GEORGIA 16 Electoral Votes 
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(Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Georgia Secretary of State)
Total Population, July 1, 2019 est.
Total Registration (active), Nov. 2020

Georgia has: 159 counties.
Largest counties (four over 600,000): Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb, Cobb.
Largest cities: Atlanta, Augusta-Richmond, Columbus, Savannah, Athens-Clarke Co.. 

Governor: Brian Kemp (R) elected in 2018.  
State Legislature: Georgia General Assembly   House: 180 seats  Senate: 56 seats
Local: Cities, Counties   NACO
U.S. House: 9R, 4D, 1v - 1. B.Carter (R) | 2. S.Bishop (D) | 3. D.Ferguson (R) | 4. H.Johnson (D) | 5. vacant J.Lewis (D) 6. L.McBath (D) | 7. R.Woodall (R) | 8. A.Scott (R)9. D.Collins (R) | 10. J.Hice (R) | 11. B.Loudermilk (R) | 12. R.Allen (R) 13. D.Scott (D) | 14. T.Graves (R).    >
U.S. Senate: David Perdue (R) seeking re-election in 2020, Kelly Loeffler (R) appointed, seeking election in 2020.

U.S. Senate: There are two Senate races.
- Sen. David Perdue (R), first elected in 2014 and seeking a second term faces Jon Ossoff (D), an investigative journalist who was the Democratic nominee in CD-6 for the 2017 special election, as well as Shane Hazel (L).
- Sen. Johnny Isakson (R) resigned in Dec. 2019 for health reasons.  On Dec. 4 Gov. Kemp announced the appointment of businesswoman Kelly Loeffler (R), who was sworn in on Jan. 6, 2020.  Loeffler will run in a special election (nonpartisan blanket primary or "jungle primary") on Nov. 3, 2020 followed by a run-off, if needed, on Jan. 5 2021.
U.S. House: There are four open seats.
- CD-5 (Atlanta) Rep. John Lewis (D), first elected in Nov. 1986, died on July 17, 2020.  A special election is set for Sept. 29, 2020 and run-off Dec. 1 to fill the remainder of the term.  Georgia Democrats selected state Sen. Nikema Williams (D), who is also state party chair, to appear on the Nov. ballot.
- CD-7
(northeast Atlanta metro area) Rep. Rob Woodall (R), first elected in Nov. 2010, is retiring.  The race between ER physician Rich McCormick (R) and 2018 nominee Carolyn Bordeaux (D) has been rated as a "toss up."
- CD-9 (northeastern corner of the state) Rep. Doug Collins (R) is running for U.S. Senate in the special election challenging Loeffler.  The winners of the Aug. 11 runoffs are both veterans: firearms dealer Andrew Clyde (R) and actor Devin Pandy (D)
This is a solid Republican district. 
- CD-14 (northwestern corner of the state) Rep. Tom Graves (R), first elected in a 2010 special election, is retiring.  On Sept. 11 he announced he would leave early, in October.  This is a sold Republican district; businesswoman Marjorie Greene (R), a QAnon believer and upset winner of the Aug. 11 runoff, is almost certain to be elected, particularly since the Democratic nominee Kevin Van Ausdal (D), who works in the financial technology industry, ended his campaign on Sept. 11.
- In addition, in CD-6 (north suburbs of Atlanta) the race between first-term U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath (D) and former U.S. Rep. Karen Handel (R) is expected to be very competitive.
Also note: “Georgia’s ballot barriers are so strict that no independent or third-party candidates have qualified for U.S. House general elections since their passage in 1943."  That may change due to a lawsuit filed by the Libertarian Party of Georgia in 2017.  In a Sept. 2019 ruling U.S. District Judge Leigh May ruled for the state, but on appeal the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in a June 3, 2020 opinion vacated the ruling and remanded it back the lower court . (Martin Cowen et al. v. Georgia).
State Legislature: All 180 House seats and 56 Senate seats are up (two-year terms).

Ballot Measures:  > 

 State of Georgia
Secretary of State

GA Democratic Party
GA Republican Party
Libertarian Party of GA
GA Green Party
Constitution Party of GA

Atlanta Journal-Const.
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The Peach State
General Election -- Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Voter Registration Deadline: Oct. 5, 2020.

Earliest day for a registrar to mail an absentee ballot: Sept. 15, 2020.

Advanced In Person (Early) Voting: Begins Oct. 12, 2020.

