National Groups

A constellation of independent groups small and large surround each of the parties. These independent groups may focus on pushing a party in one ideological direction or another, electing candidates, training and building infrastructure or generating ideas.  Some groups are organized by constituency or issue. Another step removed from the parties (not shown below) are the many interest groups that tend to align with one or the other of them; examples include the National Rifle Association and Republicans or organized labor and the Democrats.

Ideology .

National Federation of Republican Assemblies

"a grassroots movement made up of Reagan conservatives, who believe in small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense, the right to life, and a decent America." (founded 1997).

Ripon Society

to promote moderate Republican principles (founded 1962).

Republican Main Street Partnership

a voice for centrist Republicans (founded 1998).

Republican Liberty Caucus

represents the G.O.P's libertarian tradition (founded 1991).

New Democrat Network

the political action arm of the New Democrat movement..."a progressive think tank and advocacy organization" 

Progressive Democrats of America

"working inside the Democratic Party to return it to its roots as the party that represents the workers and the less fortunate, and...building coalitions outside the Democratic Party on shared issues." (founded 2004).

Americans for Democratic Action

independent liberal political organization (founded 1947).

Blue Dog PAC
"created in 1995 to represent the commonsense, moderate voice of the Democratic Party, appealing to mainstream American values."

Constituency/Issue Groups

Republican Jewish Coalition

voice of Jewish Republicans.

Log Cabin Republicans

organization of Republicans who support fairness, freedom, and equality for gay and lesbian Americans.

Republican National Coalition for Life

works to ensure adoption of the pro-life plank in the Republican platform.

Republican Majority for Choice

(formerly Republican Pro-Choice Coalition) seeks to get abortion out of politics.

Republicans for Immigration Reform

to provide political support for Republican candidates that advance common-sense solutions to address the nation’s broken immigration system.
Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition
reforms marijuana laws by working within the GOP to educate and connect with lawmakers, party leadership, and grassroots activists.


(formerly Republicans for Environmental Protection, shifted from seeking to "restore the environmental conscience of the GOP" to "a non-partisan national organization that creates new solutions to environmental issues that have become gridlocked by partisanship."

Community Leaders of America

the caucus of America’s local elected Republican leaders with representatives from every state and from communities of all sizes. CLA was created as a direct response to the lack of a unified national strategy supporting Republicans running for local elected offices.


The GOP fares poorly in cities – but it doesn’t have to...  Republicans can win cities by learning about the problem, finding solutions, and implementing them.

Teen Age Republicans

a national, youth-led organization challenging teens to become involved in their local, state, and national political proceses."

Jewish Democratic Council of America

speaks on behalf of the combined interests of the Jewish community and Democrats.  (succeesor to NJDC)

EMILY's List

electing pro-choice Democratic women candidates.

Democrats for Life of America

elect pro-life Democrats to office and support pro-life Democrats.

Democrats for Education Reform

to encourage a more productive dialogue within the Democratic Party on the need to fundamentally reform American public education.  DFER Watch

Justice Democrats

"we plan to implement electoral reform like ranked choice voting so third parties can have more power in our democracy."

High School Democrats of America

the national organization for high school students involved in the Democratic Party.

Republican and Conservative Infrastructure Democratic and Progressive Infrastructure


Republican training and education

Democratic GAIN

Grassroots Action Institute and Network--training, recruitment, and network

Leadership Institute

"training tomorrow's conservative leaders"


"Founded to carry forward the work of Paul and Sheila Wellstone, we arm progressives with the strategies and skills to win. We develop political leaders. We strengthen movement organizations. We ignite change."

Young America's Foundation

"providing essential conferences, seminars, educational materials, internships, and speakers to young people across the country"

Organizing for Action

"We’re committed to finding and training the next generation of great progressive organizers..."

America Rising PAC

"America Rising PAC's sole purpose is to hold Democrats accountable and expose any hidden hypocrisy. We use video tracking, research, and communication strategies to ensure they must account for every word and action."

American Bridge 21st Century

"a progressive research and communications organization committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions and helping you ascertain when Republican candidates are pretending to be something they’re not."

American Conservative Union

"an umbrella organization harnessing the collective strength of conservative organizations fighting for Americans who are concerned with liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values, and strong national defense."

