Bernie 2020
February 27, 2020

NEWS: Major Slate of Minnesota Leaders Endorse Bernie Sanders for President Days Ahead of Primary

MINNEAPOLIS — Today, a major slate of fifty-six Minnesotan elected officials, activists, community leaders, and union members personally endorsed Sen. Sanders for President. Coming just days ahead of Super Tuesday and Minnesota’s March 3 primary, this groundswell of support reflects the diverse coalition that Sanders is inspiring and building across the state. 

“Bernie Sanders knows votes must be earned, and never taken for granted,” said Bernie 2020 Minnesota State Director Reed Millar. “Which is why our team is so proud and honored to welcome the support of these dedicated Minnesota leaders who represent diverse communities across the state. This campaign is not about one person. It is about a multiracial, multigenerational movement that brings people together to confront the issues of our time and ensure our nation finally works for everyone, not just the few. Thank you for standing with us.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Sen. Sanders’ commanding victory in the Nevada caucus, and follows recent polling that shows growing grassroots support in Minnesota. 

In their announcement, these individual endorsers cited Sen. Sanders’ consistency and leadership across issues, including electability, social, racial and economic justice, immigration reform, labor rights, universal health care, and combating climate change.

This slate follows other state endorsements, including from Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar, State Senator John Marty, Minneapolis City Councilor Jeremiah Ellison, Minneapolis City Councilor Alondra Cano, Duluth Council Member Joel Sipress, St. Paul Council Member Nelsie Yang, and Community Leader Winona LaDuke, as well as TakeAction Minnesota — one of the state’s largest and most diverse progressive organizations.

The full list of personal endorsements today, include:


•    Hodan Hassan, State Representative (District 62A) & Assistant Majority Leader, Minneapolis, MN
•    Carlos Mariani, State Representative (Dislricl 65B), St. Paul, MN
•    Dai Thao, Councilmember (Ward 1), St. Paul, MN
•    Nadia Mohamed, Councilwoman (Al Large B), SI. Louis Park, MN
•    Rochelle (Shelly) Dahlquisl, Council Member (Ward 1 ), Moorhead, MN
•    Kim Ellison, Chair, Minneapolis Board of Education, Minneapolis, MN
•    Marny Xiong, Chair, St. Paul Public School Board, St. Paul, MN
•    Angie Hanson, Board Member and Clerk, Albert Lea Area Schools, Albert Lea, MN
•    AK Hassan, Commissioner, Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, Minneapolis, MN
•    Chelsea Skog, Supervisor (District 3) & Secretary, Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation Board District, Eagan, MN


•    Nazir Khan - Environmental Justice Organizer
•    Tessneem Abdallah -Board Member, American Muslims for Palestine in Twin Cities
•    Fahima Ahmed -Somali Community Activist & Political Organizer
•    Rita Allen -Twin Cities Co-Chair, Democratic Socialists of America
•    Dominique Diadaggo-Cash -Organizer, Sierra Club & Muslim Community Leader
•    Devin Hogan - Chair, Minneapolis Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
•    Maria Isa - Latinx Artist and Activist
•    Mariam Khatib -Chair, American Muslims for Palestine in Twin Cities
•    Annis Nuseibeh -Board Member, American Muslims for Palestine in Twin Cities
•    Malik Nusseibeh - Board Member, American Muslims for Palestine in Twin Cities
•    Rim Salem -Board Member, American Muslims for Palestine in Twin Cities
•    Tim Schaefer - Twin Cities Co-Chair, Democratic Socialists of America
•    Kevin Whelan - Community & Climate Justice Organizer
•    Kong Xiong - Political Director, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers & Hmong Community Leader


