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Jan. 24, 2019 - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who chairs the U.S. Conference of Mayors Infrastructure Task Force, had been scheduled to speak at the plenary session on Wednesday, but he missed the first day of the conference as he was finishing intense negotiations to end the teachers strike in Los Angeles.  Speaking on Thursday, Garcetti stated, "Yes, our nation's capital is broken, but the spirit of America is alive and well in our towns and in our cities across America, the real America as I call it."  Garcetti said, "I know that if this room stormed Capitol Hill, we would get the shutdown taken care of in a few hours.  We would be back at work."  partial transcript
Garcetti is also chair of the Latino Alliance of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and in the morning he moderated a panel on "Assuring a Full and Fair 2020 Census and Inclusive Immigration Policies."
At a media availabilty Garcetti focused on the just settled teachers strike and said "stay tuned" when asked if he might run for president in 2020.
Talking with several attendees of the conference in the lobby.
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