 2000 General Elections

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Clinton (Dem.)........261,617
Bush (Rep.)...........212,824
Perot (Ind.)..............91,895
Others (7)..................3,650 

Clinton (Dem.)........273,495
Dole (Rep.)............232,751
Perot (Ref.).............32,257
Nader (Grn.)............13,218
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