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Jan. 24, 2019 - Since completing two terms as governor of Colorado on Jan. 8, John Hickenlooper has ramped up consideration of a possible presidential run, working through his Giddy Up PAC.  Before his tenure as governor, Hickenlooper served two terms as mayor of Denver, from Jan. 2003-Jan. 2011.  Hickenlooper said, "I'm not, I'm not quite to that point of announcing I'm going to run for president of this country, but I do think that being, having been a mayor provides wonderful training and experience of finding ways to bring people together and achieving progressive goals and accomplishments through that unity."  As an example, Hickenlooper said, "We got all 34 mayors in metropolitan Denver in 2004 to unanimously support a significant tax increase to build 122 miles of new light rail track.  That unity allowed us to build what they call fast tracks, and that investment not only attracted millennials to our city, who are entrepreneurs and job creators, but it also allowed the community to begin to work together." He also described an example from his time as governor, where he worked to bring oil and gas industry and the environmental community together to institute methane regulations.  "It was like having the Hatfields and the McCoys," Hickenlooper said.  "The only way you persuade anyone of anything is to listen to them harder," he said.  transcript
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