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Septbember 7, 2019

Congressman Ryan Continues to Rack Up South Carolina Endorsements

Momentum Builds on Faith Community Endorsements and Biden Defections to Team Ryan
Youngstown, OH – Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan ended a three-day swing as the only presidential candidate in South Carolina with the announcement of five more endorsements from prominent community leaders in the Palmetto State.  The additional support follows major endorsements from the faith community and the recent defection of five senior South Carolina Biden campaign advisors to Team Ryan.
BENNIE F. BROWN, JR. is a small business owner and graduate of Paine College who serves as the CEO of Brown Rental Properties & Repair and Upstate Family Funeral services.  He resides in Taylors, South Carolina with his wife, Mirdis.
"Democrats need a nominee who is not hostile to the needs of small business owners and their importance to both the local and national economies –Tim Ryan gets it, and I am proud to support him for president," proclaimed Mr. Brown.
CARRIE COUNTON is a two-time candidate for South Carolina Statehouse District 19, and a beloved activist and leader among Democrats in the state's most populous county of Greenville.
According to Carrie, "I support Tim Ryan because of his passion for working class people and his clear-cut ideas that will help rebuild our economy both nationally and here in South Carolina.  We deserve a leader who will put hardworking women and men first, instead of corporations, and I am especially enthusiastic about Tim Ryan's plans for wellness and mindfulness in caring for our teachers, our kids, and our veterans.  I am proud to give him a full endorsement as our next president."
JOHN T. "JT" DAVIS is a manufacturing engineer, global business executive, and US Army Veteran who previously ran for Congress in South Carolina's 4th District.
JT stated "The best choice for our next president is Tim Ryan.  Representative Ryan understands more than any candidate from either party the synergies in education, workforce, technology, healthcare, energy, and manufacturing policy necessary for the US to compete and win in the 21st century global economy.  Manufacturing is especially important in South Carolina with our economic success keystones in Automotive and Aerospace, and Tim will take action on gun violence and opioid challenges.  Tim's all-American Midwest perspective is the Democratic Party's best chance to win in 2020.  I encourage everyone - Democrat, Republican, or Independent - to learn more about this next generation leader."
RONALD FISHER is a retired educator from Mauldin High School and a prominent member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.  He is a member of the historic John Wesley United Methodist Church in downtown Greenville, SouthCarolina, and the former chair of the HBCU Football Classic.
"Tim Ryan is the only candidate out there who is embracing the truth that we need more social-emotional learning in our schools.  His education plan will help enrich the lives of the tomorrow's young people in this country, and I couldn't be prouder to support his candidacy for president" stated Mr. Fisher.
WAYNE GRIFFIN is a Councilman for the City of Greer in the counties of Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina.
The Councilman noted that "Tim Ryan took the time to come speak to a large audience of senior citizens in Greer, and it was clear from that engaging dialogue that he has what it takes to lead this nation out of the terrible quagmire we currently find ourselves in.  I support him wholeheartedly!"
Congressman Ryan was thrilled about the additional support, saying "What a tremendous honor to be endorsed by Carrie Counton and JT Davis.  I have knocked on doors with Carrie and know firsthand that she is a rising star among South Carolina Democrats.  I also deeply respect the business savvy and constructive manufacturing insights of JT Davis.  Mr. Brown, Mr. Fisher, and Councilman Griffin are pillars of the Upstate community whose support means so much.  Thank you all – together, we are winning over South Carolina voters the old-fashioned way: through grassroots grit and hustle."
The Ryan campaign recently announced the endorsements of two respected leaders in the African American faith community and five former senior advisors to the Biden campaign in South Carolina.
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Tim Ryan for America
August 28, 2019

Congressman Tim Ryan Secures Another Endorsement from the Faith Community as Momentum Grows in South Carolina

New Support Follows Defection of Five Prominent Biden Campaign Advisers to Team Ryan

Youngstown, OH – Democratic presidential candidate Tim Ryan rolled out another endorsement today from a widely respected leader of the faith community in the Palmetto state, just one day after announcing that five former senior Biden campaign advisors in South Carolina had thrown their support behind the Ohio Congressman.
Reverend Courtney L. Adams of Israel Metropolitan CME Church in Greenville joined former longtime Biden advisor Reverand Caesar Richburg of Bethel AME Church in Columbia in putting his faith in Tim Ryan for president.
Reverend Adams proclaimed that "today's troubling times call for a man of faith like Tim Ryan to lead the charge to deliver social justice for all and reform our racist criminal justice system.  We can count on Congressman Ryan to serve as our healer-in-chief, to finally do something about the endemic gun violence plaguing our streets, and to fight for the best interests of African Americans here in South Carolina and throughout our great nation."
"I am honored to have the support of Reverend Adams, an inspirational leader who toils daily to bring his community together and improve the lives of hardworking citizens in Greenville and beyond.  Thank you for your leadership and support, Pastor!", said Congressman Tim Ryan.
The endorsement comes on the heels of yesterday's game-changing announcement that five former senior advisors to the Biden campaign have shifted their support to Congressman Ryan in critical South Carolina, the second state in the nation to hold a Democratic primary election, on February 29, 2020.
Pastor Courtney L. Adams is an influential mentor, innovative leader, prolific teacher, and passionate preacher at Israel Metropolitan CME Church in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, "the chosen church of the upstate".  He is known for establishing a culture of excellence through contemporary worship, relevant preaching, practical teaching, and student engagement.  Pastor Courtney is an ordained Elder in Full Connection in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  
In 2012, Pastor Courtney co-founded Young Kindom Proclaimers (Y.K.P.), an ecumenical outreach ministry that focuses on the development of character in young adults.  The Reverend is married to the lovely Shalonda R. Adams and they are blessed with three beautiful daughters.
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Tim Ryan for America
August 28, 2019