   A lawsuit filed on May 8 by the New Georgia Project against the Secretary of State, the State Election Board and county elections boards focused on five problems with absentee voting [PDF].  U.S. District Judge Eleanor L. Ross' ruling on Aug. 31 required that absentee ballots postmarked by Election Day "that arrive at their respective county’s office within three (3) business days of Election Day by 7:00 p.m." shall be counted.  The ruling applied to 17 counties, and Judge Ross rejected other points such as the claim that state should provide pre-paid postage for return of absentee ballots [PDF]. The state appealed the deadline question, and on Oct. 2 the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals reinstated 7:00 p.m. on Election Day (+).
   A lawsuit filed on Aug. 6 to address long lines pointed to "systematic and ongoing failure to provide an equitable distribution and adequate number of voting locations, suitable training for poll workers, sufficient staff, and technical support, sufficient time to set up polling locations...[PDF]
A lawsuit by Black Voters Matter charged that requiring postage for mail-in absentee ballots amounted to a poll tax (+).
   A report by the Palast Investigative Fund released on Sept. 1 claimed that in 2019 "198,000 Georgia citizens [were] wrongly purged from voter rolls—using a system which tends to target younger voters and voters of color (+)."  In response the Secretary of State challenged the ACLU to provide the data and dismissed the report as "disinformation."  Additionally, the group American Oversight has sued the Secretary of State for failing to respond to records requests (+).
   Separately, a lawsuit charged officials in DeKalb County improperly purged the rolls (+).
On the ballot

Trump/Pence (Rep.)

Biden/Harris (Dem.)

Jorgensen/Cohen (Lib.)

16 qualified write in candidates

Overview:  The Republican presidential ticket has carried Georgia every election since 1996, and Republicans have built a very strong ground game for 2020.  Democrats nonetheless have hopes of breakthrough.  They came close in 2018 when Brian Kemp (R) defeated Stacey Abrams (D) in the race for governor by 50.22% to 48.83%. Democrats point to increases in registration since 2018 and record high turnout in the June 9 primary [PDF] as signs they could "win big up and down the ballot." (R, D)
    The primary was marred by significant problems in two counties that forced vo
ters in some precincts to wait in line for hours (+).  Turnout is expected to be high in November, with two Senate races and a couple of competitive House races on the ballot in addition to the presidential contest.  Hopefully the combination of preparation and litigation will produce a smooth general election process.
Two Georgians figured in vice presidential speculation.  Abrams, who started Fair Fight/Fair Fight Action > in Aug. 2019, was outspoken in her interest in the position.  Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (1, 2) was among those reported being vetted by Biden's team.
    In 2020 two killings of young Black men in Georgia attracted national attention.  On Feb. 23, three white men killed Ahmaud Arbery, 25 years old, in Satilla Shores near Brunswick.  On June 13, police killed Rayshard Brooks, 27 years old, at a Wendy's in Atlanta.

Trump  |  Biden

See also:

Greg Bluestein.  "Inside Trump's Georgia ground operation."  Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 23, 2020.

Astead W. Herndon. "'The Future is Blue, Not Purple': Is This the Year Georgia Flips?"  New York Times, June 9, 2020.

[Aug. 11, 2020 run-off]
State and Presidential Primary: Tuesday, March 24, 2020 May 19, 2020 June 9, 2020

Biden 922,177 (84.86%), Sanders 101,668 (9.36%)... Total 1,0826,729.  details

119 Delegates: 68 District, 23 At-Large, 14 PLEO, 14 Unpledged.

Trump 947,352 (100%).

General Election Winners in Georgia, 1992-2016
1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 2016
  and the details...

Voting Eligible Population*: 6.955,436.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 59.2%.

Voter Registration Deadline
: Oct. 11, 2016.
Advanced (In-Person) Voting Begins: Oct. 17, 2016.

Election Day
Abs. by Mail
Advance in Person

Official Results >

+Trump/Pence (Rep.)
Clinton/Kaine (Dem.)
Johnson/Weld (Lib.)
McMullin (w/in)
Stein (w/in)
Castle (w/in)
14 more w/ins

Stephen L. Allen 5  -  Robert Buchanan 31    -  David C. Byrne 8  -   Darrell Castle 1,110  -  Loren Collins 22  -  Scott Cubbler 24  -  Claire E. Elliott 15  -  Cherunda Fox 78  -  Thomas Hoefling 70  -  Laurence Lotlikoff 34  - Mike Maturen 151  -  Evan McMullin 13,017  -  Ricky Muhammad 30  -  Michael L. Smith 53  -  Jill Stein 7,674  -  Marc Urbach 5  -  Sandra Wilson 32

total ballots cast:  4,165,405

Overview:  The Republican presidential ticket has carried Georgia every election since 1996 and that continued in 2016. 
    The Clinton campaign established a presence in the first part of Aug. 2016, the DNC announced Georgia as the first of its Victory Leaders Councils on Sept. 1 (+), the state party organized several events around early voting in mid-October (+), and Clinton ally Priorities USA Action announced its first advertising in the state on Oct. 20 (+).
However, HFA did not mention Georgia in an Oct. 17 race update (+), and there was only one visit by a Democratic candidate; Tim Kaine did a couple of fundraisers and an OTR event on Sept. 24.  The Republican ticket put more time in the state.
   Trump won with a plurality of 211,141 votes (5.13 percentage points), carrying 127 counties to 32 for Clinton.  Of note, among the counties Clinton did carry were Cobb and Gwinnett in the Atlanta area.
General Election Visits
[SOSClinton  |  Trump

General Election -- Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Voting Eligible Population*: 6,682,600.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 58.4%.

Voter Registration Deadline
: October 8, 2012.
Advanced (In-Person) Voting Begins: October 15, 2012.

