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"With more than 85 percent of Americans living in U.S. metropolitan areas, mayors are on the frontlines of today’s challenges and have consistently called on Washington to draw on mayoral expertise. During the Meeting, mayors from both sides of the aisle, from cities rural, urban and suburban, will hold sessions on a range of priorities, including infrastructure, immigration, border security, opportunity zones, climate, automation and the economic future of cities."
                                                                                    - U.S. Conference of Mayors

Jan. 23-25, 2019 - Two hundred and thirty six mayors from around the country gathered in Washington for the 87th Winter Meeting.  They participated in and attended best practices forums and heard from leaders on Capitol Hill and in the administration.  Mayors drew a sharp contrast between their work addressing the challenges facing cities and the dysfunction that has led to the longest federal government shutdown in history.  (President Trump announced an end to the shutdown as this meeting drew to a close, and several mayors were at the White House for that announcement).
Mayor Steve Benjamin of Columbia, SC leads the opening press conference.
Tom Cochran, longtime CEO and executive director of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser welcomes mayors.
Most spending on infrastructure is from state and local governments.  Mayors want the 116th Congress to pass an infrastructure bill.
In the many best practices forums mayors learn from other mayors and experts.  This panel is on "Assuring a Full and Fair 2020 Census and Inclusive Immigration Policies."
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