Selected Colorado Democratic Party/Biden for President Communications Showing Examples of Activity Leading Up to the Nov. 3, 2020 Election


Colorado Democratic Party
June 30, 2020

Colorado Dems: Fired Up and Ready to Win in November!

Over the past few months, Colorado has shown 2 things:

  1. Contrary to what Donald Trump wildly tweets, Mail-in Ballots work and increase turnout. In the midst of a global pandemic, Colorado has seen record-breaking turnout in 2 primaries both in March and in June with mail-in voting.
  2. The momentum is on the Democrats’ side, with Democratic ballot returns outpacing Republican ballot returns by wide margins!

The Colorado Democratic Party has released the following statements in reaction to tonight’s Democratic primary results:

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll:

“I want to thank all of the candidates who ran for office this cycle and congratulate all of the candidates who won in today’s primary election. Running a good campaign is never easy, and our candidates have had to tackle unusual challenges as we continue to face a global pandemic. We now have a clear and shared mission —  defeat Donald Trump and his enablers like Cory Gardner, Ken Buck, Doug Lamborn, and make sure Lauren Boebert never reaches the halls of Congress. Trump’s bumbling and incompetent response to COVID-19 has driven our economy into the ditch, and his continued assault on healthcare in the midst of a global pandemic is nothing short of asinine. 

“As seen by the numbers both today and in March’s Super Tuesday primary, momentum and enthusiasm are clearly on our side. Together, we will elect John Hickenlooper for Senate, grow our majorities in Congress and the Colorado legislature in November and pick up critical local seats to better serve and represent Colorado.”

John Hickenlooper, Nominee for U.S. Senate:

“Thank you, Colorado. It’s going to take all of us together to beat Cory Gardner and bring about the change this country so desperately needs. And when you and I beat Cory Gardner, flip the Senate, and change Washington, America will roar back stronger than ever. Let’s get to work.”

Andrew Romanoff, Runner Up for U.S. Senate:

“I’m deeply grateful to everyone who supported our grassroots campaign; your friendship & your generosity mean the world to me. I just called John Hickenlooper to congratulate him — and to pledge my full support in his race against Cory Gardner. Please join me in doing the same.”

Governor Jared Polis:

“John Hickenlooper’s service to Colorado has been defined most of all by one quality: his ability to bring people together and solve tough problems for our state. His leadership as Governor expanded access to affordable health care, propelled our economy forward, and helped us emerge stronger and more resilient when crisis and tragedy arrived in our communities. Our nation needs Hick’s leadership more than ever today, and I am proud to enthusiastically endorse and support him for the U.S. Senate.

“I also thank and congratulate Andrew Romanoff, his staff, and his supporters for pouring their hearts into this race and their passionate commitment to improving lives in Colorado. Andrew is a main author of one of the biggest income tax cuts in recent history which took effect this year and reduced the income tax rate from 4.63% to 4.5%, and is a passionate fighter who has dedicated his life to making our state and our country better. I look forward to his continued service to Colorado in whatever form it takes.

“In this election, voters made their voices heard in record numbers to support bold and innovative Democratic leaders at all levels of government. They are strong candidates that Coloradans from all walks of life will rally around, and I’m excited to stand with them in the work to heal our nation and make Colorado even better.”

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet:

“Today, Coloradans nominated strong candidates to head into the most important election of our lifetime — and I have no doubt we will come together to turn Colorado and the country blue in November. Our job is to take back the White House from Donald Trump and to beat Cory Gardner, who has voted with Donald Trump time and time again. Under John Hickenlooper’s leadership, Colorado expanded Medicaid, passed background checks for guns, and regulated methane emissions. Governor Polis just signed the first sweeping police accountability bill in the country. Colorado is ready — and setting the standard — for the progressive change our country needs. We have to win races up and down the ballot, and I’ll be fighting alongside our candidates every step of the way.” 

Attorney General Phil Weiser:

“I congratulate and thank our U.S. Senate primary candidates John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff, as well as James Iacino, Diane Mitsch Bush, and all Democrats who stepped forward this cycle to offer their ideas, their time, and their passion to moving Colorado ahead.  It is by good people stepping up to serve that we can begin to restore the rule of law that is under attack in Washington, DC. As Democrats, now is the time for us to join together and focus our efforts on electing progressive candidates in November to work towards a more perfect union and restore the rule of law.”

Treasurer Dave Young:

“I’m thrilled to see so many great Democratic victories tonight in Colorado. Congratulations to all who won, and all who ran great races to better our state. These next few months won’t be easy, but I know Colorado Democrats have what it takes to win in November and bring bold, progressive change to our state.”

Congresswoman Diana DeGette:

“Tonight is a great night for Colorado Democrats, and we have to keep the momentum going into November. If you care about the environment and public lands, about reproductive rights, about police reform and civil rights, we need to vote for Democrats up and down the ticket.  We need to elect John Hickenlooper to help turn the Senate blue and make sure our Colorado values are turned into action in the House, the White House, and the Senate.”

Congressman Joe Neguse:

“Engaging in our democracy is more important than ever. We have an administration threatening to strip healthcare from millions of Americans during a pandemic, and that has constantly disregarded and undermined the fundamental rule of law. It is imperative that we turn out this November, and we must do everything we can to vote for Democrats up and down the ballot. Uniting as a party is the most important thing we can do to ensure we take back the White House, flip the U.S. Senate and keep Colorado blue.”

Congressman Jason Crow:

“Over the last year and a half, we’ve made great strides taking on the gun violence epidemic, climate change, and campaign finance reform. But now our mission is harder than ever, as we confront a staggering public health crisis, economic recession, and our country’s dark legacy of racial injustice. Our strength is in our unity and I look forward to working together with folks up and down the ballot to build a more inclusive country here at home and in Congress. 

Congressman Ed Perlmutter:

“The record-breaking turnout in this primary shows that Democrats and unaffiliated voters are eager to elect leaders to protect our Colorado way of life. Colorado voters are confident voting by mail and a successful mail-in voting system makes for an engaged and thriving democracy. Coloradans are fired up and ready to elect John Hickenlooper as our next Senator who will create an economy that works for everyone and change the direction of this country.”

James Iacino, Runner Up for CD-3:

“There are just over 120 days until the election this November and one thing is evidently clear: our federal representation for Western & Southern Colorado is sorely lacking. We have the message and the drive to build a real coalition this year to beat Scott Tipton and Cory Gardner and give a voice back to the people of Colorado, not special interests.”

Diane Mitsch Bush, Nominee for CD-3:

“I am thrilled and humbled! James Iacino has called me and conceded the race. I am grateful to him for his support. I am very excited to continue onto the general election to face Lauren Boebert. I want to thank everyone who worked so hard for this win: my amazing staff, dedicated hardworking volunteers, all the party chairs and activists, and generous donors. Most of all, I want to thank my husband, Michael Paul. He is my rock and my best political advisor. I am excited to continue my work fighting for working families, the environment and justice for all.”

Ike McCorkle, Nominee for CD-4:

“We won our primary with 83% of the vote and are in the general election against Ken Buck in CD4! A new universe of endorsements, funding, & support are joining the fight to chuck Buck. Colorado Democrats, Independents, and reasonable Republicans are fired up about combat wounded, retired Marine Officer Ike McCorkle’s insurgent campaign plan to win the fourth!”

Jillian Freeland, Nominee for CD-5:

“Now that primaries in Colorado have concluded, it’s time to coalesce around our candidates and support them in the quest for truly universal healthcare, in the fight against climate change, and to defeat Donald Trump and every enabler who has helped him divide our country.  The future of our republic is what’s at stake!”