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September 10, 2020

Trump Victory Statement on President Trump's Return to Michigan

As you cover President Trump's return to Michigan tonight, please consider the following statement from Trump Victory:

“Tonight President Trump re-affirms his commitment to Michiganders with an enthusiastic return to the Great Lakes State. Michiganders expect candidates to make their case on-the-ground and in-person, not in front of a preselected press pool. Joe Biden will learn this lesson in 54 days when Michiganders vote to re-elect President Trump.”– Trump Victory Spokesperson Chris Gustafson

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Republican National Committee
Chris Gustafson
July 19, 2020

ICYMI: President Trump Goes Live with Michigan Voters

Good Morning -

In case you missed it, President Trump spoke to Michigan voters live on Facebook Saturday evening, highlighting the results of President Trump's promises made, promises kept agenda.
President Trump underscored the failed policies of Joe Biden that saw the slowest economic recovery since World Word II and his socialist agenda that would decimate Michigan's future. Meanwhile President Trump is putting Michigan first by negotiating new trade deals like the USMCA, cutting Michiganders' taxes by an average $1,437, and delivering funding for critical infrastructure projects like the Soo Locks in the Upper Peninsula.
Bottom Line: Joe Biden would decimate the Great American Comeback and set Michigan back decades. Michiganders cannot afford Sleepy Joe Biden's socialist agenda and look forward to four more years of President Trump.
Listen here!

[ was via phone just audio...DEMOCRACY IN ACTION Transcript]

MALE ANNOUNCER: The 45th President of the United States, President Donald J Trump.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Hello everybody and hello Michigan—very great place. We had some great victories there I will tell you that, but that was one in particular, we appreciate it. We have to do it again. We're building a lot of car plants and brought back a lot of industry that nobody thought they'd ever see again but we're doing great with the cars. I have other plants we'll be announcing very shortly. We have plenty of activity in Michigan, that's been an incredible period of time.

But also I want to welcome Central Michigan because we have, as you know through John Moolenaar, your great Congressman, we've done something that people are very happy about. The Edenville Dam broke, and it was a disaster and so I signed a major disaster declaration, $43 million. And I think that's actually going to be a little bit higher than that when it's done, but we're going to take care of those people that are great people and the work has already started. So it's, it's an honor to be on the phone with you. I know a lot of folks from the area there, they got pretty well flooded out, but will be taken care of. It's something we didn't have to do but we are doing it.

So I just welcome everybody from that area and Michigan generally. I'm thrilled to be with you and talking you on the phone today. Normally I do it through a rally but because of COVID where we're doing a great job with ventilators and everything else, where we're going to beat it, a lot of a lot of areas of our country now are in great shape. And we are doing the best testing anywhere in the world, by far the best, we're up to almost 50 million tests. Nobody thought that was possible but we're doing a job, but we'll talk about that in a little while.

But I'm thrilled to be talking everybody about the critical decision facing Michigan and our country this November.

The election is a choice between our movement of American patriots, people that truly love our country—they want to build up America, they want to keep American history and culture and keep it just what it was but better and that's what was happening and it's happening now—but it was happening and we had to close it up and now wer'e rebuilding it again and it's going at a record pace; job numbers and retail sale numbers are at a record. But we're doing it again.

But the other side. That's Joe Biden, and I really say it's his handlers because I don't think Joe knows. But Joe Biden handlers, and they're very radical left wing people, the Biden people, they want to destroy our police, destroy our police forces, tear down our history and they want to demolish our economy.

And we just can't have that. We can't have that, what they're doing. If you look at Portland tonight, if you take a look at what's going on there. And I sent in the great people from the border and ICE and many other agencies and we set them back, big, very big league as they would say. Where we're doing a real job, a lot of arrests and a lot of things are happening in Portland. And frankly the politicians are against it. It's been going on for a long time. They're ripping down Portland, Portland, Oregon, and ripping it down, and we sent them in we're not taking it. We're going to be looking very strongly at Chicago. We did a good job with Seattle. We were getting ready to go in the following day and the police heard about it, everybody heard about it  They sent them in. The police were good in Seattle, but they weren't allowed to do their job.

So we're looking at a lot of these places run by very radical left politicians, Democrats in all cases, and we are doing what we have to do. We're doing, we keep our country strong. Passed a, passed a very important piece of paper. I signed into, I signed a very important, you would call it an act. And it was very, very strong on statues and monuments, and you go to jail for 10 years if you rip them down, that's anything federal. The states have to get smart and do it too, but they've stopped with the federal. You haven't seen anything happen for a long time because they go to jail for 10 years. We had no choice; we had to pass that.

