Presidential Ad Spending in Florida

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Spending on Presidential Advertising
in Florida, May 1-Nov. 3, 2020
Total $341.2 million

Summary: $341.2 million put Florida at the top of all the states in total spending on presidential advertising over the six-month period, $72.9 million ahead of Pennsylvania.  Biden and allies outspent Trump and allies in Florida by $99.0 million (81.8% more).  The Biden campaign by itself spent $111.9 million on advertising to $63.4 million by the Trump campaign (76.3% more).  Ad spending by outside groups was even more heavily tilted in favor of Biden, $102.4 million compared to $44.5 million supporting Trump. A dozen groups spent more than $1 million on advertising supporting Biden, led by Mike Bloomberg's Independence PAC ($35.7 million), Priorities USA Action ($13.0 million plus additional advertising in conjunction with several other groups) and Future Forward ($10.1 million).  By contrast four groups weighed in with more than $1 million for ads supporting Trump, led by America First Action ($20.3 million) and Preserve America PAC ($15.8 million).  Spending in the last month reached stratospheric levels, totaling over $160 million.  To put total spending in context, dividing $341.2 million total ad spending by 29 electoral votes gives a figure of $11.77 million per electoral vote; Biden and allies spent $7.59 million and Trump and allies $4.17 million per electoral vote.  Dividing by 11,069,456 votes tallied in the presidential race in Florida gives a figure of $30.83 per vote; Biden and allies spent $41.53 per Biden vote and Trump and allies spent $21.35 per Trump vote.

These data cover spending on advertising on electronic media (broadcast, cable, radio, digital and satellite) but do not include other types of paid media such as billboards, print advertising and persuasion mail.
Data on this page do not show "independent" ads which account for a tiny amount of spending (less than 0.1%).  "Independent" ads includes ads from third party presidential candidates and other small mostly digital buys from various groups.
Also note that groups such as The Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump, although organized by Republicans and thus nominally Republican, are included under Democrat (Biden/Allies) spending since their purpose was to attack Trump.

Presidential Ad Spending by Month, May 1-Nov. 3, 2020


Presidential Ad Spending by Advertiser Type, May 1-Nov. 3, 2020

Biden and Allies
Trump and Allies
Interest Group


Top Presidential Ad Spending Groups, May 1-Nov. 3, 2020
Supporting Biden  $102.4m

Supporting Trump  $44.5m

Independence USA PAC

America First Action
Priorities USA Action

Preserve America PAC
Future Forward

Republican Jewish Coalition V.F. $3,504,361

Americans for Limited Gov't
Republican Voters Against Trump

Everytown for Gun Safety V.F.

Latino Victory Fund/Priorities USA

Priorities USA Action/Black PAC

The Lincoln Project

Tech for Campaigns

Priorities USA Action/AFTSolidarity

EDF Action Votes

Note: DNC spending in this list is independent spending, as opposed to coordinated expenditures.


Presidential Ad Spending by Media Type, May 1-Nov. 3, 2020

Biden/Allies $220,012,372

Interest Group
$111,858,458 $5,829,997

Trump/Allies $121,022,784

Interest Group

Of $341.2 million presidential ad spending in Florida, $235.6 million (69.1%) was on broadcast, $50.7 million (14.9%) on cable, $35.8 million (10.5%) on digital, $15.8 million (4.6%) on radio and $3.3 million (0.97%) on satellite. 

Comparing ad spending by just the two campaigns...
Biden: Broadcast (65.7%), cable (20.7%), radio (7.5%), digital (5.0%), satellite (1.1%).
Trump: Broadcast (82.2%), cable (6.1%), radio (0.69%), digital (10.2%), satellite (0.76%).

As noted above, these data do not include other types of paid media such as billboards, print advertising and persuasion mail.

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