•    Bol Benjamín - Communication Workers of America: The News Guild Local 37002
•    Devin Bingham -Steward, Education Minnesota Local 2209
•    Matthew Boynton -AFSCME Local 3800
•    Adam Burch -Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1005
•    Shane Clune - Co-Chief Steward, AFSCME Local 2822 & Executive Board Member, AFSCME Council 5
•    Sheigh Freeberg -Secretary Treasurer, Unite Here Local 17
•    Gus Froemke -Teamsters Local 320
•    Dave Garibaldi -Teamsters Local 320, Retired
•    Kip Hedges - Teamsters Local 120 & Minnesota Machinists Council of Retirees
•    Joe Hesla -SI. Paul Federation of Educators Local 28
•    Rami Jubara - Executive Board Member, AFSCME local 3937
•    Maggie Kalda - Unite Here Local 17
•    Tom Kelly - Minnesota Nurses Association
•    Chris Knutson - lnterim Presiden!, AFSCME Council 5 Local 999
•    Anthony Korum - lronworkers Local 512
•    Sarah LaCasse -Minnesota Nurses Association
•    Brenda Montes - Unite Here Local 17
•    Rajan Nayar -Minnesota Association of Professional Employees Local 801
•    Nathan Paulsen -Executive Board Member, AFSCME 2474
•    Geof Paquette -Unite Here Local 17
•    Rose Roach - Executive Director, Minnesota Nurses Association
•    Celeste Robinson -Unite Here Local 17
•    Yolanda Roth - Communication Workers of America
•    Nick Shillingford - Vice Chair Metro Steward, Minnesota Nurses Association
•    Sean Siberio -Vice Presiden!, AFSCME Local 2474
•    Ginny Stark - Amalgamated Transit Union Local 265
•    Allison Thompson - AFSCME Local 3937
•    Ryan Timlin - Presiden!, ATU Local 1005
•    A.J. Van den Berghe - Secretary, Minnesota Associalion of Professional Employees Local 701
•    Tyler Vasseur -National Associalion of Letter Carriers Branch 9
•    lnez Westbrock - Minnesota Nurses Association
•    Claire Wiklund -Minnesota Nurses Associalion

See below for additional background and statements:


Hodan Hassan, State Representative (District 62A) & Assistant Majority Leader, Minneapolis, MN

Hodan Hassan joined the Minnesota House of Representatives in January of 2019, representing south Minneapolis. She serves as Assistant Majority Leader and sits on the following committees: Education, Housing, Civil law, and Jobs and Economic development. Hodan fights against racism, sexism, islamophobia, anti-semitism, and all forms of hate. She is the only hijabi Muslim woman that sits in the MN-House of Representatives, and one of the three black women in that body. Hodan truly believes that our stories and narratives are best told by our own voices. She fights for the rights of poor, everyday Minnesotans and uses racial equity lenses to evaluate policies.

“In the era of religious intolerance, polarization, and racial tensions, we as a community need each other more than ever to unite our voices and build our strengths. It is our social obligation to fight for what we believe to be the true American dream of inclusion and equity. I want my president to be someone who has the courage and decency to represent us all and fight for all Americans, that is my reason for wholeheartedly supporting Senator Sanders for President. I believe in his leadership and his capacity to lead us effectively.”

Carlos Mariani, State Representative (District 65B), St. Paul, MN

Rep. Carlos Mariani Rosa is a distinguished leader in the nonprofit and public sector. His work spans advancing racial equity in education to advocating for immigration rights, including having authored MN’s Dream Act. He currently leads criminal justice efforts as Chair of the MN House Public Safety Committee.

“I share Senator Sanders’ belief in America, and in the need to reclaim our government to be a force that works with Americans to realize their dreams for a good life in a nation that is focused on dignity, fairness and prosperity for all.”

Dai Thao, Councilmember (Ward 1), St. Paul, MN

Councilmember Dai Thao is a progressive Democrat serving his 3rd term on the St. Paul City Council. Dai Thao has a proven history and very public track record of bold progressive leadership and standing up for working families, single mothers, seniors and youth, communities of color, small business owners, and residents, regardless of income or neighborhood. 