But I've been fighting for the hard working patriots of Michigan and everyplace else in this country. We had the best business we've ever had, we had the best numbers, best employment, best unemployment, best everything, best stock market numbers which by the way, are going to be I think even higher now very soon. NASDAQ's already hirgher. Your 401(k), hopefully, is right in the same position you were, but you're right now you're going to be topping where you are even, even as we fight the pandemic. And we'll be, you'll be seeing very good numbers over the next four or five weeks on that. You'll be seeing tremendous numbers on vaccines and therapeutics.

But we built 250 miles of wall—you remember that was a campaign promise—250 miles of wall, and we're stopping the flow of drugs and crime and illegal immigration. We have a tremendous, really we've done a tremendous job. The wall's going to be finished right around the end of the year, a little bit after that. We fought the radical left politicians in Washington ,and we ended up winning; we got it fully taken care of and it's under construction. I think we're up through 254 miles right now. And it'll be finished shortly after the end of the year.

It's had a tremendous, tremendous impact. Very, very few people are getting through. And we have through good negotiation, Mexico has got 27,000 troops on our border. you notice that the cartels have, have, having a hard time. But the caravans have stopped. If you remember, carav— we had thousands and thousands of people pouring up in caravans. We don't allow that. We stopped them from Guatemala, from Honduras, from El Salvador. We stopped in Mexico, and you don't see the caravans anywhere. Very dangerous, very dangerous to the people frankly in the caravan. We've deported over 16,000 gang members, we've arrested 2,000 MS 13 members. This is very important for the people in Michigan, and for people in the suburbs of Michigan. And just the people in our country. 2,000 MS 13 members, and we are, is it said to be the toughest, the toughest of all the gangs. We don't know about that, but we have done a real number on them. And we're now prosecuting many of the MS 13 leaders on charges of terrorism, which had never been done before.

To defend the great people of Michigan and farms and ranchers and all of the businesses and the manufacturing and most importantly I think for you the automobile business, we've officially replaced the disaster known as NAFTA with the brand new USMCA. The USMCA is expected to create hundreds of thousands of new automotive jobs in the next few years and a lot of those jobs are going to Michigan; you know that, you see all of the plants that have been built and you see all of the plants that have been expanding in Michigan.

I, I received years ago, I guess 10 years ago, the Man of the Year in Michigan. And I got up and I said how do you let other countries take your jobs? I couldn't believe it. I mean, I wasn't a student of Michigan at the time; I love the state, love the people, have a lot of friends but I wasn't a student, but I did know that you are losing your automobile business. Actually 32% of it went down; right now, Mexico has 32% of our business. They were taking our plants and everything else in historic levels and I stopped it; it's been stopped. And now you're going to see a lot of activity coming back in and coming back into Michigan in particular but also other states within our great country.

I stood up to China, and all of the historic tariffs that I've put on have had a tremendous impact. We've taken in hundreds of billions, we're taking in tens of billions of dollars. I gave much of it to farmers, workers, but farmers. 12 billion and 16 billion, 28 billion total. So, you know, they were, they were targeted and I was able to do that and it solved a lot of things. China had the worst year they've added 67 years prior to the Chinese virus coming in, prior to the pandemic. Prior to whatever you want—you have many names you can call it. You can call it a bunch of different names, but it's all the same thing. They should have stopped it, they should have stopped it at their borders but they didn't.. They chose not to I guess because they largely stopped going into China but not going to Europe, the US and the rest of the world. So we're gonna hold them accountable for that.

But we've had the best year we've ever had, and the best couple of years we've ever had. And now we're rebuilding at a level that nobody's ever seen before. Our job numbers are the best ever. The best on record, almost five million jobs last month and the month before that was a record until we just broke it last month. So it's been really amazing.

We are, we are marshaling all of our efforts to defeat the virus and do it quickly. And the vaccines and the therapeutics are coming along as I said very, very rapidly. We expect to have 100 million doses of vaccine available, certainly before the end of the year but we think we're going to have therapeutically or through vaccine something announced long before even that. And we're ready logistically to take it and run with it.

Through the paycheck protection program we've provided billions of dollars to Michigan and their small businesses and that's been great.

After years of devastating budget cuts, we rebuilt our military—two and a half trillion dollars—it's in the best condition it's ever been in. We have new tanks and planes and ships, missiles, all well deserved pay raises, we've had three pay raises. And I think very importantly all built in the USA. We, all of those new, all of the new equipment, whether it's tanks or planes or ships or missiles or anything you want to talk about, it's built in the USA so that's been great.

And very importantly for our vets, we have choice. Everyone said getting veterans choice was impossible. So if a veteran has to wait in line for any period of time, they go outside, they get a doctor, we pay the bill, and our veteran gets taken care of. Everyone said that was imposs— sounds simple; it wasn't. They've been trying to get it for 50 years. I got it done.

