Bernie 2020
October 9, 2019

NEWS: Sanders Grassroots Field Program Books 1,500 October Events in Past Week 

WASHINGTON – Sen. Bernie Sanders’ grassroots field program in the past week has planned 1,500 events for the month of October. The events, mapped out on, include canvasses, phone banks, barnstorms and additional volunteer-led efforts.     
“This is an absolute show of force from the largest grassroots volunteer base in the race,” said Claire Sandberg, Bernie 2020 National Organizing Director. “Every day, the working class people who are the core of our movement are continuing the fight to transform our country so that it works for all of us, not just the 1 percent.”

The 1,500 events planned in just the last week follow additional signs of strength from Bernie 2020 volunteers this month. The campaign on Tuesday announced volunteers made more than 1.3 million calls into Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, California, Colorado and Oklahoma, hitting a 10-day goal 24 hours early. Overall, the campaign has made over 11 million voter contact attempts.

In addition to outpacing the field in grassroots organizing, the Sanders leads in grassroots fundraising. In the third quarter, the campaign raised $25.3 million from 1.3 million contributions, leaving $33.7 million cash on hand. With over 1 million donors, the campaign has received contributions from more individual contributors than any campaign in the history of American politics at this point in time.


Bernie 2020
October 8, 2019

NEWS: Bernie 2020 Volunteers Make 1.3 Million Calls in Ten Days

WASHINGTON – Volunteers for Bernie 2020 made more than 1.3 million calls into Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, California, Colorado, and Oklahoma, hitting a 10-day goal 24 hours early.

“Organizing on this scale is how we reach voters who turn out in every election and find people who are alienated from the political process and often don’t vote,” said Claire Sandberg, Bernie 2020 National Organizing Director. “Our grassroots volunteers are dedicated to doing this essential work because they know what it would mean to have Bernie Sanders as organizer-in-chief in the White House.”

The calls were part of Bernie 2020’s “Call to Win” initiative, a program designed to identify Sanders supporters in the critical early states. The campaign’s supporters also made calls in Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
The campaign also crossed another benchmark, making over 11 million voter contact attempts since the campaign has launched.
The organizing milestones come on the heels of Bernie 2020 announcing their field-leading $25.3 million fundraising haul for the third quarter and that the campaign has $33.7M cash on hand.

Bernie 2020
April 27, 2019

Bernie 2020 Kicks Off Unprecedented Grassroots Organizing Program with Thousands of Events Across the Globe

In the largest distributed day of action ever in a presidential campaign, Sanders supporters hold nearly 5,000 events in every state, territory and 34 countries

WASHINGTON -- Bernie 2020 today formally launched an unprecedented nationwide organizing program designed to capitalize on the extensive grassroots networks in support of Sen. Sanders and allow volunteers to organize directly in their communities. This builds on a 50-state strategy with over one million volunteers who have signed on since launching the campaign in February. Supporters held events today in every state, territory and congressional district in the country.

“I'm asking you all to help us get millions of Americans involved in the political process. We will put together the strongest grassroots movement in the history of politics,” Sanders said in a video live streamed to events. “We have 1.1 million people who have already signed online. They want to roll up their sleeves and work. So let's do it. Let's run a historic grassroots campaign. And when we do that, the one percent can spend all of the money that they want. But we're going to beat them.”

In the video to the thousands of supporter events, the Bernie 2020 organizing team outlined the campaign’s strategy to win the Democratic nomination by asking supporters to talk to voters using a new app launched by the campaign today, called BERN. BERN allows volunteers to log their conversations with voters and their friends and family, so that campaign volunteers can follow up to ensure every Bernie supporter in the country is registered to vote and knows how to participate in the Democratic primary or caucus in their state. 

“The only way we can defeat Donald Trump, the political establishment, Wall Street, the fossil fuel industry, the health insurance industry, and the military industrial complex is through people power with hundreds of thousands of volunteers talking to millions of voters one person at a time,” said Claire Sandberg, Bernie 2020 Organizing Director. “Our strategy is simple. We are going to build the largest grassroots electoral movement in history.”

Campaign field operations have long engaged in systematic voter contact, but typically volunteers are only able to participate in such efforts under the direct supervision of field organizers working out of offices. Through BERN, every Bernie supporter will be able to self-organize to identify, persuade, and turn out the vote for Bernie no matter where they are, allowing the campaign to harness its unparalleled volunteer base everywhere and do critical groundwork even in states with primaries late in the calendar.

From Anchorage to San Juan, supporters and their families today gathered in living rooms, parks, libraries, and dorm rooms, over barbecue pits and potlucks to watch Bernie outline his plan to build a progressive grassroots movement to win the Democratic nomination and defeat Donald Trump. Organizers painted signs, made buttons, played Bernie bingo and prepared to table, canvass, text, and reach out to friends and family to launch local organizing programs in every community. The first organizing kickoff displayed traditional community organizing and sophisticated tech and data driven organizing that, when combined, create an organizing strategy to target and incorporate all voters and volunteers. 

Watch the kickoff video HERE and Spanish version HERE

Sanders spent the day calling into house parties in Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Iowa, California, South Carolina, Nevada, and Colorado.