Deval for All
February 7, 2020

Following CNN Town Hall Nashua Alderman-at-Large Dave Tencza endorses Deval Patrick for President

NASHUA, NH — Today, Nashua Alderman-at-large Dave Tencza endorsed former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s candidacy for President. Tencza is serving his first term as Alderman-at-large and has been involved with Democratic politics in New Hampshire since 2010.

“Deval Patrick has defied the odds every step of the way, as the first person in his family to go to college, as a civil rights attorney, and as the second black governor to be elected in the history of the United States,” said Alderman-at-large Dave Tencza. “Nashua residents should know that Deval Patrick is about more than just rhetoric, he has the strongest record of delivering results out of all the candidates in this race. Beyond defeating Donald Trump, we need someone to bring our country back together, and that’s why I’m proud to be endorsing Deval Patrick for president.”

“I am honored and excited to have the support of one of Nashua’s most dedicated and active Democrats,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “As an Alderman-at-Large, Dave has fought hard to make Nashua and New Hampshire a better place for working families to live. He has also has an impressive record as a Democratic leader in his community, helping to deliver city-wide majorities and restoring Democratic control the mayor’s office. As a leader in his community in more ways than one, I am proud to receive his endorsement.”

In addition to serving on the Board of Alderman, Tencza has also been the chair of the Nashua Democratic City from 2010 - 2015 and was elected again as chair of the committee in 2017. Any endorsement from Tencza is his personal choice and does not represent the position of the Nashua Democratic City Committee.

Governor Patrick just wrapped up a six-day New Hampshire bus tour with over 20 events in more than a dozen towns that included a meeting with the Nashua Democrats on Monday. Since announcing for president, Governor Patrick has spent more time and held more events in New Hampshire than any candidate in this race. He has also been endorsed by State Senator David Watters of Dover.


Deval for All
January 24, 2020

New Hampshire State Senator David Watters endorses Governor Deval Patrick for President

DOVER, N.H. — Today, New Hampshire State Senator David Watters endorsed former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s candidacy for President. Senator Watters is the only Democratic Senator in New Hampshire to represent two of the state's 13 cities, Dover and Somersworth. Watters is also among the longest-tenured members of the New Hampshire Senate and a longtime champion on issues like education and the environment. This announcement marks the most prominent New Hampshire endorsement Governor Deval Patrick has received, making him one of just five candidates in the race to earn the endorsement of a New Hampshire State Senator.
"We need a candidate who can defeat Donald Trump, and who can then assume office and deliver for working people," said Senator David Watters. "As a former two-term governor, Deval Patrick has a record of delivering results unlike any other candidate in this race. His style of leadership asks that we reject division and turn to each other rather than on each other. Leading by that example, he delivered health insurance to 99 percent of Massachusetts residents, developed a national model for responding to climate change, and led on education, innovation, and infrastructure. I believe he will do the same as president, and by doing so, he will make the American Dream real for everyone, everywhere, which is why I'm proud to endorse Deval Patrick's candidacy for President."
"I'm thrilled to have Senator David Watters on our team as we campaign hard for the nomination between now and the February 11th First in the Nation Primary," said Governor Deval Patrick. "As a lifelong educator, a leader in the New Hampshire Senate, and an advocate on so many issues important to improving people’s lives, Senator Watters’ support is especially meaningful. We are excited to have his help and his voice in the race. The people of New Hampshire should also expect that if I am President I will be here between elections, not just during campaign time. Because you are important to me and I intend to deliver for you.”  
Governor Patrick just wrapped up a two-day swing through New Hampshire that included stops in Nashua, Merrimack, and Berlin. Since announcing for president, Governor Deval Patrick has spent more time and held more events in New Hampshire than any candidate in this race, and he intends to be back more than any other candidate for the presidency between now and February 11th.