Bernie 2020
October 27, 2019

 Rep. Rashida Tlaib Endorses Bernie for President

(2:02) Tlaib: "Amo Bernie" is what I like to call him, which "Amo" means "uncle" in Arabic.

I think Amo Bernie, when he saw just not myself but my other sisters in service being attacked, by this president, this bully, for him there was no hesitation.  He jumped onboard and said, "What can I do to uplift you all?  What can I do to support you all?"  The fact that he truly believes that women like us, women that, this institution hasn't been ready for, that we feel supported.  And from day one, he's always made us feel like that.

I am endorsing Amo Bernie Sanders because he's not gonna sell us out.  He understands that it's not just about policies and about words, but it's going to be also about completely transforming the structures in place that is hurting American people. 

For me, representing the third poorest Congressional district in the country, he is in many ways, pushing back against this really painful oppression.

It's been incredibly inspiring to see his unwavering support for the same ideals that I have about people over profits.  He is speaking about that mother that is tired of walking by blighted homes, tired of having to send their child to a school that doesn't have clean drinking water or fighting just for the right to literacy right now that's happening in Michigan.

I mean there's something incredibly inspiring about someone that we know is not going to sell us out, that's not going to bow down to those structures that are so built on racism, built on choosing those that are wealthy, that he's consistent in saying that he's with us first.  He will always choose us first.

My family has never every really come together on a lot of political issues, honestly, after the passing of my father.  But Amo Bernie seems to be able to unite us.