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Jan. 24, 2019 - Sen.  Cory Booker (D-NJ), who served as mayor of Newark, NJ from 2006-13, is seen as an all-but-certain presidential candidate.  Speaking of his time as mayor, Booker said, "What I learned very quickly is that so much of government often does things that are stupid."  "In other words, we would much rather invest on the back end of a problem, than make the smart investments early on that would prevent the problems from getting acute in the first place," he said.  "We live in a nation where there is common pain but we've lost our sense of common purpose," Booker told the mayors.  He said, "We are in the pit right now and we need leaders like you who lead with love, and love is not seeing the child as they are; it's seeing the child as he could be, as he should be, as he will be if we invest in that child."  transcript
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