"I am proud to endorse Bernie! I never thought I would live to see this moment. I am seeing it now. This is the moment we have been hoping for, the opportunity to elect a president of the regular people, by the people, for the people, and NOT the billionaires. You get to be a part of it - join me in supporting Bernie for President!”

Nadia Mohamed, Councilwoman (At Large B), St. Louis Park, MN

Mohamed is the first Muslim and Somali-American ever elected to the St. Louis Park City Council, which represents more than 49,000 residents. She is also the youngest person elected in the council’s history. After coming to America as a refugee and being elected to the council, she has been dedicated to building a city that is walkable, livable and inclusive. 

“I voted for Bernie back in 2016 during the primaries and I will do it again this year. I believe with Bernie it isn’t really about him but about us. With the rising costs of housing and healthcare, it is not feasible for regular Americans to make ends meet. Especially not when they have student loan debts to pay off. I believe voting for Bernie is contributing to a livable America.”

Rochelle (Shelly) Dahlquist, Council Member (Ward 1), Moorhead, MN

Shelly Dahlquist is a lifelong Minnesota Democrat. She is a Council Member representing Ward 1 in Moorhead. A top priority for her on City Council is affordable housing for the working class and homeless population of the town.

“I will vote for Bernie Sanders. He has always been a voice for all. He has always fought for equality and justice for everyone. I endorse Bernie Sanders.”

Kim Ellison, Chair, Minneapolis Board of Education, Minneapolis, MN

Kim Ellison is the mother of four children, daughter of an immigrant, former alternative high school teacher, and current Minneapolis Public Schools Director. 

"I support Bernie Sanders because he wants to improve the lives of everybody I care about - students will attend schools that are designed to meet their needs, our children will grow up in thriving neighborhoods and will be able to attend college without starting their adult life in debt, and immigrants will feel safe as they seek a supportive place to call home."

Marny Xiong, Chair, St. Paul Public School Board, St. Paul, MN

Marny Xiong is a Hmong progressive who was elected in 2017 to serve as a School Board Member of the Saint Paul Public Schools. She currently serves as the Chair of the School Board, and Vice Chair of the Saint Paul Young Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party. She is a community organizer and has worked on progressive campaigns to build grassroots people power towards liberation. 

“Bernie is the leader we’ve been waiting for. He is bold, courageous and progressive, and he will lead our country to ensure that we have fully funded public education, College for All, Medicare for All, and immigration reform. This is why I support Bernie, because he will always fight for us, and put the interest of the common people, like you and me, first.”

Angie Hanson, Board Member and Clerk, Albert Lea Area Schools, Albert Lea, MN

Board Member Hanson was born and raised in Albert Lea where she is currently a member of the school board. She is a single mom and a special education teacher in the SMEC consortium. Board Member Hanson is a community activist and has been the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee of Save Our Healthcare.  

"I support Bernie Sanders because he believes that everyone deserves opportunity no matter our age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, zip code or the family we were born into. He believes we all deserve the opportunity to get a quality education, earn a living wage and receive the healthcare we need."

AK Hassan, Commissioner, Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, Minneapolis, MN

Commissioner Hassan has served his community for the last two years as Park Board Commissioner, where he has worked to increase youth programs in Minneapolis. Before that, he served as President of the Ventura Village Neighborhood Association and chair of the MN Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party’s Somali-American Caucus.

"The focus of anyone running for public office should be to improve the lives of the people in their community. Bernie Sanders is the candidate who will do the most to improve the lives of all Americans, regardless of who they are or where they live. Now is the time to elect a President who has consistently and persistently fought the good fight for racial and economic justice."

Chelsea Skog, Supervisor (District 3) & Secretary, Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation Board District, Eagan, MN

Supervisor Chelsea Skog is a Minnesota native and grew up in Eagan. She sits on the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation Board, representing District 3 in the county.

“I support Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. He understands the climate crisis and has a plan to help us transition to a clean energy lifestyle. His life’s work has been for the good of the people and that’s why I trust him to be our next President.” 