And I got accountability done, veterans accountability. This is where you had sadists, you had thieves, you had some very bad people working at the VA. They weren't able to fire 'em. Now we fired 'em. We fired over 9,000 people that were bad for our veterans, people that took horrible—I mean they were abusive and terrible. We're now able to get bad people; we want them to love our vets and respect our vets.

We will have appointed a record number by the end of the year of federal judges—close to 300 federal judges—that's a record, including two great new Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. And I think very importantly when you're looking to vote on November 3rd it's going to be very important. Because the Supreme Court, if it goes radical left, and that's what they will put on there, radical left. It will affect many things, including your Second Amendment, including abortion, including a lot of different things, will be, will be,will have a huge impact. So I think it's going to be as it was in the last election, we had two choices. The next, the next president could have anywhere from one to three or even four choices on the Supreme Court. Four justices. So I think that's a very big fact.

We passed the largest package of tax cuts in the history of our country.

We passed the largest number of regulation cuts by far in the history of our country. That's one of the reasons our jobs can come back. We ended the U.S. Waters Act. If you look at that act, they took—and a lot of people from Michigan were affected very seriously by that. They took your land away, they took your life away.

And we're fighting for school choice and Biden wants to end that. We have a very strong belief that every parent in America should be empowered to send their child to the school of their choice.

Second Amendment, very important. Biden and the radical Democrats would destroy your Second Amendment.

And they'll destroy America's economy, America's security and American way of life;  they'll destroy our military, they'll destroy our VA. You look at what they're doing, you look at their plans, it's not even, it's not even to be thought about.

Look there's never been a decision more important than the decision you're about to make November 3rd. Get out and vote. And be careful with your mail in ballots if we have to go that way. A lot of court cases going on right now. But be careful because they're sent out by the millions and it's a very dangerous thing. Absentee ballots are good, you have to go through a process, that's good. But mail in ballots, you've got to be very careful. Let's see what happens in the courts.

But Biden and these people are looking to do things that are absolutely destructive of our economy. As you know he supported NAFTA, TPP, which would have been a disaster, KORUS, that's in Korea; I renegotiated it made it great for us. And China's entry into the World Trade Organization which was a disaster for our country, to give it all sorts of advantages that we don't have, but we've largely clamped down on that. He voted for the war in Iraq, and he voted for mass amnesty and now Joe Biden supports raising your taxes by a lot, packing your courts with radical left judges, indoctrinating our children to hate America—you look at what they're teaching in schools—and opening our borders.

And some of the key elements to what Biden and the radical left—they got together with Sanders, Bernie Sanders, he's another beauty; they got together. And I just got this list but I'm going to read a couple of the things off because what they are doing is not what the people of Michigan are going to accept.

They want to abolish borders, abolish immigration detention, stop all deportations. Think of that one; we catch criminals and they want to stop—right now we bring them back to their countries where they came from, or in some cases we prosecute them in our own courts. They want to stop deportations. End prosecution of illegal border crossers. They want to support the horrible sanctuary cities; it's a way of protecting criminals; incentivize illegal alien child smuggling and women, women smuggling, because what they're doing will make illegal alien—if you take a look at this, If you look at the smuggling that's a big thing now because of the internet. It's bigger than ever before having to do with women and children because of the internet. It's, you think of it as an ancient crime it's not ancient, it's because of the internet it's bigger than ever before, all over the world, not just here. They want to expand asylum for all illegal aliens. They want taxpayer funded lawyers at the highest level for illegal aliens. They want to abolish immigration enforcement against illegal workers so they want all immigration, they want immigration enforcement, they want to abolish it against illegal workers. Grant work permits to illegal aliens.

Not even believable some of the things you're going to hear. They want to provide taxpayer subsidies and welfare for illegal aliens and new immigrants. In many cases, this would be more than our own citizens are getting and substantially. And what it's going to do is bring tens of millions of people to our country, and we can't have it. Government health care for all illegal aliens so everyone's gonna come to America; you get free government health care that's what it really means. Federal student aid and free community college for illegal aliens. We don't get that for our own people. They want to sign new immigrants up for welfare immediately and maximize all welfare payments. Massively expand immigration during a global pandemic, which we're in now, taking jobs from unemployed Americans.  End all travel bans. We won the big travel ban, but they want to end all travel bans; we won it in the United States Supreme Court, five to four, which tells you again how important it is to keep the Court and win the Court, including from jihadist regions. So, we have bans that we're allowed to put on, given by the Supreme Court, jihadist regions if that's the case. They want to end all travel bans. They want to grant mass amnesty. These are just some of the things in the very long document that was approved between Joe Biden's camp— because I doubt he ever read it—and the Bernie Sanders group and AOC and that group of beauties. Increase refugee admissions 700%,.

