Republican National Committee

April 11, 2019

Elizabeth Harrington Named RNC Spokesperson

WASHINGTON — The Republican National Committee (RNC) has named Elizabeth Harrington the Party’s new national spokesperson. Ms. Harrington’s years of media and communications experience make her well-equipped to advocate for President Trump and the Republican Party.
"Elizabeth’s extensive communications background will be a tremendous asset as she spreads the Republican message to Americans throughout the nation," said RNC Chief of Staff Richard Walters. "We are excited for Elizabeth to take on this role and play an integral part of our Party’s ongoing commitment to supporting President Trump’s winning agenda."
"I am thrilled to join the incredible team at the RNC at the start of an exciting reelection campaign," said Ms. Harrington. "The Republican Party led by President Donald Trump has an amazing and unprecedented record of accomplishment, and I am honored to help share the countless stories of America’s revival during the Trump presidency."
Harrington joins the RNC from the Washington Free Beacon, where she was a senior writer with a breadth of television and radio experience. Her reporting career shined a light on the Democrats' extreme agenda, provided oversight of taxpayer spending, and exposed government waste, fraud, and abuse. She is a graduate of Temple University.

Republican National Committee
March 1, 2019

RNC Announces Senior Staff for 2020 Cycle
WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel released the following statement on the RNC's senior staff for the 2020 presidential cycle:

"I am thrilled to announce our senior staff for the 2020 presidential cycle," said Chairwoman McDaniel. "Our team will be working hand-in-glove with the Trump campaign to ensure President Trump is re-elected and to grow our Party in 2020."

Michael Ahrens, Communications Director —  Michael serves as the Communications Director for the 2020 presidential cycle after serving as the RNC's Rapid Response Director during the 2018 midterm cycle.

Joe Ascioti, Research Director — Joe serves as Research Director after serving as the RNC's Assistant Research Director during the 2018 midterm cycle.

Ellen Bredenkoetter, Data Director— Ellen serves as the RNC's Data Director for the 2020 presidential cycle after serving in the same role during the 2018 midterm cycle. 

Chris Carr, Trump Victory Political Director — Chris serves as Trump Victory Political Director. Previously, he oversaw the RNC's political strategy during the 2016 presidential cycle.

Josh Fisher, Chief Financial Officer — Josh serves as the RNC's Chief Financial Officer after serving as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance and Administration at Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce.

Tinna Jackson, Chief Operating Officer — Tinna serves as the RNC's Chief Operating Officer for the 2020 presidential cycle after serving as Chief Human Resources Officer for the 2018 midterm cycle.

Puran Nebhnani, Chief Technology Officer — Puran serves as the RNC's Chief Technology Officer for the 2020 presidential cycle after serving in the same role during the 2018 midterm cycle.

Mike Reed, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications  Mike begins his second cycle at the RNC after serving two years as Deputy Communications Director and Director of Research.

Justin Riemer, Chief Counsel — Justin rejoins the RNC after serving as Deputy General Counsel for Postsecondary Education at the U.S. Department of Education. He was Deputy Chief Counsel for the RNC during the 2016 presidential election cycle.

Sarah Robinson, Finance Director — Sarah serves as Finance Director for the 2020 presidential cycle. Previously, she served in the same role at the RNC during the 2018 midterm cycle.

Richard Walters, Chief of Staff — Richard continues as the RNC's Chief of Staff for the 2020 presidential cycle after serving in the same role during the 2018 midterm cycle. Previously, he served as Finance Director.

Kevin Zambrano, Chief Digital Officer — Kevin serves as Chief Digital Officer after helping oversee the RNC's record-breaking 2016 and 2018 digital fundraising efforts. 

Republican National Committee
Jan. 25, 2019

RNC Elects New Leadership

WASHINGTON — Today, members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) unanimously voted to elect new leadership: Tommy Hicks as the RNC’s new co-chair, Ron Kaufman as treasurer, and Vicki Drummond as secretary. Hicks, Kaufman and Drummond will work with newly re-elected Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to strengthen the Republican Party ahead of the 2020 presidential election.
Tommy Hicks previously served as the national finance co-chairman for President Trump’s 2016 campaign, vice chairman of the finance committee for the presidential inauguration, and chairman of America First Action PAC and America First Policies. He replaces outgoing Co-Chair Bob Paduchik, who is joining the Donald J. Trump for President 2020 campaign.
Ron Kaufman is the RNC’s National Committeeman for Massachusetts. He has also served as chair of the RNC Budget Committee and as a senior advisor to U.S. presidents, governors, and members of Congress. He replaces outgoing Treasurer Tony Parker.
Vicki Drummond is the RNC’s National Committeewoman for Alabama. She has served as a delegate to multiple Republican National Conventions and held leadership positions with the National Federation of Republican Women. She replaces outgoing Secretary Susie Hudson.
"The RNC is thrilled to welcome its new leadership team as we look ahead to 2020," said Chairwoman McDaniel. "Tommy, Ron, and Vicki have worked hard in support of our Party and President Trump, and they will be critical to our efforts for a successful 2020 election cycle. I am grateful to our outgoing officers Bob, Tony, and Susie for their leadership and commitment to our Party throughout their many years of service."