Presidential Ad Spending in Colorado

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Spending on Presidential Advertising
in Colorado, May 1-Nov. 3, 2020
Total $4.7 million 

Summary: The race for the Colorado's 9 electoral votes was marginally competitive.  Overall spending on presidential advertising amounted to $520,419 per electoral vote.

These data cover spending on advertising on electronic media (broadcast, cable, radio, digital and satellite) but do not include other types of paid media such as billboards, print advertising and persuasion mail.
Data on this page do not show "independent" ads which account for a tiny amount of spending (less than 0.1%).  "Independent" ads includes ads from third party presidential candidates and other small mostly digital buys from various groups.
Also note that groups such as The Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump, although organized by Republicans and thus nominally Republican, are included under De
mocrat (Biden/Allies) spending since
their purpose was to attack Trump.


Presidential Ad Spending by Advertiser Type, May 1-Nov. 3, 2020

Biden and Allies
Trump and Allies
Interest Group