Abolish law enforcement as we know it. They want to end cash bail, releasing dangerous criminals onto the streets. No cash bail. Abolish the death penalty, appoint social justice prosecutors to free violent criminals. That would be reducing our police forces down to a very low number. They want to seek prison closures so that we don't have very many prisons anymore. End solitary confinement, free federal housing for former inmates, so that inmates can have nice posh housing.

Abolish energy, rejoin the very expensive, prohibitively, trillions of dollars, ultimately rejoin the Paris Climate accord. This would have been a disaster for our country, to the benefit of many other countries. They want to rejoin the Paris Accord. I ended it because I said it's a rip off to the United States. They want to mandate net zero carbon emissions for homes, offices and all new buildings by the year 2030. They want to mandate zero carbon emissions for power plants. They want to mandate net zero carbon emissions overall; that would make it impossible, economically, for people to live in our country. Your electrical costs and utility costs would go up, maybe eight or nine times more expensive. Ridiculous.

They want to abolish school choice, and school choice. abolish all charter schools. They want to abolish educational standards.

And they want to enforce a horrible situation on our suburbs. The men and women that have fought so hard to live in a beautiful area. They want to enforce Obama-Biden's radical, AFFH regulation that threatens to strip localities of federal affordable housing funds unless they change their zoning laws to fit the federal government's demands. And I'm going to be eliminating—I've already announced it—eliminating the AFFH regulation; it's a disaster. And I think the suburbs will be very happy. This has been going on for years. Housing prices go dow, crime goes up. It's ridiculous.

So we have a situation in Michigan, but all over the country, where there's never been a difference like this. We're going to keep America great. We're going to keep our standards. We're going to keep our history and our culture. And we're going to be proud of the people that built our country. And they want to be just the opposite. They want to go socialism plus. And that's going to ultimately—and it can happen here just like it happened in Venezuela and many other places—it will lead to a failed country. And you can see that. Look at what's going on tonight in Portland. And if we didn't have our people there, that place would be overrun and a disaster; it would be occupied. And I just want to thank all the people, the law enforcement that's in Portland right now.

But I want to thank also the people of Michigan for giving me that big victory in 2016. It was a big factor when Michigan came in. And I've rewarded you by getting a lot of car plants, a lot of jobs, by giving you the three best economic years that you've ever had.

And we're going to continue to work with your governor and we're going to continue to work with all of the people that we have to do. We are working with her. Sometimes we don't want to and we disagree with many of the things she's doing, but we will continue to work with her. We're also working quite honestly, around her. And we have to do that because what she wants to do is not going to be good for the state. But we'll work with her when we have to, because we have to do positive things for your, we have to do positive things for your state.

It's a great state. It's a state that we love and it's a state that I very much appreciate. That was an incredible victory. So regardless of who's governor, we're going to be there and we're going to be with you. We're going to be fighting with you. We're going to continue to bring in massive car plants and lots of other industry from a lot of different from a lot of different countries, including the fact that we still have, because of what I've done, we have people not leaving Michigan with their plants, whether it's automobile or otherwise.

So I want to thank everybody for being on the call. I love the state of Michigan and we're going to take care of your state. And I hope in November, you're going to get to the polls and you're going to be voting for a person that will do a great job for our country. We have all of your values and we know exactly what you're looking for and thank you. We have a tremendous number of people in the call. I want to thank you all for being on the call. I want to get out there and do the rally as soon as we can and we will be doing that. COVID, between COVID and your Governor's restrictions, it really makes it very difficult but we'll be out there eventually. But in the meantime we're doing it telephonically. I appreciate everybody for being on the call. Thank you very much.

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Republican National Committee
Chris Gustafson
July 6, 2020

ICYMI: Michigan Trump Victory has another record-breaking Weekend of Action

Good Afternoon -
In case you missed it, as Americans celebrated our nation's independence weekend, the RNC and Trump Campaign in Michigan held another record-breaking National Weekend of Action (NWOA). Trump Victory Michigan, the combined effort of the RNC, Trump Campaign, and Michigan Republican Party to re-elect President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot, contacted more than 70,000 voters across the state this weekend, including safely interacting with nearly 45,000 Michiganders at the door.
While Democrats parachute into Michigan at the 11th hour with political cronies, Trump Victory Michigan hasn't left since 2016. Trump Victory Michigan is building an army of volunteers, training thousands of Michiganders through our Trump Victory Leadership Initiative (TVLI) where volunteers are trained like staff members. Our investments are paying off in the Great Lakes State, having hosted nearly 2,400 events and contacting over 3.8 million Michigan voters this cycle alone.
"Michigan Trump Victory cannot be stopped! After another record breaking weekend of action, it's clear that voters and volunteers across Michigan support President Trump's agenda of promises made, promises kept, and are fired up to re-elect President Trump in November." - Trump Victory Spokesperson Chris Gustafson