America Votes

"a permanent advocacy and campaign infrastructure that provides coordination, data and targeting services to progressive organizations"

Freedom Partners

"dedicated to protecting freedom and opportunity for every American—no matter where they live, what they do or how much they have."

Democracy Alliance

"an investment partnership of business and philanthropic leaders committed to achieving a hopeful and healthy democracy that improves our lives and those of the next generation."

American Legislative Exchange Council

"advance the fundamental principles of free-market enterprise, limited government, and federalism at the state level through a nonpartisan public-private partnership of America’s state legislators, members of the private sector and the general public."

State Innovation Exchange

"Building the legislative wing of the progressive movement." (merger of PSN, CSI and ALICE).

"the leading data and technology resource for the pro-free-market political and advocacy community."


"To help progressive organizations realize measurable increases in civic participation and electoral success by building and operating a robust national voter database of every voting-age American; by offering tools and expertise that allow clients to use that data to improve fundraising, organizing and communications; and by updating and refining that data on a continuous basis."

Analyst Institute

"Collaborating with progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns around the US to measure & increase the impact of their programs."

Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust

"a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting accountability, ethics, and transparency in government and civic arenas."

American Democracy Legal Fund

"a group established to hold candidates for office accountable for possible ethics and/or legal violations."

Senate Leadership Fund
Congressional Leadership Fund

Senate Majority PAC
House Majority PAC


The online clearinghouse for Democratic action.

Grassroots Campaigns Inc.

face-to-face canvassing and fundraising

The Atlas Project

"founded after the 2004 help build the institutional memory of the progressive movement. The Atlas Project’s mission is to arm the progressive community with historical elections data, sophisticated analysis and real time updates for all 50 states."

The Democratic Strategist
"(1) to provide an explicitly and unapologetically partisan platform for the discussion of Democratic political strategy, (2) to insist upon greater use of data and greater reliance on empirical evidence in strategic thinking and (3) to act as a neutral forum and center of discussion for all sectors of the Democratic community."

Think Tanks

Heritage Foundation
"...formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense. "

Center for for American Progress

"an independent nonpartisan educational institute dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action."

American Action Network

"‘action tank’ that will create, encourage and promote center-right policies based on the principles of freedom, limited government, American exceptionalism, and strong national security."

Progressive Policy Institute

"promoting break-the-mold ideas aimed at economic growth, national security and modern, performance-based government."


Resurgent Republic

"...makes survey and focus group results publicly available. We promote conservative free market principles such as lower taxes and economic growth, and support strong national defense policies."

Democracy Corps

"provides free public opinion research and strategic advice to those dedicated to a more responsive Congress and Presidency."


RedState Gathering

"like minded conservative activists gather to support small government conservatives and meet face to face"

Netroots Nation

"We amplify progressive voices by providing an online and in-person campus..."

Democratic Underground

Additional Conservative Groups
Additional Progressive Groups

Americans for Prosperity

"an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state, and federal levels."

"a community of more than 8 million Americans from all walks of life who use innovative technology to lead, participate in, and win campaigns for progressive change."

Generation Opportunity

"enables young Americans to make a difference in their
lives and communities by building a movement that promotes a free society.

Generation Progress

"works with and for young people to promote progressive solutions to key political and social challenges."

Heritage Action for America

"We hold Congress accountable to conservative principles...  a widely respected government relations team and dedicated grassroots activists that advance conservative policy.

Our Revolution

"Our Revolution has three intertwined goals: to revitalize American democracy, empower progressive leaders and elevate the political consciousness."

Tea Party Patriots

"to restore America's founding principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets."

Democracy for America

"We recruit and train progressive candidates to run for all levels of public office, and we mobilize citizen organizers to make a real difference on issues."

American Crossroads

"a new kind of non-profit political organization dedicated to renewing America’s commitment to individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise and a strong national defense—through informed and effective political action by citizens like you."

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

"...fighting for bold progressive change."


"recruits, educates, trains and mobilizes millions of volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom."

Campaign for America's Future

"a center for ideas and action that works to build an enduring majority for progressive change."

Media Research Center

"MRC’s sole mission is to expose and neutralize the propaganda arm of the Left: the national news media."

Media Matters for America

"pushes back on conservative misinformation, hypocrisy, and smears."

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see also: Wikipedia - Democratic Party organizations