Congressman Tim Ryan Receives Three More Major Endorsements in South Carolina

New Endorsements Come One Month After Gaining Support of Two Longtime Biden SC Advisors

Youngstown, OH— Today, presidential candidate Tim Ryan received the endorsements of three prominent South Carolina stakeholders who have switched their support from Vice President Biden to Congressman Tim Ryan. Reverend Caesar Richburg, senior pastor at Bethel AME church in Columbia, previously campaigned for Biden. In addition, George C. Bradley, Ph.D., former President of Paine College, and Dr. Tina Marshall-Bradley, Academic Coordinator in the Master of Science in Education (MSED) program in the Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University, are also joining Reverend Richburg in supporting Congressman Ryan over Biden. 
"Tim Ryan is a man of faith and understands the challenges that African Americans face throughout the country," said Reverend Richburg. "His message of healing the country and doing something to address gun violence is the message that we preach to bring us together."
"Tim Ryan understands the needs of children. His common sense approach to address the growing concerns of mental health, social healing and fixing the broken education system is why we're so eager to support him," said Dr. George Bradley and Dr. Tina Marshall-Bradley.
"As I've traveled around South Carolina, I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people doing extraordinary work to uplift their communities and be true advocates for positive change," said Congressman Tim Ryan"Reverend Richburg, Dr. Bradley and Dr. Marshall-Bradley have spent their lives dedicating themselves to create opportunity in their neighborhoods and have set a high standard for those around the country to replicate. I am honored to have their endorsement as we continue to build momentum in the Palmetto State."

The endorsements come one month after the support of Fletcher Smith and Brandon Brown, two former advisors to Vice President Joe Biden.

In October 2007, Dr. Bradley was named the 14th President of Paine College in Augusta, Georgia. Within the first two years of his presidency, Dr. Bradley has reduced the institutions financial deficit and has partnered with local, state, and federal agencies on over $8 million of capital projects that will benefit the broader Augusta community. He has laid the foundation for the growth of the institution through a twenty-five year master plan that has already had an economic impact on the Augusta community.

Reverend Caesar Richburg is the senior pastor at Bethel AME church in Columbia, South Carolina. Rev. Richburg has been an active minister in the South Carolina AME church for  25 years. He has led in the areas of civil rights, human rights and education, and led the effort to establish a paid MLK Holiday for Greenville County in South Carolina, which was the last county in America to Recognize Dr. King’s accomplishments. 
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Tim Ryan for America
July 26, 2019
Emily Slatkow
Ali Javery

ICYMI: NBC NEWS- 'Two Longtime Biden African American Supporters in S. Carolina Defect to Tim Ryan'

Youngstown, OH - In case you missed it, NBC News just reported that 'Two Longtime Biden African American supporters in S. Carolina Defect to TimRyan.' 

From the article:

"Two past Joe Biden black supporters in South Carolina are switching their allegiance to Rep. Tim Ryan, suggesting the former vice president has not consolidated his support in a state central to his 2020 plans.
"Fletcher Smith and Brandon Brown, who played senior roles in Biden's last presidential campaign in 2008, attended a meeting Biden held last month with a small group of African-American leaders in Columbia and both told NBC News that he's neglected some relationships in the state.


"...both are set to this weekend to endorse Ryan at events in South Carolina, where the far less-well-known Ohio moderate has been quietly working to chip away support from rivals like Biden, who currently holds a large lead in the Palmetto State, according to poll."


Said Brown:

"Congressman Ryan reached out to me and said, 'Hey I want to meet with you,' and actually spent time with me. We developed a friendship, and I introduced him to some people and you could immediately see he resonated," he said. "We see that Tim Ryan represents those traditional values that in SouthCarolina still hold true. He is not a socialist — that resonates in SouthCarolina."

READ MORE HERE: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/two-longtime-biden-african-american-supporters-s-carolina-defect-tim-n1035106