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We are 26 days away from another great victory for the American people and the road to victory runs right through Arizona." 

Oct. 8, 2020 - The day after the vice presidential debate, Vice President Mike Pence participated in a Make America Great Again! event at TYR Tactical in Peoria, AZ after an earlier event in Nevada. 
It was a sweltering hot day in Peoria, a suburb of Phoenix about 13 miles or 20 minutes northwest of downtownSecond Lady Karen Pence made a brief introduction, and the vice president then spoke for about 34 minutes [transcript].  He briefly reviewed the debate and then spoke on the accomplishments of President Trump and the deficiencies of the Democratic ticket. As he put it, he talked about "what we've just begun to do for the American people and how this president has led our nation through one of the great and challenging years in my lifetime."  Pence defined the election as a choice between "whether we're going to let Joe Biden and Kamala Harris steer our nation on to a course of socialism and decline or whether we are going to keep America on a path of freedom, free markets and all the ideals that have made this country great."  More than hundred people, mostly seated in somewhat distanced folding chairs, some masked and many unmasked, attended the event.  Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris were also in Phoenix, but their events were tightly limited to small numbers of attendees and pooled press.

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