Official Results >

+Romney/Ryan (Rep.)
Obama/Biden (Dem.)
Johnson/Gray (Lib.)
w/ins (8)

Rocky Anderson 154  -  David Byrne 2  -   Virgil Goode 432  -  Darrell Hykes 55  -
James Harris 21  -   Erin Kent Magee 1  -  Jill Reid  30  -   Jill Stein 1,516

Ballots Cast: 3,919,355.
2012 Overview
Georgia remained solidly in the Republican column as the Romney/Ryan ticket gained a plurality of 304,861 votes (7.82 percentage points), carrying 124 counties to 35 for Obama/Biden.  There were a few, mostly fundraising visits (+). The Peach State had additional significance as a neighbor to battleground states Florida and North Carolina.  
Obama  |  (Romney)

General Election -- Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Voting Eligible Population*: 6,390,590.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 61.4%.

Early Voting Statistics
Number of ballots cast: 2,084,179
Ballots voted in person: 1,784,163
Mail-in ballots returned:    300,016

Turn out Demographics:

452,212    268,443
702,287    561,792
7,328    5,366
8,880    6,522 
Native AM
171    140
Other 71,018  

Total 2,084,179

Total Registration: 5,244,232.

Official Results >

+McCain/Palin (Rep.)
Obama/Biden (Dem.)
Barr/Root (Lib.) 28,812
Baldwin (w/in)
Nader (w/in)
7 more w/ins

GA SoS certifies, GA Constitution Party press release

2008 Overview
With an African-American population of over two million, Georgia could have been a pick-up for the Democrats if everything had aligned in their favor.  The Obama campaign did make a play in the state, spending a couple hundred thousand dollars on advertising in the Spring and building an organization in the summer, before pulling back staff.  Over 750,000 Georgians registered to vote between the primary and the general election.  Visits by the principals were limited.  Obama did a couple of fundraisers in Atlanta on July 7 and a town hall in Powder Springs on July 8, and McCain did a fundraiser in Atlanta on Aug. 18.  In the closing week, the Obama campaign ran some late advertising. 
McCain won with a plurality of 204,607 votes (6.21 percentage points
), carrying 125 counties to 34 for Obama.  McCain improved upon Bush's 2004 total by 134,490 votes, while Obama bested Kerry's total by 477,988 votes.  The two candidates with Georgia roots, Barr and McKinney, did not fare particularly well; Barr obtained 28,812 votes (0.73%) while McKinney managed just 250 votes as a write-in.
Obama/Allies  |  McCain/Allies  |  Nader

General Election -- Tuesday, November 2, 2004
Voting Eligible Population*: 5,878,186.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 56.2%

Advance Voting: Any registered voter can cast a ballot in person at their county voter registration office during normal business hours on October 25-29, 2004.

Total Advance Voting: 387,596.

Total Registration: 4,248,802.
Voter Registration Deadline: October 4, 2004.
Official Results

+Bush/Cheney (Rep.)
Kerry/Edwards (Dem.)
Badnarik/Campagna (Lib.) 18,387 (0.56)
Ralph Nader (w/in) 2,231
Michael Peroutka (w/in)
David Cobb (w/in)
4 other w/ins

2004 Overview
President Bush improved upon his 2000 showing winning by 548,105 votes (16.60 percentage points).  Bush carried 133 counties to 26 for Kerry.  Two of the campaigns' most prominent surrogates, retiring Sen. Zell Miller (D) for Bush and former Sen. Max Cleland (D) for Kerry, hailed from Georgia. 
General Election Details
Kerry/Allies  |  Bush-Cheney '04

General Election -- Tuesday, November 7, 2000
Voting Eligible Population*: 5,639,668.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 45.8%.

2,690,624 total ballots were cast (difference from total votes for president is 93,991 or 3.5%).

Total Registration: 3,856,676.
Official Results

+Bush/Cheney (Rep.)
Gore/Lieberman (Dem.)
Browne/Olivier (Lib.)
Buchanan/Foster (Ind.)
Ralph Nader (w/in)
Howard Phillips (w/in)
James Harris (w/in)
Joe Schriner (w/in)

Notes.  Only four candidates appeared on the presidential ballot (there were also five certified write-in candidates).  Independent candidates for president were required to submit 38,113 signatures of qualified, registered voters (one percent of the total number of voters registered and eligible to vote in Georgia in the 1996 presidential election). 
2000 Overview
In 1992 (Clinton) and again in 1996 (Dole) less than 30,000 votes separated the Republican and Democratic presidential tickets in Georgia; in 2000, however, Bush-Cheney walloped Gore-Lieberman by 313,490 votes (11.69 percentage points).  Bush carried 125 counties to Gore's 34.  Libertarian Harry Browne achieved one of his best showings in Georgia, while Ralph Nader, despite being a write-in candidate, finished ahead of Pat Buchanan.
General Election Activity

1992 and 1996 General Elections

Clinton (Dem.).....1,008,966
Bush (Rep.)...........995,252
Perot (Ind.) ...........309,657
Others (1+w/ins).......7,250
Dole (Rep.)..........1,080,843
Clinton (Dem.).....1,053,849
Perot (Ref.)............146,337
Others (1+w/ins)......18,042
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