Nazir Khan - Environmental Justice Organizer

Nazir Khan, an Environmental Justice Organizer in Minnesota, has over 10 years of experience in the labor and environmental justice movements. He was previously a labor organizer with Service Employees International Union (SEIU), led People’s Climate Movement Minnesota, and helped found the Minnesota Higher Education Worker Center. Earlier in his career, he worked in global health and international development, before realizing that transformative change begins with and must be rooted in communities, especially those impacted by oppression, colonialism, and imperialism.

“I am endorsing Bernie Sanders because Bernie has by far the most ambitious and realistic plan for dealing with the climate emergency, and he is the only candidate who is willing to truly fight the greed of the corporate and financial elite that is sending us over the cliff into climate crisis,” said Nazir Khan, environmental justice organizer. “I've witnessed again and again how he listens to frontline communities and movements: from Black Lives Matter, to migrant justice, to the fight against Line 3, from those fighting for justice and humanity in Palestine, to those reforming our inhumane prison system -- how he is willing to learn and grow, and ultimately strengthen and help weave together these different movements, as well as cultivate new leaders around him.”



Kip Hedges - Teamsters Local 120 & Minnesota Machinists Council of Retirees
Kip Hedges is a longtime Twin Cities labor activist, Machinist union retiree, and a member of Teamsters Local 120, who helped spearhead the effort for a $15 minimum wage at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.
“Bernie has stood behind Delta Airlines workers trying to organize a union. He's always advocated for us; now we are advocating for him. We need an organizer-in-chief at the White House. Now, we need to have his back."

**Organizations listed for identification purposes only, and do not imply formal organizational support.**

Take Action Minnesota
January 15, 2020
Contact: Kenza Hadj-Moussa

BREAKING: TakeAction Minnesota Endorses Bernie Sanders for President and the Movement for a People-Centered Democracy

St. Paul, MN—TakeAction Minnesota announced its endorsement for Bernie Sanders for President today. This is the first time TakeAction Minnesota, a multiracial people’s organization, has endorsed a candidate for President of the United States. The endorsement of Bernie Sanders unleashes the power of a 50,000 person progressive network in a Super Tuesday state.

Bernie Sanders for President
“We’re proud to endorse Bernie Sanders for President. In Bernie’s campaign, we see a reflection of ourselves – our hopes, dreams and struggle. We are excited to build with a candidate who is already investing in our multiracial, working class movement to take on corporate power in our democracy and do politics better,” said Elianne Farhat, Executive Director of TakeAction Minnesota. “Bernie’s politics are rooted in human dignity and justice. Not only has he walked alongside people’s movements, but his political leadership has pushed all of us to imagine a country that fully lives into our values of liberty, justice and happiness for all—and to believe that country is within our grasp when we join together.

“Bernie Sanders is the clear choice,” said Mai Chong Xiong, Board Chair of TakeAction Minnesota. “Bernie has built a bold, powerful movement because he listens to the people and knows our power. When working people organize and rise up together, we win elections and build a democracy, government and economy that works for all of us. The momentum keeps growing because families, communities, and climate can’t wait for action. We are ready to get to work.”

“From fighting to guarantee health care for all people, to championing a living wage for workers, TakeAction Minnesota is driving progressive change across the state,” said Senator Sanders. “We are proud to work together with this incredible organization as we build a diverse, working class movement to achieve economic, racial, social and environmental justice for every American.”

TakeAction Minnesota’s member-led Leadership Assembly voted to endorse Bernie Sanders after a five-month process engaging in the presidential primary with the organization’s national affiliates, People’s Action and CPD Action, and with presidential campaigns in the state.

The Board-approved endorsement unlocks grassroots organizing power across the state for Bernie Sanders ahead of Minnesota’s presidential primary election on March 3, 2020.  Early voting in Minnesota’s presidential primary election starts Friday, January 17, the earliest in the country.