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Jan. 25, 2019 - Former New York City Michael Bloomberg wrapped up the Conference's 87th Winter Meeting with a speech at the closing lunch plenary.  Bloomberg, who served as three terms as NYC Mayor from Jan. 2002-Dec. 2013, is a possible 2020 candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Bloomberg started with some remarks on the shutdown.  "This is about competence and the lack of it that we are seeing in the White House," he stated.  "The government shutdown is a complete failure of executive leadership, and it's one of the worst cases of incompetent management I have ever seen."  Bloomberg observed that, "For five weeks President Trump has forced all debate in Washington to focus on a wall we don't need instead of the real challenges that are crying out for attention, and that all of you are working on, day and night."  Bloomberg devoted much of his speech to his efforts to fight gun violence, discussing the work of his group Every Town for Gun Safety, which is "serving as the counterweight to the NRA."  He said that  Every Town's legal team is ready to help mayors defend local gun laws in court.  Reflecting on the progress that is being made, Bloomberg said, "When we started, other mayors and I would come to DC for meetings, lawmakers would have hear us out, they'd nod their heads, and then they'd give us a cold shoulder.  But now members of Congress want to talk about gun safety, and the House wasted no time in introducing a background check bill after the last election, and after they were put in office."  transcript
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