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Feb. 14-16, 2019 - The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) is in for a busy next six months as it will be reviewing the states' delegate selection plans, which are due by May 3.  Above, co-chairs Jim Roosevelt and Lorraine Miller and DNC Counsel Graham Wilson.  Meetings are set for June 27-29 in Pittsburgh, PA, July 29-31 in Washington, DC and Aug. 22-24 in San Francisco, CA.
Patrice Taylor, director of party affairs and delegate selection.
Harold Ickes sought clarification on a proposal to adjust the composition of the DNC Budget and Finance Committee.  Under the bylaws, members are appointed by the DNC chair.  Jim Zogby argued members should by elected by the DNC membership as "the last piece of unfinished business of the Unity Reform Commission."  The RBC will take this up at its next meeting.
Minyon Moore, Don Fowler, Donna Brazile, Ken Martin and John Zody.  Brazile argued for a robust voter protection effort at the DNC and Martin agreed, saying members should "not let the DNC off the hook."
Yvette Lewis and Frank Leone.
Co-chair Lenore Miller shows off her well-travelled copy of the Delegate Selection Rules.  She urged members of the committee to make sure they know the rules.
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