ABC News
March 5, 2019
from ABC News President James Goldston

Today we’re announcing the 18 campaign producers/reporters who will cover the 2020 presidential candidates. This group exemplifies modern journalism. They are scrappy, sharp and smart world class reporters, who will uphold the ideals of straightforward, fair reporting, demonstrate a versatile skill set and represent diverse experience to cover what will be an extraordinary election cycle. We were incredibly proud so many people raised their hands from all corners of the news division and from outside the company for this assignment. We’ve never had a bigger embed class, or more applicants for the roles.
They will help ABC News lead the way during this consequential political era with innovative, compelling and nonstop coverage.
As the election continues to heat up, these reporters will track the candidates’ every move at campaign stops, rallies, meet and greets. Everywhere the candidates are our team will be right there alongside them, reporting on the latest news, developments and color on the ground. An equally essential responsibility will be to take the pulse of the country and to spend time with voters exploring the most important issues and understanding what gets people to the polls. 
The requirements of the role have changed significantly since the last cycle. We will look to our embeds to push the envelope and use the latest in technology to report, write, shoot, edit, produce and book pieces, as well as break news across every one of our platforms. 
Without further ado, here are the ABC News 2020 campaign producers/reporters (their specific assignments will be announced in the weeks ahead):
Jeff Cook
Chris Donato
Armando Garcia
Justin Gomez
Cheyenne Haslett
Adam Kelsey
Molly Nagle
Beatrice Peterson
Sasha Pezenik
Lissette Rodriguez
Rachel Scott
Samantha Sergi
Zohreen Shah
Ben Siegel
Will Steakin
Briana Stewart
Johnny Verhovek
This terrific team and our powerhouse political reporters along with Political Director Rick Klein, Deputy Political Director MaryAlice Parks and Political Desk Manager Greg Croft are critical to our mission to deliver straightforward journalism, backed with facts, to help our audience better understand what’s happening in the country in this defining political year. Please join me in congratulating the 2020 campaign producers/reporters on their new roles and wish them luck on what is sure to be a long and memorable journey.

ed. note - The 18th is Averi Harper, who wasn't announced at that time because the deal had not been finalized.