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July 29, 2020

Vice President Mike Pence Visit Underscores Republicans' Commitment to Educational Opportunity

Raleigh NC - Today, Vice President Mike Pence will visit a well-known school in Apex to highlight to the Trump Administration's firm commitment to providing educational opportunities to all North Carolinians and following the guidance of medical experts to reopen schools for our children in person learning. The President's commitment echoes the actions that we have seen from North Carolina's Republican-led General Assembly. Since taking control of the legislature for the first time in a century, North Carolina Republicans have led the charge to boost teacher pay, guarantee all children a sound basic education and diversify parents' educational choices.

“We are thrilled to have the Vice President back in North Carolina to highlight the strong commitment that all Republicans share in making sure children have access to quality education," said NCGOP Spokesman Tim Wigginton. "Republicans remain committed to putting children and parents first while the Democrats led by Governor Roy Cooper continue to play politics with our schools at the behest of union bosses."

Due to Cooper’s orders and unworkable reopening rules, the majority of NC Students are going to be forced to learn from homes instead of a classroom with their peers, which is exactly what Cooper's union bosses want. This should come as no surprise since North Carolina Democrats led by Cooper opposed teacher pay raises and voted against more education funding. The facts are clear: Republicans support teachers, parents, and all children while the Democrats stand strong for union bosses no matter the cost to our children and families.